Amazing Photographs That Will Make You Wish You Own a Drone Camera

Camera technology has surely come a long way since the 1800s. The earliest most accessible camera was the Kodak No 1, which was produced during the 1890s. Since then, the quality of this piece of technology has rapidly advanced. From the vintage Polaroid cameras to the staple SLR cameras, anyone can become a skilled photographer and create a piece of art that can be admired for centuries to come.

Nowadays, smartphones are even capable of taking a photo with the highest quality. However, over the recent decade, a new medium of photography has been gaining a lot of popularity. Drone cameras can take amazing aerial pictures that aren’t accessible to traditional photography. These breathtaking shots bring a degree of awe that can only be captured with this technology. That being said, here are some of the amazing pictures that were taken by drone cameras that we found around the net.

The Day’s Catch

Going to the beach to relax and unwind is always a fun way to relieve stress, and among the many tourist hotspots worldwide, Florida is certainly among the top beach destinations to visit. The state is widely credited for its white-sand beaches, and thousands of people flock there to have a good time.

That being said, there are also great dangers that people need to avoid on the beach, and one of them is to be mindful of shark attacks. Although these incidents happen less frequently than most people imagine, it is still a threat, and people shouldn’t be too carefree while going for a swim on the beach. Take, for instance, this photo by Curtis Williams. That lady is somewhat unaware that she is swimming with a hammerhead. Fortunately, she was unharmed and safely got away from the looming danger.

Look Behind You!

There was a time when whales were considered mythical creatures of the unknown seas. Countless books and records that account for spectacular sightings of these gigantic sea creatures can be found throughout history. The most famous of which would probably be Moby-Dick, a white sperm whale. However, the largest among these species is an Antarctic blue whale that can grow up to 98 feet in length and weigh up to 400,000 pounds.

This breathtaking photo of a boat being followed by a whale is surely something to behold. The whale was following them for over 15 minutes, and this drone camera was able to capture the spectacular moment when the giant was ever-so-close. Luckily, the whale was friendly, and the sailor didn’t even notice it until they saw this picture. People can only imagine the degree of shock these sailors must have felt when they found out how close the whale swam next to them.

Tsunami Result

Tsunamis occur when there is a sudden movement of the ocean surface caused by earthquakes or landslides on the seafloor. Some are also caused by volcanic eruptions or by lands that suddenly slump into the ocean. There is no question that this natural disaster can wipe out entire cities and displace millions of people.

The biggest tsunami ever recorded was on July 90, 1958, in Lituya Bay, Alaska. The ocean wave rose as high as 1,700 feet. However, miraculously, only two fatalities occurred. On the other hand, this photo of the aftermath of a tsunami that happened on September 28, 2018, displaced over 48,000 Indonesian locals. The degree of damage dealt by the tsunami was tumultuous, which is evident by this photo taken by a drone during the aftermath. Hopefully, the residents were given the help they deserved and could bounce back after the tragedy.


Stonehenge is credited as the oldest and only remaining monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This prehistoric site is located on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, and the monument is a series of standing stones surrounded by hundreds of burial mounds. Experts believe that Stonehenge was created between 3,000 and 2,000 BC.

The monument is specifically oriented towards the sunrise on the summer solstice. This amazing photo was taken by Copter Shot back in December 2017. One look at the aerial shot of Stonehenge, and it’s pretty understandable why some people believe that aliens constructed this architectural masterpiece. It’s pretty hard to believe that people back then could pull off such a monument with intricate designs with their limited knowledge of technology. Fortunately, this ancient site has been protected by heritage organizations, and people can expect it to remain standing strong for the years to come.

Lonely Predator

Lions have always been credited as the kings of the jungle. These big cats are known to live among groups known as prides, where an alpha male leads the pack. However, the female lions do most of the hunting while the males protect the pride. In fact, people in the know say that the lionesses do around 90% of the hunting.

That being said, it is quite awkward to see this drone photo of a lion wandering on its own, and judging by his posture, that lion seems to be rearing to pounce on that drone. After all, to a wild beast, that drone camera might look like a tasty treat. Hopefully, he didn’t get a bite on the expensive piece of equipment. Nonetheless, that lion should get back to his pride so he can go back to his regular naps as a typical cat would do.

Swimming With Turtles

One of the joys of swimming in the open seas is the opportunity to mingle with the ocean wildlife, and this drone photo of a woman leisurely swimming with the sea turtles says it all. The crystal-clear waters, along with the sea breeze, will surely make for one memorable vacation.

For those unfamiliar, sea turtles are one of the friendliest creatures in the ocean. After all, they are herbivores and mostly feed on seagrass and algae. Interestingly, some turtles use their sharp beaks to find food on coral reefs. Turtles may have a reputation of being slow and timid on land, but these sea turtles are surely agile if they choose to be. There are also types of sea turtles, like the leatherback, which have been existing since the age of dinosaurs. People should credit these turtles for their survival instincts existing this long!

Duck Unlimited Canada Logo

By now, people are probably familiar with the existence of crop circles. However, how they came to existence is still up for debate. Those who lean towards exciting conspiracies may say that these strange markings are messages from unknown extra-terrestrial beings, and some say they are man-made.

This next one, however, is surely credited to men, which can be found in Long Island, St. John River, and is a property of Ducks Unlimited. They are a nonprofit organization that dedicates its resources to the conservation of wetlands and other upland habitats of waterfowl and other related animals. It was created back in 1988 and was fashioned as the logo of the organization. The company designed this remarkable piece of art as part of its 50th anniversary in Canada. It is massive and sprawls over the size of two soccer fields.

Hase the Giant Pink Rabbit

This strange and weird-looking giant rabbit can be found by the Australian Art Collective Gelitin in the Italian Alps. Believe it or not, this pink rabbit is an actual doll made out of pink wool. The strange work of art is credited to grandmothers who knitted it and laid it to rest on a hilltop back in 2005. These grandmothers labored over this pink rabbit named Hase for over five years, measuring over 60 meters long and six meters tall.

As anyone could expect from a doll, Hase is like a giant pillow inviting people to lay down on top of it. People surprisingly do climb up this massive doll, and some even lay down to relax. But, unfortunately, Hase has already started to decompose since 2016. According to recent reports, only outlines of the gigantic doll remain today.

Dubai During Lockdown

People surely won’t forget the difficult circumstances the pandemic brought upon the world during the past couple of years. More than the economic implications, the lockdowns also dealt massive amounts of anxiety to some people. The degree of uncertainty and depression, at one point, filled the hearts of major cities from across the world.

However, people are now hopeful that the worst has come to pass, and society is preparing for a new start after the pandemic. That being said, people should never forget the hardships they’ve experienced over the recent years, and this picture, taken by Bachir Mourkarzel of Dubai, during the lockdowns should be immortalized as an important part of history that depicts life during the pandemic. Yet, strangely, the photo also displays a level of serenity with an amazing aerial night-time view of the empty highways of Dubai.

