64 Of The Best 90s Toys That We Will Never Forget

One of the best things about growing up is the amount of love and care that we received from our doting parents. Aside from that, they’ve showered us with all the gifts they could afford so we could continue with our daily frivolous lives. Some of their loving investments for us include the toys that we had during our formative years.

During the ‘90s, these unforgettable toys included figurines, video game home consoles, gadgets, and other collectibles. Some of which have become cultural icons that defined a generation. So much so that some of these toys are now considered collector’s items worth thousands of dollars.

Let’s all reminisce about the good old ‘90s and the toys that some of us had fun growing up with.

Atari Jaguar

There is no question that Atari is a forerunner when it comes to video game consoles. And one of the company’s prime investments during the ‘90s was the Atari Jaguar. It was released in the US in 1993 and is part of the fifth generation video game consoles.

The Jaguar was marketed as the first-ever 64-bit gaming system. Needless to say, it is a classic piece of ‘90s gaming history. Some of the games that this console can play included Cybermorph, Doom (1993), Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls, and Wolfenstein 3D. Sadly, Atari lost this generation of console wars to competitors such as the SNES, Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation. It’s truly a shame that Atari left the console market after this one.

Batman Figurines

Today, the different comic book superhero franchises are stronger than ever. Most of us know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe films as well as the DC films. However, Marvel and DC were popular long before these films came out. One of their money-making machines is figurines and action figures.

During the ‘90s, you couldn’t go wrong with a Batman figurine. These toys came in several different costumes and add-ons, and they all resembled the Batman of the comic books. Some came with additional armor, some came fully equipped with the Batmobile, and some even had the Batwing and the Batcycle or Batblade. Nonetheless, most of us can credit this toy collection for giving us some of the best childhood memories.

Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are more than just your ordinary stuffed toys. They were created in 1993 and became a sensation in the market by the latter half of that decade. Beanie Babies are made of plastic pellets, which they call beans. This makes these toys heavier than ordinary stuffed toys. Surprisingly, they were not easy to break and are less likely to get destroyed. These were toys that were ideal for little children.

In the end, these stuffed toys became a trend and were considered collectibles. Some of which now cost hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars. If you get your hands on an original Brownie, it can go up to $20,000 at an auction. There are also rare Beanie Babies that are so hard to find that they are practically like investments.

Betty Spaghetty

Spaghetty is a fashion doll with unique flexible rubber limbs and spaghetti-like hair. It was released during the latter half of the ‘90s, but we still credit it as one of the most iconic toys of the ‘90s. Indeed, many wanted one at the time.

This doll wasn’t like its competitors as it wasn’t modeled to be realistic. Her hair and limbs were rubbery-flexible and colorful, which made it easier to style and plait in different ways. The dolls also came with customizable beads that could be threaded along the doll’s legs and arms. This made each toy unique and also cultivated creativity in children. Betty wasn’t the company’s only doll. They also released her two best friends, Hannah and Zoe.

Bop It

This is a great toy for kids to play with. It’s a simple listening game through a handheld electronic toy. It originally came out in 1996 and quickly became a commercial success. Indeed, everyone wanted one at the time. The object of the game is simple. Once the player turns on the device, it will say three different commands – pull, twist, or bop it. Each corresponds to different functions of the toy. As long as the player executes the proper command, the game will go faster until a mistake is made.

This game has been credited as an international success with over 30 billion sales worldwide. Not only does it come in different languages, but the toy also comes in different variations.

Buzz Lightyear

We all know how popular figurines can be. As we’ve seen from the likes of Batman, Power Rangers, and X-Men, these toys come in all different forms. And among the must-haves during the ‘90s era was the Buzz Lightyear figure.

As we know, this toy credits much of its success to the hit animation movie, Toy Story, which was released in 1995. It had a story that all kids could relate to. And just like in the film, this toy can also say the character’s iconic line “To infinity, and beyond!” at the press of a button. It is a toy that made the film come to life, and surely, most of us also wrote our names at the bottom of its foot.

Cadbury Chocolate Money Box

I’m sure we were all taught how to save money as kids. I can remember having a piggy bank or two gifted to me by my parents. However, in the UK, kids in the ‘90s had something better than a piggy bank. A Cadbury Chocolate Money Box. It was one of the most amazing items at the time.

We all know how kids go crazy for toys. However, parents can testify that chocolates are one of the best ways to win a child’s heart. This money box toy was the best thing a kid could ask for at the time. All they needed to do was save up some coins as investments to shoot down the slot of this toy so Cadbury treats will come out.

Crocodile Dentist

This toy may look cute to you now, but kids from the ‘90s certainly had a different impression of it. Although, I’m sure brave and daring kids saw this as one of their all-time favorite toys.

