Rib-Tickling Pranks Made By Couples to Spice Up Their Relationship

There are different kinds of pranks all over the world. Some people prank those they love, while others prank those they hate. The primary purpose of a prank is to surprise someone with something unexpected that will cause a positive reaction after they realize that it is just a joke. Some people never really outgrow the need to pull a good prank.

It’s safe to assume that most of us love a good prank. Pranks are certainly one way of making your loved one either smile or laugh. These pranks can range from writing a surprising note to rearranging your house. We’ve managed to compile some of our favorite pranks from various couples. These couples certainly deserve credit for their creativity!


This man’s wife must’ve said that she wanted a toasty shower when she came home from work. To her surprise, her husband prepared several toasted slices of bread and scattered them all over their bathroom. The husband certainly deserves some credit here, as he showed his own spin on his wife’s orders. We can only imagine when the wife sees this. Will she be happy that her husband took her instructions quite literally? They probably would have a good laugh over this and then have a good bonding time while eating the toast.

Of course, we hope they finish all that food as we do not want it to be wasted. Statistics in the US say that 103 million pounds of food are wasted daily. That is a huge number, and certainly, we hope that little pranks like this, though fun, do not contribute to the statistics.