A Silent Killer

One look at a crocodile, and anyone can tell that these reptiles are one of the few in existence that is still closely related to dinosaurs. They have terrifying teeth, and in a lifetime, crocs go through over 4,000 of them. This ensures that they will always be equipped with these sharp weapons at all times. However, even though crocs are carnivorous, studies show that some of them still enjoy the taste of fruit. Nonetheless, their jaws can generate over 5,000 pounds of sheer pressure. In fact, they are credited for having the strongest bite in the animal world.

That being said, this photo taken in Phuket Island, Thailand, is surely troubling. Allegedly, this lonely silent killer escaped a nearby crocodile farm and wandered freely in open waters. Hopefully, the locals were warned, and they were able to steer clear away from this beast.


Steve Irwin was an iconic wildlife conservationist from Australia. He gained a degree of international popularity during the ‘90s and educated people about the beauty of exotic animals. His success brought attention to dozens of wildlife concerns and advocacies and helped establish his family’s Australia Zoo to what it is today.

Nowadays, Irwin should be proud to know that his family has continued his legacy. After all, he rose to prominence alongside his wife and children. His son, Robert, has been earning a reputation of his own as a wildlife conservationist. This amazing drone photo of his even earned him a Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award from the National History Museum. The photo was taken when he was only 17 years old, and it was a bushfire that was advancing through the woodlands near the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

Solitary Living

City life can surely be stressful. Some people even credit noise pollution to the growing stress levels that they experience in their everyday lives. After all, cities with dense populations never sleep, and finding a moment of serenity can prove to be impossible. As such, some people always find the time to go on vacations to unwind and find peace in nature.

That being said, this quaint and amazing little island in Saint Lawrence River is surely one of the places to be for people looking for some quiet time in nature. It is known as Hub Island or Just Room Enough Island and is roughly 3,300 square feet in size. It was originally purchased back in the ‘50s by the Sizeland family. The fantasy-like property boasts of a small tree with shrubs, a small beach, and a quaint house.

Sur La Mer

This next one is probably one of the most popular drone pictures in the world. It is credited to Italian photographer Roberto Corinaldesi. He developed his passion for photography at an early age and was drawn to unconventional images developed in the things he saw. Over time, his attitude towards photography evolved into the images he wanted to see rather than what he conventionally saw with the naked eye.

His brand of photography has been recognized with countless accolades since 2017, and Sur La Mer is the only one among several other amazing photographs in his portfolio. Indeed, it is a breathtaking photo. The picture even garnered him a Minimalist Photography Award in the Aerial category and a National Award from Sony World Photography back in 2020. His other works include Take Me With You, Mater Mea, Riskiness, and Eclipse Man.

Stork Nest

This next picture is credited to Polish photographer Szymonon Pawlak. As some may know, storks are known to build huge nests on top of cliffs, roofs, and in this instance, on telephone poles.

The local maintenance crew for these telephone lines must be friendly with these storks to let them inhabit that location. Storks build nests that can be as big as nine feet wide or even wider, and they use the same nest year after year. Pawlak first saw this nest back in 2013, and only decided to take a photo of it with his drone camera in 2015. That means at least two generations of storks have inhabited this nest. On the other hand, the local community in the area must be welcoming these storks. These birds are known to eat dying or dead animals and generally keep the area clean.

A Day in the Life

Vietnam is a country sprawled with staggering natural sceneries and cultural sophistications; it is home to developing cities and hill-tribe villages. With that said, Vietnam can be compelling to a certain degree.

The image highlights the fishing industry of Vietnam, which contributes greatly to the economy of the country; the industry is also a vital factor in matters of national security on the sea and islands. Fishermen often head out early to start their working day. Prior to releasing the net, the fishermen have to scout areas that are abundant in fish. Once the area is secured, their fishing boat turns around while the fishing net is dropped, creating the illusion of wings spreading when viewed from above.

Dangerously beautiful

This panoramic view, an exaggeration of contrasts, is located in Ethiopia. Known as the Danakil Depression, this breathtaking sight is formed from the fusion of three tectonic plates in East Africa. Apart from boasting the hottest temperatures on Earth, it also takes credit for being among the lowest places (at 100 meters below sea level) in the world.

Tourists often visit the Gaet’ale Pond, which is a relatively small lake that is highly concentrated with sodium chloride and other forms of salt. Having a saline concentration of approximately 43%, it is by far the saltiest body of water on the planet. According to the residents of the adjacent Ahmed’ela village, the pond came to existence in January 2005 after an earthquake.

Safe Skies

On the seemingly mundane night of January 13, 2018, while some people in Turkey were already dozing off, a Pegasus Boeing 737 skidded downhill towards the Black Sea with over 168 passengers and crew on-board. The Turkish airline, fortunately, had only partially slid down the cliff on the left side of the runway. Fortunately, there were no major injuries among the passengers and crew, however, the aircraft was extensively damaged and would probably be grounded for good.

While commercial air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation, a certain degree of danger is quite inevitable. Crashes often occur as results of human error, weather disruptions, or mechanical-related incidents. It is worth noting that airplanes only have a 1 in 3.37 billion chance that it might crash, which shouldn’t be a cause of worry.

Home to Hundreds

In the recesses of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, a local bird named the Sociable Weaver Bird takes credit for building huge and breathtaking nests that resemble a haystack. In the absence of trees within the vicinity, these birds often build their abodes in utility poles that carry telephone and electricity wires.

Much like human homes, these birds build individual rooms using an array of sticks and dried grass; chambers of their nests are lined with smoother grass and fibers. The entrance of their homes is guarded by sharp-edged straws, which serve to keep predators away. As the largest nests in the world (naturally-constructed by birds), these structures made of sticks and grass can house more than 100 pairs of birds and can last for centuries.

From Above

Viewing the world from above offers a new perspective and is often an experience that can be transforming. A seemingly dead tree could look like a spider web, or a rice field can look like a canvas dashed with green and gold. With the current degree of technology that we have, these photos can be more accessible with the use of drone cameras, which offer crisp bird’s eye views of the most spectacular sights in the world.

In the world of photography, the last 100 years have been defined by images taken from eye-level. With unique angles provided by the modern drone, subjects may look tremendously different. One of the most stunning photos in existence was taken by AmbroseLune in the fields of Xiwei Reservoir, Zoucheng, Shandong, China.

Rainbow Mountain

Iceland has made its way among the countries with the most bucket-list destinations, being hailed as one of the four most sought-out tourist destinations. With airfares becoming more and more affordable, Iceland’s architectural structures, panoramic landscapes, and down-to-earth culture has inspired more and more people.