The object of the game was simple. As its name suggests, you play a dentist and your patient is a crocodile. Its eyes already say that it’s not in the mood for you to make mistakes. When you pull the wrong tooth, the cranky croc snaps its jaws. At the same time, it will rush towards you on its tiny little wheels. This also makes for a good family game. And I’m sure some of us can credit it for some of the fun memories we had with our siblings and friends.

Digimon Adventure Digivice

We all know how successful Pokemon was back in the ‘90s. However, one of the game’s biggest competitors was Digimon. It simply stood for Digital Monsters. And just like Pokemon, it involved cute and loveable monsters that kids could get into. The concept of Digimon is that you can collect the creatures and raise them up.

The Digimon franchise began in 1997, and kids wanted to have their own Agumon to battle with amongst their friends. And the company’s answer to this was the Adventure Digivice. It was credited for enticing kids to walk outside, and it showed a virtual map where kids could battle other trainers and bosses. This is something similar to Pokemon Go, but Digivice was already doing this in the ‘90s!

Donkey Kong Gaming Wristwatch

We all know that the Game Boy was one of the premier handheld consoles of the ‘90s. However, kids also had access to something equally fun and accessible – the Donkey Kong Gaming Wristwatch. Although there were other gaming wristwatches, who doesn’t love a good old classic Donkey Kong Game?

Back in the ‘90s, you’d be a cool kid if you had a gaming wristwatch. These were produced from 1989 throughout the ‘90s. The most popular ones featured other famous Nintendo titles such as Zelda, Mario, and Star Fox. Although they weren’t exactly up to par with the likes of Game Boy, they were still credited as one of the most entertaining video games of the ‘90s.

Dream Phone

Cell phones and smartphones are necessities these days. Nowadays, kids take for granted that they can play games on their smartphones. After all, smartphones are everywhere, and everyone has one. However, during the 90s, this was far from the reality. During that decade, smartphones, or even cell phones, were things of the future. Nonetheless, if kids wanted to play with cell phones, parents would usually pull out their investments to buy a Dream Phone.

This toy was very popular amongst girls. After all, it came at a time when very few had mobile phones. The toy had a simple game feature. Girls could listen to a recorded stalker-like guy tell them things like, “I know where you live.”, or they can try to guess which guys liked them or not.


The classic toy has a long and rich history. Even some of our grandparents probably remember playing with these during their original release in the ‘60s. However, it maintained its popularity through the decades, and can also take credit for being popular to this day. We can’t leave it out of this list because it is one of the most iconic toys of the ‘90s.

The 1995 animation film Toy Story also featured this toy. Woody used it to draw and write messages. The popularity of the film did wonders to the sales of Etch-a-Sketch. Every kid who loved the movie wanted to have one. And most of all, it was fun to play with. All you needed to do was turn the knobs and create your own masterpiece.


Furby stormed the scene in 1998. And it can easily be credited for being one of the most iconic toys of the ‘90s. It was a must-have and it continued its success until the 2000s. These furry toys were able to talk and move their eyes. To some, this toy resembles an owl or a hamster, or a combination of both. To most, it was a loveable cute monster-like companion to play with.

More than 40 million of these toys were sold during the first three years of their release. And its speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages, which speaks volumes about its worldwide success. During its prime, it would sell for $35. However, the resale value shot up to over $100.


Play-Doh is an old favorite for kids, and generations enjoyed playing with it as children. It’s also an old favorite for art and craft enthusiasts, who can use it to create unique, one-of-a-kind creations. However, during the ‘90s, Nickelodeon gathered their investments to make something different — yet somewhat similar. We know how Nickelodeon kids love slime. Well, the GAK was the closest thing to slime that they could play with.

To parents back then, this slime was probably the most annoying thing that ever came out of a kid’s hands. Nonetheless, we loved to pull it out and throw it around. It can also be molded and stretched in any form we could imagine. And the most fun part about it is that you can squeeze it and it will make that funny annoying fart sound. It’s everything a kid could ever want!

Game Boy Color

This is probably credited as one of the biggest gaming innovations of the ‘90s. We all know how successful the original Game Boy was when it was originally released. Back then, you’d think that the Game Boy was the pinnacle of handheld gaming. However, in 1998, Nintendo dropped its successor, the Game Boy Color. It was every bit as good as the original, but it was more compact. Moreover, it had a colored screen! You can just imagine how much kids raved about playing Pokemon in color.

It’s safe to say the Game Boy Color and the original Game Boy were Nintendo’s best-selling consoles of all time. Both had a combined sales of over 118 million units. To this day, retro enthusiasts still buy these handheld consoles.

Giga Pets

People who grew up in the ‘90s can attest to the popularity of this virtual-pet fad. Back then, if you didn’t have a Tamagotchi, it’s likely that you were playing Giga Pets. It was a palm-sized unit that had a key ring and an LCD screen.

Giga Pets was Tiger Electronics’ prime investment to compete with Tamagochi. And just like its competitor, Giga Pets were born on a tiny LCD screen. You take care of it, as you would do to a live pet. Its happiness depended on the amount of time you spent on the device, playing, feeding, and cleaning up after it. If you neglect it for a certain amount of time, you’ll come back to a dead virtual pet.

GoGo’s Crazy Bones

Back when the internet and video games were not as popular as they are today, kids used to wish that Santa Claus would give them this specific toy on Christmas Day. The degree of popularity that GoGo’s Crazy Bones had before is incomparable, and according to Retro Dodo, this toy sold a whopping 31.5 million packages between 1998 to 2000 alone.

Just so you know, these toys are small figurines, usually made up of plastic, and have different faces each. This collectible toy can be purchased and comes in a sealed foil so the player would not know which GoGo face he got. It’s like opening a present and you’re not aware of what’s inside. In addition, if one hopes to get a certain face, that’s where trading comes in.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

This game brings tons of feels and nostalgia to those who got to play it with their friends. Fred Kroll, as you know, was the man behind this ‘90s toy. It was in 1967 when he published the idea but it was only introduced in 1978. This tabletop game can be played by two to four players.

The rules are simple, you have to move the head of the hippo and feed it with plastic balls. Whichever has the most balls, wins. In the original version of the game, there were four hippopotamuses: Homer Hippo (green), Lizzie Hippo (purple) Harry Hippo (yellow), and Henry Hippo (orange).
Because of its incredible degree of popularity, this game was referenced in a handful of movies, including Toy Story 3 or My Little Pony: The Movie.


For those parents who have sons, this must have been one of the reasons they reached their credit limits before. Just like legos and building blocks, the player has the choice of how his toy will look. No matter what his imagination can conceive, he can construct it, the sky’s the limit. Building a set of these toys surely can test one’s creativity as well as patience because thousands of small pieces are needed to connect together to form a track.

Nowadays, parents give their kids different gadgets, like phones and tablets. Today, kids are able to enhance their creativity with various applications such as Minecraft. However, ‘90s kids can all agree that nothing beats the fun and excitement of having one of these.

Loopin’ Louie

Here was another multiplayer toy for ‘90s kids. This electronic board game was designed by Carol Wisely, but it was Milton Bradley who published it in 1992. Loopin’ Louie runs on electricity via two AA batteries. It was initially designed for four players, but later modifications allowed it to accommodate eight.

To play this game, you and your three other friends have to press levers in order to keep Louie in the air and keep him from knocking the chicken tokens. The fun part about this game is figuring out how and when to press the lever. The player who has at least one remaining token wins. In 2015, a company named Hasbro released a Star Wars version of this toy and they called it Loopin’ Chewie.

Marble Run

This comes in various names, such as rolling ball sculpture and ball run. Playing it doesn’t require that much effort, especially after assembling. All you have to do is put the marble at the top of a designated hole and watch it roll down the course. In its early years, the course was made with sculpted wood and the duration of the ball rolling was considerably short.

Now, it is more interactive as you can play it with friends and family. It usually comes in colorful puzzles, is made with plastic, and is highly customizable. Just like KNex, building the course is an intricate process so having extra hands is suggested. However, if your patience is to a commendable degree, this one’s for you.

Mouse Trap

Do you still remember the friends you played with? Or are you still friends with them after having played this? For whatever reason one wasn’t able to play this during their childhood, Mouse Trap is an interactive three-dimensional board game. Initially, just like Marble Run, players need to assemble the course. However, once done and it’s time for playing, that’s when players turn against each other and attempt to trap their opponents’ mouse-shaped game pieces. Siri, play Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo on Spotify.

When it comes to its history, this game was published in 1963 by Ideal, and it was designed for two to four players. If you have extra money after paying your mortgage, consider buying your kids one of these for them to experience the fun of your childhood.

Mr. Bucket

In the 1990s, parents usually used their credit cards and bought their toddlers one of these toys because it can bring so much entertainment. Milton Bradley was the name behind this tabletop game, which was first introduced in 1990. However, despite the popularity, Mr. Bucket’s production was discontinued in 2007 and was re-released again after a decade.

A little background, this came in a medium-sized box, which had the motorized bucket inside, including a bunch of colorful balls and shovels. The rules of the game are quite simple. Players need to switch on the bucket then pick up a shovel with a corresponding color. Using the tool, they have to scoop the balls and put them at the top of the bucket. The fun part is Mr. Bucket continuously spits balls and whoever puts all their balls inside, wins.