One of the most notable scenes in Icelandic soil is the Landmannalaugar, which is known as the rainbow mountains. Different hues are sprawled along its trails, leaving tourists awestruck. The surrounding vegetation seems to lead one’s eyes to the intense colors of varying degrees at the mountainside. The peak of the mountain could be reached in approximately four days (this includes side trips to the hot springs along the route). Nature is perhaps the antidote to almost anything.

Massive Hole

Once thought to be excess water eroding the Guatemalan in the middle of the city, a massive crater takes credit for capturing the attention of people from all over the world. It started when unusual sounds permeated from the ground. After a few days, residents discovered a hole that continued to widen at over 18 meters across that ran over 100 meters deep. The cavity was reported to have emerged because the infrastructures were built in an area where the surface layer of ground consists mostly of pumice that arose from volcanic eruptions in the past.

In essence, the regulations imposed by the Guatemalan government were often ignored. With the accumulation of water from leaking pipes, the conditions were met to make the perfect sinkhole.

Clown Craze

The year 2016 takes credit as the year of the clown craze, wherein people dressed up as clowns and gathered in the most unusual places such as in forests and schools. This trend was common in the United States and Canada. The earliest sighting was in Wisconsin, which turned out to be the set for a horror film. It is worth noting that clown sightings have been documented before 2016. However, the internet and social media play a big factor in the proliferation of the trend.

Numerous videos have spread on the internet with the intent of scaring people. This footage was shared by a drone operator who it flew above a cornfield when a clown wearing a bright orange shirt stood out among the bland cornfield.

Blast from the Past

In a video uploaded by At Popular Science, we see a classic example of man against technology. Wearing the appropriate outfit to make the video a hundred times better, the subject took a random spear and charged towards the drone. While the mock battle ensued, this man sent the spear flying towards the drone, hitting it with exceptional ease.

Thanks to the uploader of this video, we are able to go through each scene in what seems to be like a set from a medieval-themed show (they also should take credit for a slow motion rendering of the original clip towards the end). If the Russian Middle Ages seems to pique your interest, then this video is perfect for you!

Crop Circles

While there aren’t really concrete proofs of the existence of UFO’s, believing that they exist holds a certain allure. When enthusiasts Doug Bower and Dave Chorely crafted the quintessential flying saucer nest in the middle of a wheat field in England, and they had no inkling of the cultural phenomenon that would start in 1976. As soon as the word spread regarding their crop circles, renowned self-appointed experts came to the spotlight and exclaimed their so-called research and conspiracy theories. Some of the most bizarre theories are of ancient spirits sucking energy from the planet, Mother Earth’s cry for help, and obviously aliens among others.

However, the makers of these crop circles originally intended to provoke their audience. Their art is open to different degrees of interpretation.

Beach of Hues

Hailed by the locals as the “Maldives of Mexico” or the “Lagoon of Seven Colors,” Bacalar is home to a vast panoramic view with waters reflecting various hues of blue. Bacalar deserves more credit for catering people who are lovers of nature. It is a paradise where one can walk, bike, or do numerous activities by the lake. Moreover, the vicinity is surrounded by huge caves lined with limestone, Mayan ruins that are World Heritage Sites, and an array of restaurants to choose from!

Apart from the famous colorful lagoon, Bacalar is also one of the few places in the world where stromatolites, the world’s most ancient fossils, are abundant. These rocks are teeming with tiny algae that deserve credit for maintaining our ecosystem.

Like From a Distant Planet

In the ‘80s, the Petronas Twin Towers were erected to symbolize Malaysia’s progression to modernization and that the country strived to attain respectable international standards. Located in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, the Twin Towers’ foundations took over eight years to be completed and another 15 years for its completion. At over 592 meters tall, the Twin Towers boast 95 stories and are connected to each other by a 58-meter skybridge. Taking credit for the intricate design is architect Cesar Pell who intended the symbol of strength and grace by using geometric symbols derived from Islamic buildings.

The immense structure is named after the gigantic Malaysian petroleum company Pertronas, who are occupying the spaces of the building as its offices.

A Day at the Sea

Deep in the heart of Croatia lies Komiza, a coastal town located west of Vis just 600 meters below the Hum hill. It is an ordinary Mediterranean village that boasts extraordinary beaches with narrow roads leading to the harbor. Thanks to the relatively warm climate, Komiza is one of the most pleasurable places to visit even in the winter. Komiza takes credit for providing fishermen a decent livelihood. The earliest fishers sailed their boat from the Adriatic Sea towards the neighboring coast to trade goods with America.

Apart from the stunning views of mountains and fishing boats, Komiza’s crystal-clear, turquoise-hued beaches are most notable; this is best encapsulated by traveler Ryan Brown in a photo he took back in August 2019.

Cat Island

While there seems to be nothing terrible with a small bit, or perhaps a whole lot, of Photoshop, drones are to take credit for capturing scenes that can offer a brand-new perspective on a lot of things. As drones have become more affordable, filmmakers and photographers alike have revolutionized their respective fields by offering more angles that would have taken much resources to pull off in the past.

One of the people who patronize aerial photography by editing certain elements is artist Fabien Barrau. One of his most recognized works is the Cat Island where cats can live like kings. “All abandoned & homeless cats in the world are welcomed, cared for and loved,” the artist captioned on his Instagram post.

Cliff Soccer

This stunning drone shot of a football field atop a small island was taken from the humble Lofoten Islands of Norway. Known as Henningsvær, this sight would surely attract fans of football from all over the world. However, this isn’t just the spot that makes the village one-of-a-kind. The drive towards the destination is home to awe-striking views: gigantic mountains on one side and a vast array of sandy beaches on the other. Being close to the coast, rows of fishing boats would complement the gorgeous Lofoten skyline.

Apart from the famous football field, one of the most visited places in the area is the Kaviar Factory, an old caviar manufacturing plant that has been converted into a contemporary art museum. An investment in a trip to this island would surely pay off.

Humpback Whale

Found in almost every ocean in the world, the Megaptera novaeangliae or humpback whales are first encountered by European whalers off the coast of New England. Its scientific name means big wing of New England, which refers to their giant pectoral fins that can grow up to 16 feet long. The humpback whales have dark or black backs, light or white underbellies, pleats on their throats, as well as a hump in of their dorsal fins, for which the name humpback was derived.

Before the 1985 ban imposed on commercial whaling, their numbers had severely reduced. Thankfully, the humpback population has significantly increased since then, credit to the prohibition, and the only considerable threats to these whales are entanglement in fishing nets and ship collisions. On the other hand, these majestic mammals are often the subject of striking images, as shown in this photo by Tobias Hagg of Iceland, capturing the perfect shot at the right time.