Mr. Frosty

Kids who like to roleplay as ice cream makers must have played this one before. Mr. Frosty is a snowman-shaped toy, usually made with plastic, that was popular in the 1980s. To play this one, you need ice cubes to put onto his head while his hat acts like a plunger. You will then turn the handle and crushed ice will come out of its stomach. It was loads of fun.

The toy revolves around various features, but the fun in playing remains the same. If you have enough credit, you can buy a unit of this nostalgic toy for your kids on Amazon UK for under £30. It comes with bowls, spoons, and ice cube trays, to name a few.

Mr. Potato Head

In comparison to Furby, Mr. Potato Head is significantly less advanced. However, when it comes to popularity, the latter will give a good fight. This iconic potato with a lush mustache, attachable ears, nose, eyes, hat, mouth, and pants, originated in the 1950s and was a child’s dream to have. It was invented by George Lerner in 1949 and Hasbro became the first distributor in 1952. In addition, Mr. Potato Head holds the credit for being the first advertised toy on television.

Although the production was continuous, the popularity subsided at some point. However, it regained fame in the 1990s solely because of Disney Pixar’s animated film Toy Story. This time Mr. Potato Head had a partner, Mrs. Potato Head.

Nerf Blaster

If not for the toys that Hasbro introduced, a lot of kids might have had a boring childhood. One of the toys they made popular is the nerf blaster. The ammunition for this shooting toy was foam balls and foam darts. Nerf blasters were produced in various forms, but the first of its kind became available in the late 1980s in the United States. Because of its undeniable popularity, this toy was also made available to the international market. However, some countries refused to sell it because of laws regarding safety.

Nerf blasters are indeed fun to play. However, as parents, always think twice before using your credit card to buy your children one of these. Please be mindful of the risks that this toy carries.

Nintendo 64

Of course, we will not forget about this one. This is one of the first electronic toys introduced, and it was made by none other than Nintendo. To give a little background, this was released in Japan on June 23, 1996, and was made available in North America by September. This is considered the last major home console whose primary storage format used cartridges until Nintendo Switch. This nostalgic toy has three cartridge games, including PilotWings 64, Super Mario 64, and Saikyō Habu Shōgi, which is exclusive to Japan.

If you purchased one of these immediately after its release, you were probably rich and famous. Nowadays, there are a lot of gaming consoles available in the market for you to buy with a money loan, such as an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation.


This is probably one of the most frustrating board games in history. In case you haven’t played this yet, let us give you its background first. Perfection was initially introduced by Reed Toys in 1973, but the Milton Bradley brand now has the right for the manufacturing of this popular toy. To play this, there are 25 pieces of objects that should be placed in their corresponding holes. The exciting part is that the player only has 100 seconds to put them all together. If he fails, the board will spring up and the pieces will fly out.

If you want to keep your children from playing with electronic gadgets, which also consume electricity, consider buying them this toy. It is interactive and fun to play.


Of course, if you had one of these during its early days, you surely had a lot of friends and were extremely popular. Just so you know, the history of this gaming console started back in 1988. Ken Kutaragi, often credited as the Father of PlayStation, was the brain behind this 1990s toy. To put some figures on the popularity of this interactive toy, PlayStation and PS one, sold over 102 million units in 2003. Some of the first known games that players used to play were Tomb Raider, Tekken, and Spyro the Dragon.

Aside from computer and mobile games, PlayStation has been one of the leading game consoles for kids and teenagers. Outdoor games and activities have become less favorable for the given demographics.


Also known as milk caps, this is probably one of the oldest toys on this list. Pogs have been around since the 1920s and Maui, Hawaii is often credited as the place of its origin. It became astronomically popular in 1955 and is still being played by kids and kids at heart today.

The gameplay of pogs varies, but in a typical game, every player will have their own collection of pogs and one or more slammers. They will stack an equal number of pogs faced down, and will take turns slamming the stack with the slammer to cause a disruption. Pogs that end up facing up will be kept by the player and the game will be repeated until nothing is left from the stack.

Pokemon Cards

Despite the proliferation of mobile games and gaming consoles, Pokemon cards remain relevant today. For starters, this card game was based on the Pokemon franchise and was first introduced as playing cards by Media Factory in October 1995. It became a massive hit, selling over 34.1 billion cards worldwide as of March 2021. Cards are classified according to their rarity, from common to ultra-rare.

Trading and collecting are some of the reasons why its popularity refuses to shrink. Of all the hundreds of Pokemon, Charizard is the most special and expensive. In December 2020, a 1999 Pokémon Base 1st Edition Holo “Thick Stamp” Shadowless Charizard #4 PSA Graded 10 Gem Mint was sold for a whopping $350,100. Collecting Pokemon cards is arguably a good investment, but next time you see a card lying on the street, have it checked.