Aircraft In The Forest

For a number of reasons, many people have always feared the thought of flying on a plane. They have these trepidations that hold them back from exploring the beauty of other places or countries. However, there’s this one man that doesn’t have a minute trace of fear with airplanes, reasonably so, because the airplane stays on the ground, for good. Bruce Campbell bought a decommissioned Boeing 727 and turned it his home.

The former electrical engineer had purchased the plane back in 1999, and eventually built it as his abode in Portland, Oregon. All things considered, Campbell’s dream airliner home cost him $220,000—with some money loans, perhaps. In a year, he spends six months living there, alternating between Japan and Portland. He’s also planning on purchasing the bigger Boeing 747-400 and converting it as his home in Miyazaki, Japan. Campbell has considered airplanes as the finest structure to utilize as a home, which can withstand 575 mph wind as well as fire-resistant.

Craigmillar’s Gulliver

In 1976, while incarcerated, Jimmy Boyle designed a sculpture of Gulliver in Craigmillar, an area of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was constructed by the local people under the voluntary supervision of professionals through the Festival Society, which secured funding for many community projects. The structure was 100-feet long, becoming the longest concrete sculpture in Europe. It was officially unveiled that same year and became an instant hit to the people in Craigmillar, as well as attracted an influx of people by the thousands.

Sadly, due to some unfavorable circumstances to some degree, such as riots back in the ‘80s, what was once a fun play area has now turned into a graffiti-smudged landscape. By the end of the ‘90s, the sculpture was in a sorry state and was heavily vandalized over the years. Ultimately, Boyle’s masterpiece was finally removed back in 2011, leaving behind no trace it ever existed. However, there are many photos online of the once unique sculpture.

Newlyweds On The Rooftop

You may think that this photo is part of the post-wedding pictorials, but it was actually taken purely by chance. This impressive shot was captured by filmmaker Brandon Li, who was also surprised to discover while reviewing stills from a drone test. Along with a friend, the latter was testing out a DJI Phantom 3 in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay area, mostly trying to capture the sunset. However, as the drone’s battery began to deplete, they pointed its camera down to catch another angle while the drone returned home.

They had no idea that the decision of aiming down the camera was the key to capturing the breathtaking still frame of the newlyweds sprawled on the lawn of the J Residence building in Hong Kong—without roofing. After some editing, Li published the photo in the hopes of finding out the identity of the elated couple. This is a fantastic wedding day photo, indeed.

Too Heavy

Dump trucks are typically utilized in transporting materials, such as dirt, gravel, or debris, especially in large amounts. It’s equipped with an open-box bed that is hinged at the rear end of the truck and is connected to a hydraulic ram that lifts the front of the dump body, allowing the materials to be dumped through the truck’s tailgate. Nowadays, there are several types of dump trucks that are designed to accomplish a specific task, like in mining and construction sites, as well as for a moving company.

These trucks normally carry enormous weight, which, in turn, can be dangerous if not driven well. Of course, one of the risks is a collision. A dump truck transporting a full load on its box can’t immediately stop when a car suddenly stops or crosses over its path, which can have a catastrophic outcome. Another is tipping over, which happens most of the time. You can see a lot of photos or videos on YouTube of dump trucks tipping over their side due to the weighty cargo.

Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

Back in 2017, a Category 4 hurricane made landfall on Texas, Louisiana, leaving its devastating wrath behind, with casualties of more than 100, as well as thousands of homes without electricity. Named Hurricane Harvey, it’s the costliest tropical cyclone on record, tied with Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, which had inflicted an estimated $125 billion in damage. Corporations across the nation had collectively donated more than $70 million to relief efforts in the wake of the typhoon. Professional athletic teams and individuals had also donated and organized fundraisers too.

Hurricane Harvey had broken the all-time tropical cyclone rain records in the United States, triggering flash flooding in parts of Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Thousands of water rescues were mostly done in the Houston area at the time because of the many homes and businesses that were swamped by floodwaters. People had captured several photos of submerged houses and areas overhead with the use of drones following the cessation of the hurricane.

Central Park Snowfall

New York City is well acquainted to big storms that cause massive snowfall. In February of 2006, Central Park had encountered 26.9 inches of snow, which was officially the most snow on record for New York City. Still, it’s a minor affair compared with past storms, like the one that struck the city back in December 1947. People had to climb out of their windows to get out of their houses as snowdrifts piled several-feet high snows in Brooklyn, while Manhattan streets were buried as snow clogged the sewers to a great degree.

During that time, cities had struggled to respond to the storm, paralyzing response teams as well as the production of food and energy commodities for survival. These days, varying snowfalls still cover most of Central Park, and people are taking the opportunity to capture the magical scenery with their drones, especially during sunrise or sunset, when the rays hit the trees and buildings.

Boiling Lava

Beneath the Earth’s crust is a chamber full of magma, a substance made of molten rock and minerals. As tectonic plates slowly move toward each other, the magma rises up to fill in the space due to compression. Eventually, it will erupt through an opening in the Earth’s crust, a volcano, allowing the molten rock to reach the surface. These molten substances are then turned into lava that shoots up in the air along with hot gas, ash, and rock.

As volcanoes erupt, volcanologists would regularly visit the site, sometimes the active ones—they certainly have insurances—to monitor and observe their state as well as collect eruptive materials, including ash, pumice, lava, and rock. The major focus of the inquiry is the prediction of eruptions. Photos of a volcanologist wearing protective gear while examining the volcano crater are a wonder to behold, thanks to the advancement of technology that created drones, which can capture images like this.

Transfagarasan National Road

One of the most amazing as well as dangerous roads in the world is located in Romania, the Transfagarasan road, which runs through the Romanian Carpathian Mountains and Fagaras massif. These two roads connect the two regions of Romania, Transylvania and Wallachia, with an elevation of 6,670 feet or 2000 meters, and are among the highest paved roads in Romania. Transfagarasan stretches from north to south of the highest areas in the Southern Carpathians.

Often named as one of the most beautiful roads in the world, the Transfagarasan road has attracted countless travelers from around the world to witness its magnificence. This road has also been presented in several video commercials of prestigious car brands—good investment planning. Most tourists who visit the location use drones to capture an overhead shot of the captivating curvy road. In this photo, the trees during spring that serves as the backdrop allows the road to appear sharply.

Traffic Jam

Congestion on roads seems to be a normal occurrence in most parts of the world as countless vehicles are produced every year. How would you feel if you were in this jam? That’s the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway that connects the Chinese cities of Shenzen and Beijing in Guangdong province at the border of Hong Kong. Although expressways offer higher speed and greater safety as well as convenience for both drivers and passengers, they will have to put up with the long lines of vehicles towards the toll booth.

On the other hand, traffic jams are also common on main roads, especially during peak hours when crowding on public transport as well as people going to work are at their highest. Accidents are bound to happen as vehicles are inching their way to the next available spot, resulting in collisions—better make sure the car has insurance. It’s an unpleasant circumstance to run into, and you can only see the magnitude through an aerial shot of a drone.