Pokemon Marbles

Aside from cards, Pokemon can also come in the form of marbles. Just like the cards, these glass balls are also highly tradable and collectible. If you haven’t seen one, it is just the standard marble but with a picture of a specific Pokemon. Retro Dodo mentioned that there are 50 different marbles for Series 1, numbered from #001 to #050. When buying one, they come in 1990s slice-proof packaging, which includes a nice-looking pouch. This pouch is also numbered and has a Pokemon print, which makes it a collectible item as well.

Yup, Pokemon is synonymous with trade and collection. Players and collectors spend a lot of money and probably get cash loans just to get items to add to their collection.

Pokemon Topps Cards

You might be surprised to find out that even kids today save their allowances to buy these colorful cards. Well, Pokemon Topps Cards, also known as Topps, is similar to the typical Pokemon cards. However, one of the differences is that some of the rare Topps were taken from movie scenes. Card owners consider them as investments, specifically the rare ones.

When it comes to pricing, these cards are not as expensive as Pokemon cards, but that doesn’t mean collectors aren’t willing to spend money on them. Retro Dodo compiled some of the most collectible cards and at the top of the list is the legendary Pokemon Moltres, which can be fetched for almost $1,000, while Charizard comes next at $599.

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket is one of the best toys for young girls in the 90s. This toy has a plastic case that opens to form a dollhouse and miniature figurines less than an inch tall inside. The dolls folded in the middle and had circular bases, slotted into holes in the case interior.

The best thing about Polly Pocket was that it was so small and could be enclosed in pendants or large rings that you could bring wherever you go. A bigger version of the toy was made after a few years, and eventually, selling was discontinued in the US. Just last 2018, the company announced the comeback of miniature Polly Pocket, which was just a little larger than the original. Bet the 90s babies got excited and grabbed their credit cards to purchase this new version.

Poo-Chi Dog

Poo-chi is one of the first generations of robopet toys. An electronic dog powered by batteries, it was one of the most annoying toys of the century. What made everyone mad was the constant barking, 24/7. It really gave parents migraines. Plus, every child wanted one, so parents had no choice but to go to the store with their credit cards instead of buying real pets.

Kids played with the dog, cuddled it, and fed it an electronic bone. Its eyes would light up and change shape based on its emotions. Poo-chi stopped selling in 2002 and was replaced with FurReal Friends. In any case, it was really one of the most popular toys at the time.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers debuted on August 23, 1993. They were a group of five teenagers who can transform into superheroes and were always ready to take on villains sent their way. Since the show first aired on television, it gained so much popularity, and this led to the creation of Power Rangers action figures.

The figures were among the best-selling toys of the 90s. Both kids and adults took time to make investments in Power Rangers action figures, which were initially 12 pieces consisting of five power rangers and seven villains. They came in red, blue, black, yellow, and pink – along with different costumes, accessories, and swords. Through the years, the toys evolved and remained popular with kids and adults of all generations.


The Sega CD is a CD-ROM accessory for the Sega Genesis console that was produced by Sega. It was launched all over the world in the 90s as part of the fourth generation of video game consoles. During the first three months, it sold 200,000 units, but only sold another 200,000 units over the next three years. Factors such as high launch price and only two games available during the launch were said to have affected sales of Sega CD.

Despite not being so successful, it can still be credited for giving us well-regarded games such as Sonic CD, Lunar: Eternal Blue, Lunar: The Silver Star, Popful Mail, and Snatcher. Still, it can be considered as one of the 90s’ most popular toys.

Slap Bracelets

The slap bracelet was invented by Wisconsin teacher Stuart Anders in 1990 and was initially sold under the brand name “Slap Wrap”. The bracelet consists of layered, flexible stainless steel, bistable spring bands sealed in silicone, fabric, or plastic cover. They came in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns.

The bracelet became popular with kids, pre-teens, and teenagers in the early 90s. It was affordable, so there was no need for them to ask their parents to use their credit cards to get them these. The slap bracelet was banned in several schools due to reports of injuries caused by worn-out bracelets. It has reportedly made a comeback in 2018, but we haven’t seen anyone wearing one yet.


The SnakeBoard, also known as a street board or pivot board, was invented by three guys in South Africa in 1989. It soon gained popularity and was produced all over the world. The idea was to combine elements of snowboarding and surfing into skateboarding to create a fun riding experience. Instead of one long platform, a SnakeBoard has two separate footplates where the rider can stand and pivot independently.

It was popular in the 90s, but some parents didn’t allow their children to have snakeboards for safety reasons. Still, it is undeniable that a lot of kids enjoyed riding it. When I tried using one, the only direction I was able to move toward was towards the ground. It might be a flooring problem.

Sonic Mountain Quest

Sonic Mountain Quest is a Sonic the Hedgehog ‘90s toy that was released by TOMY in 1992. If you loved playing Kong Man, then you’ll also love this one since it is a remake of the famous 1982 game.