Beach And Umbrellas

The beach is a perfect spot to relax along with families and friends, and the experience wouldn’t be complete without the trusty umbrella, which shields you from the scorching heat of the sun while basking at the gorgeous seascape just like in this photo. It’s also similar to the beaches of Positano in Italy, the most sought-after destination on the Amalfi Coast. There’s the Arienzo beach, also known as the 300 steps, where visitors need to climb down its impressive number of steps to reach it.

Another one is the Marina Grande beach. It’s one of the most cosmopolitan and liveliest among those on the Amalfi Coast. The 300-meter long beach lies almost directly opposite the Li Galli archipelago, with strings of bars, restaurants, and famous discotheque. Couples can take a romantic walk—a good investment on relationship—between the sea and the cliffs of the Fornillo beach, which is a well-established favorite amongst people searching for a more peaceful beach.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors bring more life to an image compared to a homogenous setting. These colors differ from one another with varying degrees. In photography, it’s one of the most essential components, which is achieved by altering the colors or tones of the image. Apart from the color wheel, contrast can also be classified as warm and cold, and the best-known type of contrast is tonal, which refers to the difference in brightness between the image’s elements.

There are a number of contrast methods, such as conceptual contrast, which are abstract and much more subjective in nature because these images are based on ideas. However, it has a strong component of storytelling by putting together things or substances that you don’t normally see in an image, such as this photo, where a pink umbrella is between the green and black portions of the land. This highlights the differences between the elements of the image.

Pontiac Silverdome

Simply known as Silverdome, the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan featured a fiberglass fabric roof held up by air pressure, which was the first to use the architectural technique in a major athletic stadium when it opened back in 1975. With a seating capacity of more than 82,000, it was the largest stadium in the National Football League at the time. It was primarily Detroit Lions’ home of the NFL from 1975 to 2001, as well as the NBA’s Detroit Pistons from 1978 to 1988.

In 2017, the Silverdome was doomed for demolition due to its state a year before, which caught fire due to arson that destroyed the former press box, and the parking lot became storage for Volkswagen cars. By 2018, the last standing wall of the Silverdome was knocked down, leaving a 50-foot deep hole where the stadium once stood. Drone shots of the once spectacular dome can still be found online.

Christ the Redeemer Statue

The Christ the Redeemer statue is situated at the peak of the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca National Park that overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It was created by the French sculptor Paul Landowski and was built by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa. The 30-meter high statue, excluding the 8-meter pedestal, was constructed between 1922 and 1931 as a symbol of Christianity around the world.

In 2010, a massive restoration work of the statue began that included restoring iron in the internal structure, cleaning and replacing the exterior soapstone and mortar, as well as waterproofing, among others. Sadly, the statue didn’t escape vandalism during the restoration, with sprays along the arm, and the mayor called it an act against the nation. Countless people from all around the globe have visited the famous site—bringing their credit cards, just in case—and the statue can be found in many aerial photos captured using drones and ordinary cameras.

Six Flags New Orleans

Located near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Interstate 510 in New Orleans, the Six Flags New Orleans was once a merry theme park, which initially opened as Jazzland back in 2000. Following the leasing agreement with Six Flags in 2002, the latter invested $20 million in upgrades after the bankruptcy of the former operator and reopened as Six Flags New Orleans in 2003. Two years later, it was closed eight days before Hurricane Katrina devastated the city.

In 2011, the Paidia Company proposed to reopen the park as Jazzland—with refinance loans, most probably. However, it was not selected during the first Request for Proposal. In recent years, the city of New Orleans has announced its choice to lead the redevelopment project for the abandoned Six Flags amusement park. In hindsight, the extent of the damage incurred to the park is vividly clear with an aerial shot of a drone, shown in this picture, which can also be found on the internet.

The Abandoned Mir Mine

Diamonds are forever, as the saying goes, and this one right here takes the credit for being the largest excavated mine on the planet. For starters, the diamond deposits in Mir Mine, located in the Siberian tundra, were discovered back in 1955 by a group of Soviet geologists. A couple of years after its discovery, the search for the precious gem started, and mining activities never stopped since. A source suggests that the mine already spanned a diameter of 1,200 meters and 525 meters deep. A quarter of all the diamonds in the world came from this mining site alone.

In the ‘60s, when the Mir mine was fully operational, it produced around 10,000,000 carats of diamond per year, 20% of which were considered to be of gem quality. In comparison to the bottom part, the upper layer contains more diamonds.

Rocky Coast

The beauty of nature in one frame. Jonathan Payet has the credit for this photo, which was taken from the volcanic island Reunion Island. It has a steep relief, which is caused by erosion. Meanwhile, Piton de la Fournaise is one of the volcanoes that one can find on the island, which is referred to as one of the most active on the planet.

Some facts about Reunion Island are that it spans 2,512 sq km., has a width of 45 kilometers, and stretches up to 63 kilometers. Piton de la Fournaise, on the other hand, has erupted over 100 times since 1640. Its most recent outburst was on September 11, 2016, and it has been under close monitoring since.

Intertwined Roads

These intertwined roads taken by a drone can be found in the US, specifically in Tom Moreland Interchange, Atlanta, Georgia. This type of interchange is called Spaghetti Junctions, which was initially used back in 1965 for a specific road in Birmingham, United Kingdom called Gravelly Hill Interchange. Credits to the person who took this nearly symmetrical photo, Bryan Dumas.

In case one is up for a road trip to the state of Georgia, aside from passing onto this road, Tripadvisor suggests some places that one needs to are the Atlanta Botanical Garden, for hikers, the Blue Ridge Mountains should be in anyone’s bucket list, while Driftwood Beach is for the beach lovers. There might be 50 states in the US, but Georgia is arguably one of the best.

California’s Aftermath

This is certainly one of the lifeless photos one will see online. However, the story behind is more saddening. To start, this picture was taken in California, particularly from a wildfire, called the Tubbs Fire. It happened back in October 2017, and it burned over 5,600 buildings and swallowed about 37,000 acres of land. In addition to these were at least 22 casualties, while the cost of the losses was estimated to be at $1.7 billion.

In addition, this wildfire used to hold the credit for being the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history, but the Camp Fire of 2018 stole the crown. The counties of Lake, Napa, and Sonoma were the ones greatly affected by this overwhelming event.

World Cup’s Finale

End the World Cup with fire! Give credits to whom it’s due, this photo was taken by the drone of Svetlin Marinov. It was from the finale of the World Cup, which happened in Maracanã Stadium, ‎Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This massive stadium was reportedly owned by Rio de Janeiro’s state government and is being managed by both Fluminense Football Club and Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.

When it comes to the World Cup, Brazil is the most successful national team in the history of the competition, having won 73 trophies, 109 matches played, and only had 18 losses currently. Some of its greatest players from the country are Pele, Garrincha, and Ronaldo. Meanwhile, if Batman has Joker as his greatest enemy, Brazil has Argentina.

As The Bird Flies

Because of these mechanical drones, one can finally see the bird’s point of view. Like, this is what they see every day, every time they fly? Breathtaking is indeed an understatement if we say so ourselves. Anyway, this photo was taken by Dendi Pratama and it features two stunning views: the Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia and a flying bird, which seems to be an eagle boasting its majestic wingspan.

Speaking of eagles, Chipper Birds revealed some interesting facts about these powerful birds, including that there are more than 60 species of eagles known to man. Their grips are also ten times stronger than humans, while a group of eagles is called convocation. In addition, the Philippine Eagle and Harpy Eagle are some of the largest species in the world.

City of Saigon at Night

This is not in New York City or in Dubai, this picture was taken in Saigon, Vietnam. Tuan Nguyen has the credit for taking this stunning photo, which features some of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. People with a fear of heights, also known as acrophobia, might feel something on their knees just by looking at this image.

Anyway, Saigon City or locally known as Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in the Southeast Asian country, spanning about 2,061 square-kilometer. It was back in 1946 when the area proclaimed the name of the city, but it was not initially adopted. People officially embraced Ho Chi Minh City after the 1976 reunification, which honored the great Vietnamese politician and revolutionary Ho Chi Minh.

The Lombard Street

Might have been a nice-looking road from an aerial perspective, but might not be the case from the first person’s point of view, specifically for vehicle drivers. Anyway, this street is called Lombard Street, which can be found in the city of San Francisco, in California. This is one of the most popular streets in the state, even taking the credit for being the “crookedest street in the world.”

This street is a major tourist attraction, probably the reason why Bryan Dumas photographed it. To show people online the beauty of the street. Around two million people come to see this with their bare eyes, while a handful of popular films have already been filmed here, including What’s Up, Doc? and the 2018 MCU movie Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Green Green Grass Harvest

Here is another drone photo from a place in Vietnam, taken by Tuan Nguyen. From the most urbanized part to the most rural area. Anyway, August is the best month for some of the farmers in the country, which is when they will be able to harvest lush grass, about 300 bundles each day. These greens will then be sold to people in the Western part who create handicrafts, such as hats, baskets, and knitting cushions.

Since the subject is about grass, Pennington revealed that 1,400 species of these plants are existing in the United States. Surprisingly, all the continents of this planet have grass, including the icy land of Antarctica called the Antarctic hairgrass. Meanwhile, giant bamboos take the credit for being the biggest grass variety.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura

This is what this statue sees every day, which was revealed by a drone. Such beautiful scenery indeed, yes? Anyway, this statue is called The Great Buddha of Kamakura, and it can be seen in Ushiku, Japan, and is considered as one of the tallest statues on the planet. Reaching 120 meters high and was erected to commemorate the birth of Shinran, the co-founder of True Pure Land School.

Japan, indeed, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, undoubtedly on everyone’s bucket list. Well, aside from this tourist spot, and, of course, cherry blossoms, there are innumerable places that one can visit in the country, especially for people with amazing credit scores, such as Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, and Himeji Castle.

Basilica of St. Francis

This is not a computer-generated image, rather a drone photo of the historical Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, situated in Umbria, Italy. The construction of this church was reportedly started back in 1228, and it consists of two churches and a dedicated crypt where the remains of St. Francis is located. In addition, because of its significant history and incredible architecture, it has been named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It’s not a secret that Italy is one of the most catholicize countries in the world. In fact, 74% of its population are Roman Catholics. With this, it’s normal that there are more churches that one can visit without spending too much credit. Some of these are the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, the Cathedral of St. Agatha in Catania, and The Duomo of Florence in Florence.

Ski Racing Festival

Look how small and colorful the participants were. Jacek Deneka takes the credit for taking this aerial shot. It was taken in Jakuszyce, Poland, from the Ski Racing Festival “Bieg Piastów” competition. This event involves thousands of participants, which is just a portion of what can be seen in the photo. This cross-country ski race happens every March, either 10km to 50km.

Aside from this festival, Poland holds more of these events, including the Woodstock/ Pol’and’Rock festival, which starts at the end of July or the beginning of August. This hippy music festival, which involves diving in the mud and some drinking, attracts about 750,000 people each year. Other festivals that are worth attending are Light and Movie Festival, the festival of lights, and Juwenalia, which is dedicated to higher education students regardless of what degree one is taking.

One Thousand Uses of Lavender

This isn’t a piece of purple cloth, rather a lavender field, despite the resemblance. This photo was taken by Jerome Courtial, somewhere near Valensole in Southern France. Surprisingly, this image captured by a drone takes the credit as it won the 2017 International Drone Photography Contest, specifically in the Nature category.

Anyway, lavender is such a popular flower whose name came from the Latin word lavare, meaning to wash, and it may be used in oils, perfumes, even in culinary nowadays. However, in ancient times, more than 2500 years ago, lavender was used as one of the mummification agents in Egypt. Lavender oil, on the other hand, is widely used to relieve aching joints and muscles, induce sleep, and significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

Lightning is Frightening

Those well-lit buildings alone can reveal where this picture was taken – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This photo features the popular Petronas Twin Towers, which were once hailed as the tallest skyscrapers on the planet, holding the record from 1998 to 2004, before Taipei 101 stole the crown. Credits to Pete DeMarco for taking such a jaw-dropping photo. The angle is perfect, including the timing, considering that a flash of lighting was included in the background.

Aside from overseeing these towering buildings, there are plenty of places that tourists can consider visiting without leaving the city. This includes the Batu Caves, which feature three stunning caves with various idols inside. Aquaria KLCC is also a nice place to be, especially for those who are interested in marine life. Meanwhile, Menara KL Tower is another place to experience, especially for those who don’t have acrophobia or fear of heights.

Symmetrical Parking Lot

It takes a certain degree of precision and also patience in order to put these cars into this symmetrical position, without scratching one. Nonetheless, this image was taken by the Andrews brothers, JP and Mike, and it was included in the book released in May 2020, Eyes over the World: The Most Spectacular Drone Photography.

Interesting facts about parking lots, since it was the subject of the photo: a source revealed that an average car is parked 95% of the time, there are about 660 million parking spots in the United States, and Edmonton, Canada, houses the largest parking lot on Earth with a massive 30,000 spots to be filled in. Meanwhile, New York is where the most expensive parking spaces can be found.

Docked Barges

The brothers are really fond of symmetrical pictures. After taking a stunning image of a parking lot full of cars, JP and Mike Andrews went to a dock loaded with ships that looked like pens or crayons meticulously laid on the table. Anyway, this one is located in Warwickshire, UK, and the photographers captioned this as “The point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above.”