This Sonic the Hedgehog toy is a cool but tricky pinball game that was popular in the ‘90s. The objective is to get a magnetic ball from the bottom of the mountain to the top, gaining scores along the way. One of the hardest parts of the game is hitting the yellow swing and getting the ball into the hot air balloon. Let’s just credit the game for the successes we have now – after all, it prepared us for adult life very well.

Spud Gun

The spud gun is a toy gun that shoots out parts of a potato. To use this, one pinholes the surface of a potato with the gun’s hollow tip. It will then pry out a small pellet that fits in the muzzle. The gun is short-ranged and low-powered, which means it won’t be hurting those who are shot. Of course, it might leave a tiny mark.

This gun was a great invention. We should give credit to its creator, who sold his patent to E. Joseph Crossman for $600. It’s a bit expensive to play with since it requires potatoes. I bet many of us dreamed of becoming a police officer because of this toy. In any case, it was loads of fun to shoot.

Street Sharks

Street Sharks is an American superhero animated series that aired from 1994 to 1997. It was about the adventures of crime-fighting half-man/half-shark heroes with special powers and skills. They walked, rode motorbikes, and even skated. Following the series’ success and popularity, Mattel decided to produce Street Sharks action figures.

The action figures were cool, and we remember that Vin Diesel was in one of their advertisements. After two decades, the video where Vin was selling street sharks appeared on the internet and became viral. It was nostalgic, and it brought memories of these fantastic action figures back. People lost interest in them a few years later, but to the show’s credit, it will always be a part of popular culture.

Tickle Me, Elmo

There is no doubt that Elmo is one of the most-loved Sesame Street characters. The show itself started in 1969. It became hugely popular among children from the 1980s to the 1990s. Those who didn’t know how to speak English learned the language through the show, and so when they released this toy back then, it became so in demand that parents were willing to pay as much as $1,500 for a Tickle Me Elmo.

Did you know that the show was up for reconsideration back in the 1990s? It was already getting 20 million views per episode so network executives considered getting rid of its commercial sponsors and propping it with their own investments. They decided to try it out and it remained successful until the 2000s. Elmo became one of the bestselling toys and parents were quick to snag from the toy store to give at Christmas time.

Super Yo-Yo

Having a yoyo back in the 1990s meant you were cool. Yoyo players were so serious about this toy that they came up with various strategies and moves. They also went as far as customizing their yoyos with fancy axles and strings, much like how a car enthusiast would pimp his car. To some degree, boys dominated this particular toy genre and became experts at it. This does not mean that women were not playing it, because some of them had mad skills, too.

A young man named Marcus Koh, who was born in 1993, took his love for the yo-yo to the next level by competing professionally. He even won the world championships back in 2011, under the sponsorship of Auldey and Turning point, which are both yoyo companies. He then went on to become a businessman and establish his own company, Throw Revolution. So, whoever says that playing games is not profitable, think again.

Velcro Toss and Catch

Not everyone can play a game of catch or even anything with moving balls because they cannot follow moving objects well. This is a problem of eye-hand coordination. Those with skills at it could grow up to be excellent baseball or basketball players. But those who are not might end up playing Velcro Toss and Catch instead. Others suggest this should be turned into an Olympic event because it is quite an awesome game that many have enjoyed over the years.

It was a fun game that was usually played with neighbors. The Velcro catching pads were a favorite among children. People loved hearing the sound of those balls pulling away from Velcro. It is the perfect game because it doesn’t hurt. The inventors of this toy should be given credit for ensuring kids’s safety.

OG Beyblades

While technically “born” in 1999, OG Beyblades really became famous in the 2000s. It is a line of spinning top toys that were originally developed by Takara when it merged with Tomy in 2006, the company Takara Tomy started producing it. The Japanese are quite popular for inventing a lot of toys that became popular and this was one of them.

Those in their 30s today will still remember shouting “3, 2, 1 and let it rip!”. This is what kids back then shouted when they pulled on the ripcord. While children were quite fond of it, parents were not so keen because it easily scratched their marble flooring. Nonetheless, they could not do anything about the fad. There were even Beyblade battles back then, and these blades smashing into each other at high speeds sometimes resulted in broken Beyblades.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Everyone can probably still remember the four turtles who made kids happy back in the 1990s. Before anime, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo were kings of TV. They were well-loved by children from all over the world. We don’t have to look far to find characters that are well-loved by children and fans from all over the world. These characters have a unique appeal that made them very appealing to children and adults alike.

When TMNT toys first came out, kids were very excited. Parents could actually sell them for a fortune today. Some even kept their toys in pristine condition and would sell them for a lot of money. Nobody knew they would turn out to be such great investments.

Crush Gear

If you combine a Beyblade with a Tamiya car, you would get a Crush Gear. This was technically released in 2001, but babies born in the 1990s enjoyed this so much. An anime was also released together with the game, where the characters basically crush each other’s gears. It was a fight that would lead to the eventual destruction of the other car, hence the name.

While the anime became popular in Japan, Australia, and the Philippines, the toy got acceptance pretty much worldwide. In hindsight, the game and the anime were actually violent and we should rethink about having small kids play it. To some degree, it would have been better if the game focused on building the toy or modifying the gears. It was fun though and perhaps it acted as a stress reliever, too.

Tamiya Cars

The predecessor of Crush Gear, Tamiya cars are radio-controlled cars. They do not run on gas, but rather through the power generated by the batteries. A remote control allows a kid, or in some cases, adults, to maneuver the vehicle to wherever direction they want them to go. It was meant for kids, but as the adage goes, men are just oversized kids, so it became extremely popular among adults as well.

Both kids and adults enjoyed the thrill of catching those crazy fast toys just with their bare hands. One benefit of playing with Tamiya Cars is that children learned how to strategize. Winning the battle is key and one must execute a plan to beat the enemy. Hand-eye coordination was also a must, because otherwise, they will suffer the consequences. Tamiya cars were a bit expensive, so players had every incentive not to lose.

Mighty Beanz

Collecting toys has always been a part of a kid’s life. It is also a lucrative business and so establishments normally make a lot of investments to promote popular toys. Mighty Beanz was among those that became popular in the 1990s and beyond. There is not much you can do with it, really, because they were simple bean-shaped capsules that tumbled endlessly. But kids loved it and many parents found themselves buying the little bean-like things for Christmas.

On the one hand, it was also a learning event for children. Parents taught them about the laws of science, including the fact that an object at rest will remain at rest. The moment slight pressure is applied, the object would start moving until gravity stabilizes it. If such lessons are too early to impart, then simply letting the kids have fun is more than enough.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was one of the favorite things of children and adults alike, and is considered one of the best memory-makers of the 1990s. It really does not matter what game you play on the console, be it Mario Kart or Mario Paint, the console has something for everyone. Amusingly enough, kids back then had this weird idea that a glitchy game could be fixed by blowing the game cassette’s bottom part. It did not usually work, but that was always the first instinct among players at the time.

For many, Donkey Kong was the best game they played on the console. The Nintendo was also dubbed the family computer because it allowed the whole family to gather in the living room and watch two members play a game. It was, to a great degree, a bonding moment for everyone.

Ring Toss

Thanks to the investments made in technology, many of the things we want are now bundled into one object we can hold in our hands. Although initially created for long-distance communication, phones today can access the internet, play music, stream movies, and even play games.

Plus, with each year introducing a new feat or an upgrade, who knows what else these handheld computers can do? Years before all this innovation became mainstream, however, we had a different handheld device that kept us entertained. It may look like a phone, but it only had two buttons and a small, transparent plastic container filled with water and some rings. Watching them float around – and hopefully, land on one of those pole things – could keep a kid occupied for hours.

Sea Monkeys

Sometimes, things aren’t like the names they were given. While an orange fruit certainly has the color orange, dragon fruit isn’t necessarily a dragon. Well, another example is Sea Monkeys. Those who don’t know about these probably thought of a monkey swimming with fish, but no, that’s not what these are.

Sea Monkeys take credit for being one of the first pets many of us had. Often sold in a plastic container with a pack of feeds, these tiny shrimps only need to be fed once a week. If raised well, they can live for as long as two years. It wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that those of us who had these back in the day now have an aquarium.

Water Babies

While many of the previously mentioned toys are interactive, such as learning how to play with a yo-yo, a good portion of them aren’t as much – but they are still entertaining, for sure. Well, like in the case of Sea Monkeys, we all have a fascination for watching things grow.

Perhaps that’s where our interest in raising a pet or two – or more – begins. Well, another toy that does precisely that is water babies. Unlike its name suggests, these aren’t babies. However, if you put them in a container filled with water for some time, like a bowl or a cup, these balls slowly expand in varying degrees.

Stretch Armstrong

Throughout the earlier years of our childhood, it’s safe to say most – if not all – of us had broken a couple of things. This is perhaps most true with toys. Even so, numerous toys were designed to be as flexible as possible. One such example would be Stretch Armstrong. The thing is, it’s not just his arms that are strong and durable – his whole body is practically stretchable.

You can bend it and twist it in a variety of angles without fear of it breaking. First released in 1976, these cool figures eventually ceased production in 1997. Fortunately for those who had a great time with these when they were kids, in 2016, Hasbro spent a portion of investment money re-releasing the Stretch Armstrong.