JP and Mike Andrews, often credited as the Abstract Aerial Art, are brothers from the United Kingdom. They specialize in bizarre and cool-looking places on the planet and have been using drones to collect these stunning images. Aside from their own country, they already travelled to Australia, the US, Middle East, and Hong Kong.

Fascinating Fortifications

Talking about symmetry again, but this time this picture was taken by Amos Chapple. This place is not from the movie Avatar, rather an existing place on Earth, specifically in the city of Groningen, Netherlands, which is called Fort Bourtange. Its original purpose was to control the connecting road of Germany and the aforementioned city, which was previously regulated by the Spaniards in the Eighty Years’ War. The fort was then turned into a village back in 1851, and currently acts as a historical museum.

If one has enough money without compromising his mortgage, there is a way to experience Fort Bourtange with his own fresh eyes. Someone can book a flight from Oostwold Airport over Bourtange and its surrounding areas. Moreover, the aerial tour can cost 315 euros.

El Niño

Credits to Duncan Sinfield for this photo, which shows the effect of El Niño. It is one of the most dangerous meteorological phenomena that can strike mankind. It brings heavy rains, which can result in landslides and coastal erosion, just like this one that transpired in California. Although its occurrence happens irregularly, with intervals of two to 7 seven, but when it strikes, it usually brings unimaginable damage to properties, especially in agriculture.

In terms of the most destructive and most powerful El Niño in history, the one that transpired from 1982 to 1983 is one of the leading contenders. It did not just cause droughts in Australia and Indonesia, but also widespread flooding in the southern part of the United States. A source revealed that the impact of this phenomenon in the global economy cost more than $8 billion.

Frozen Rivers

Iceland is not entirely covered with ice, in fact, only a portion of it has ice. Regardless, that icy part is keeping a beautiful place that many people will definitely appreciate more if it was taken from an aerial perspective. Max Foster takes the credit for this out-of-this-world photo. His drone was able to fly as high as 1,500 feet and took a mind-blowing shot of the icy Delta River, which is the longest river in the country.

Apart from this, there is a long list of places worthy for a drone to be explored, such as the stunning Blue Lagoon, the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall, and the breathtaking Thingvellir. National Park. Iceland may be a small country, in terms of land area, in comparison to Canada or Australia, but it possesses places that are worth visiting.

Alone in the Desert

Trees are almost extinct in the desert, and finding one is considered a blessing. As much as possible, people want it to thrive and live as long as possible. This photo taken by WhoSane features a road and a surviving tree in Al Qudra Desert, United Arab Emirates. A parallel road was constructed across the barren land and instead of cutting the tree, workers split the two-way road with the healthy tree in the middle.

When it comes to desert, the Antarctic desert, situated in Antarctica, holds the credit for being the largest one on the planet, sprawling in a whopping 14,000,000 square kilometers. Meanwhile, the Arctic and Sahara hold the second and third spots, respectively.

Laguna De Cotacotani

Looks like someone’s painting but this is actually a photo captured in Lauca National Park by a photographer named Alex Mimo. A mountainous and lifeless place with small portions surrounded by water. In case someone is unfamiliar with the place, this park is located in Chile and it stretches to 1,379 square kilometers. The park is indeed one of the must-see places in the country. For animal lovers, llamas and alpacas are prolific in the area so there’s a chance of having interaction with these furry animals.

Meanwhile, apart from this magical place, there are thousands of areas in the country where drones need exploring as well. Lonely Planet suggests Pucón for hikers. Aysén, on the other hand, is for those with degrees of patience as it is an isolated and untouched area in the country that holds mountain ranges, fjords, and rainforests.

Country Colors

This place is heavenly and many can possibly guess the country where it is located without even trying – The Netherlands. This drone photo was taken by Anders Andersson and it features multiple fields filled with tulips in various colors, like a rainbow with all of the colors and more. The greenish rivers in between complement the bright hues of the flowers. Anyway, the month of the year where one could go and witness such beauty is from mid-March to mid-May. Keukenhof in Lisse alone reportedly grows over seven million flower bulbs.

Since visiting The Netherlands might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, consider visiting other places too. Eindhoven holds various Museums, Groningen has some of the best canals in the world, meanwhile, Amsterdam is where credit cards can be used for shopping and trying local delicacies.

The Greatness of Dubai

Dubai is known to house towering buildings, not to mention the highest skyscrapers in the world, with Burj Khalifa, having a stunning height of 829.8 meters. Here is a breathtaking photo was taken by a drone picturing a flying drone.

Anyway, it’s true that in order to enjoy Dubai, one has to save a lot of money or at least have high credit limits as almost everything has its cost. However, without talking about the expenses, one could easily go to the tallest building and have the best time. If one is up for some adventure, sky diving is one of the best activities in the area. Palm Jumeirah, The Dubai Mall, and The Dubai desert are also some of the tourist destinations of the city.

Staten Island Boat Cemetery

People who passed away have a dedicated place to cave in, animals too. Surprisingly, boats also have one and it can be found in New York – Staten Island Boat Cemetery. Also known as The Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard, this place was founded in the ‘30s and was initially used to anchor damaged vessels during World War II.

Speaking of this unfortunate event in world history, in case someone needs a review, it is the battle of two groups, the Allies, consisting of Great Britain, the US, China, Russia, and France, against the Axis, which consist of Germany, Japan, and Italy. The degree of damages and casualties are incomparable; about 64 million people are casualties around the world. Fortunately, it ended on May 8, 1945, when Germany and its allies were greatly defeated.

We Will Rise

Before a day ends, many of us have already prepared a list of things to do for the next day. Maybe we planned to head to the grocery and buy food and other necessities, meet with a friend for lunch, or perhaps spend a couple of credit card points for a ticket to a movie you’ve wanted to watch for weeks. Despite these planned-out activities, though, it’s no secret that there are times when things just go in ways that we least expect it.

In 2020, a terrible incident happened at the seaport in Beirut, Lebanon. It destroyed numerous buildings located around the area, including homes. Needless to say, this brought the country to a stand-still – but not for long. Since then, plenty of work has been in recovering and rebuilding these buildings, creating homes for the homeless while they were at it. After all, we always find a way to get back up.

Piercing Through The Clouds

There is always a noteworthy attraction worth checking out in every place in the world. Some of these places can be gardens, others monuments accompanied by a breathtaking view for a backdrop. Another type is a building. Not just the usual ones, of course, but the ones that feature interesting characteristics.

One such notable investment made in this type of infrastructure is none other than the Burj Khalifa. What sets this apart from the other buildings we often see is that the Burj Khalifa stands at an astounding 829.8 m, making it one of the tallest structures in the world. From ground level, the skyscraper is quite a sight to behold – it might even look like it has no end in sight, just going higher and higher. One photographer, though, decided to take things to even greater heights. With his trusty drone, the photographer took this breathtaking shot showing the Burj Khalifa piercing through the clouds.

A Play In Perspective

Art can take a variety of forms. It could be the music we hear or a combination of scents we smell from a perfume. Now, of course, it would be a disservice not to credit the many visual artworks made over the years. With that said, besides paintings and sculptures, many of the lovely pieces in this category would undoubtedly be photos.

When it comes to taking photos, it’s no secret that one must have a good eye for identifying a scenery, object, or moment worth capturing. Sometimes, this also means capturing the subject at an unusual angle. A change of perspective can often lead to the most interesting images. One such example would be this one. If we hadn’t known that this was taken by researchers wanting to see a bird’s nest at the top of a post, the photo probably would’ve had some of us believe it showed a huge nest.

The Snowy Forest

We all have our own favorite season, for sure. Many of us enjoy the warm summer months. Others love to catch the very moment spring begins, so they can see the first few plants and trees bloom to life. It would also be quite common to see folks enjoying the serene autumn season and just savor the sight of the falling leaves: the way they descend to the ground can be quite graceful at times. With that said, it’s also no secret that many people love the low-degree temperature of the winter months.

Along with this colder season giving people more time to stay cozy at home, the snow also provides quite a sight to behold. Sometimes, they can even make the most usual places even more charming. For one, this snow-covered forest looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, especially when seen from above.

A Ghost Town Of Sorts

There are many cities around the world. The same can also be said for towns. More often than not, these places are usually crowded with hundreds upon thousands of people. Even so, that doesn’t mean every one of these places should be lively to be considered a city – or a town, even.

With that said, one such example is located in the Canadian town of Dorothy, located in the province of Alberta. The town was first established back in the early 1900s. While many of its houses still stand today, the place is practically a ghost town. In 2013, it only had a population count of nine residents. Even so, that doesn’t mean Dorothy is already out of business. In fact, more than a few curious travelers spend a portion of their credit card points to see this little town and perhaps even learn a thing or two about its history.

Amidst The Green

Among other sights, it’s always nice to see things that are organized neatly. It could be a bunch of books arranged on a shelf according to their book cover’s color or even a neatly tucked bed.

Besides these usual things we could see in our homes, many places around the world look so organized that it’s magical. One such place is the beautiful green fields in Tuscany, Italy. During a trip there, a photographer took the chance to preserve Tuscany’s beauty by taking a picture. To his credit, the photo captures all of the feats that make the field beautiful. Along with its lovely fields and dune-like landscape, another eye-catching aspect about Tuscany, as shown in the image, is the group of cypresses. Trees can often grow, so it’s amazing to see all these cypresses gathered here and not be scattered around the area.

Preparing For An Assembly

More often than not, when we think of lovely sights, we think of sceneries filled with all types of vibrant colors that work well together. Now, who’s to say the same degree of beauty cannot be achieved in black and white?

Around 2013, photographer Tomas van Houtryve began a series of aerial photos showing all kinds of scenarios. Some of these photos show a wedding ceremony, while others can be as mundane as a group of people gathering at a public area. While this series of photos cover all types of scenarios, they do showcase Houtryve’s great use of lighting – or lack thereof. For one, this picture of students playing in the middle of a court may seem like a bunch of silhouettes. Thanks to the aerial angle, though, this picture looks more like a nice piece of 2D art mixed with some shadows.

The Color Of Nature

At this point, we’ve all probably heard of the notion that the only constant thing in the world is change. Every year, we see various things turn from one to another, like a caterpillar eventually transforming into a butterfly. While it’s always nice to see the before and after phases of these moments, one can’t deny that the in-between part is also just as memorable.

Every year, the world goes through the seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall. Suffice to say, each one shows that Mother Nature and her work is beautiful through and through, no matter the season. With that said, one photographer took credit for taking a photo at the right place at the right time. He took an aerial shot of a forest. Only this time, the leaves were slowly turning from green into a brownish-orange color, welcoming the fall season.

The Yucatan Peninsula

After a week’s worth of work, it’s safe to say many of us want to spend the weekend on a trip out of town. Now, along with saving some money for gas, the next thing to do is look for our getaway of choice. It could be a hike to the mountains or some time at the beach, but one thing’s for sure: one of the attractions in these areas is the nearby waters.

These waters are certainly clean, perfect for a swim under the sun. Sometimes, though, these places are attractions for different seasons. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has become quite a hotspot for both visitors and tourists through the years, thanks to its pink waters. Its color comes from the organisms living in its ecosystem, including red-colored algae and brine shrimp. Sadly, swimming in the pink waters is prohibited. Still can’t deny it’s quite a sight to look at, though.

Beautiful Lilies

As mentioned a few pages back, artists have brought all kinds of beautiful artworks to the world. While many of these pieces may have focused on fictional subjects or places, it’s no secret that they have some degree of resemblance to a real-life location, person, or object.

We’ve all heard of the notion that art can sometimes imitate life. Well, the same can also be said for the other way around. Even in our day-to-day life, there are times when we just so happen to get the chance to witness something so surreal. Like if that particular moment could be frozen in time, it could be mistaken for one of the world’s loveliest paintings. Well, one such example would be this aerial photo of someone harvesting lilies at Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. It’s quite a beautiful moment to capture, for sure: harvesting lilies is one of the world’s most romantic ceremonies, after all.

The Salt Of The Earth

Even when plenty of investments has been made in creating the best camera imaginable, we can’t deny that a photographer’s best instrument will always be their eye. Their camera may be able to capture every detail in the photo imaginable, but what good would it be if the image itself isn’t clear or doesn’t make anyone who sees it feel a particular emotion?

With that said, a skilled photographer undoubtedly has a great eye for moments and how they’ll be positioned in the frame. Even a fairly common activity like farming can become an artwork that can wow anyone that sees it. Well, such was the case for this group of farmers in Hon Khoi, Vietnam. Shot at an interesting angle, showing the ripples from the water and some dynamic lighting from the sun, this photo of farmers making dunes out of salt evokes a feeling of serenity and discipline.

Smile For The Camera

During the earlier years in the field of technology, phones were made just to communicate with others. As the technology evolved through the years, though, our phones now take credit for doing just about anything possible, from browsing the internet, streaming music and videos, and of course, taking photos.

When we take pictures of our friends and family, we often ask them to get ready and smile at the camera. Now, it goes without saying we don’t do that when we snap a photo of an animal, forest, building, or any other non-living subject. Well, as it turns out, if you ask Nature really sincerely, though, they just might comply. Here’s a picture of a grain field taken during a windy day. With some help from the breeze, however, it looks like the field is forming a face and is giving the photographer its best smile.

You’ve Reached The End