Super Soaker

Ever since the first few buildings were supplied with electricity, many achievements and innovations have been made in various fields of life. Such was the case in the field of technology. After one invention after another, the most notable device that’s become integral to many people’s lives is the computer.

Besides using them for work-related purposes, though, people can also use computers to play games like Fortnite and classic first-person shooters such as Quake and Counter-Strike. While these have been popular for decades, there’s no denying that going outside and shooting your friends with these Super Soakers – or water guns – was quite a fun activity. To be honest, though, they’re still pretty great to play with today: it’s like laser tag, but with water.

Talk Boy And Talk Girl

We’re all aware of commercials and advertisements. We’ve seen plenty of them already through the years. Sometimes, when a company promotes their product, they tie it in with a popular brand, like a cartoon character, celebrity, or movie. In 1992, people were introduced to just about everyone’s favorite Christmas film, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Throughout the movie, Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister could be seen utilizing an interesting handheld record player for various situations.

Although initially conceived as just a film prop, that item, the Talk Boy, eventually made it to the market. Because of its association with the popular movie, the Talk Boy – and its pink variant, the Talk Girl – slowly garnered a skyrocketing degree of recognition on the market, making it one of the most sought-after gadgets of the 1990s.


If you spent a good portion of childhood watching your favorite cartoons on TV, it’s safe to say you’ve seen plenty of commercials in between introducing the Tamagotchi. While these devices may be small, don’t let their size fool you. Thanks to the many investments made in technology, these handheld computers each had a digital pet for kids to raise.

In a way, it’s the same as the previously-mentioned Sea Monkeys and Water Babies, where satisfaction is felt when we know we’re taking good care of them. With that said, it’s no secret that these Tamagotchis also helped many of us become enthusiastic pet owners. Now if you think these things are now relics of the past, think again – they’re still quite a sought-after product on the market.

Tiger Handheld Computers

Speaking of technological innovations, many of us know someone who has some of today’s new video game consoles. Besides the big, bulky ones, many of the industry’s popular consoles are handheld, the most popular being Nintendo’s Switch. Before all these cool items were taking credit for entertaining their owners, many of us have also had the chance to play with handheld computers in the past, in one way or another.

Along with the ones we get from fast-food restaurants, Tiger Electronics deserves the crown for having made many of these things back in the day. Unlike today’s consoles that can play a variety of titles, most Tiger handhelds can only play a particular game based on already-popular titles such as Sonic and Street Fighter.


Sometimes, we don’t really need to do much to be entertained. While most of the toys and gadgets we talked about require some degree of interaction with the owner, these little fellows already do plenty enough just staying still. First released in the 1960s, these Trolls toys became a massive hit. Three decades later, during the 1990s, these adorable and funny-looking figures experienced another wave of popularity.

Well, by that point, it’s safe to say most of us assumed their fame slowly dissolved from that point onward. By 2016, however, DreamWorks reintroduced the world to these toys through the animated film Trolls, followed by 2020’s Trolls World Tour. Plus, with a third installment coming up in a few years, there’s no denying these Trolls are here to stay.

Hot Wheels

Besides a screen filled with colors and action, our childhood was filled with all types of competition, like seeing who makes the coolest Yo-yo tricks on the block. Besides walking the dog and going around the world, though, we also loved to race and see who the fastest runner was among our friends. Now, speaking of races, before we’ve learned about gas pedals, clutches, and brakes, it’s safe to say we already developed a love for cool cars, thanks to these Hot Wheels toy cars.

Along with imagining ourselves driving these small-scale beauties, they also had all kinds of fun tracks that were sold separately. Because of this, they’re kind of like the Tamiya cars we saw a few pages back. Plus, many Hot Wheels models have also become sought-after collector’s items.

Magic 8 Ball

Now and then, we find ourselves stuck in a dilemma, unsure of our decisions. Whenever we find ourselves trapped between a rock and a hard place, we often ask for help from our friends and family, asking them for advice or tips. Besides them, though, another thing that can take credit for providing decent answers is the Magic 8 Ball.

Its first iteration was made around the 1940s but it took a few years before the toy finally became the iconic black-and-white eight ball we know. An attraction to kids and a staple in more than a couple of offices, the user just needs to ask a question and shake the ball. Now, will its answer be the one we were hoping for? Ask again later.

White Ranger’s ‘Saba’ Sabre

Colorful things often attract us. While black-and-white photos and movies also have their own charm and aesthetic, it’s no secret that many of us get a satisfying feeling upon seeing a pattern of colors blending well together. Now mix it with heroes, monsters, and awesome weapons of various sizes, and you got yourself the Power Rangers.

Through the years, plenty of investments have been made producing more installments of this franchise. However, the most popular title is still the debut series, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Along with following their poses, many of us also had action figures and toys, such as the White Ranger’s Saba Sabre. Just holding it made us feel like we were part of the iconic team.

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