Unusually Hilarious Lost & Found Signs

Losing something you truly value is rarely fun. It feels even worse when you lose a beloved pet. By then, you’ll need to create a “Have You Seen Me” or a “Lost Dog” sign and tape them onto different posts throughout the entire neighborhood. Losing something happens way more often than you think, and we’ve probably seen a good number of these lost and found signs.

It’s interesting to learn that some people get excited and happy to a certain degree when they lose things. It’s certainly unusual to see someone filled with joy whenever he/she loses something she values. You could say that they never truly valued that something in the first place. Here are some of the unusually hilarious lost and found we’ve seen so far:

Finder’s Keepers

One can argue that the original owner of this adorable pooch must’ve felt horrible. The dog they lost seems to be happy to be away from his original owner’s arms and is now friends with a new owner. Interestingly enough, the two must’ve bonded as it looks like this new owner will be letting the dog go anytime soon.

On the bright side, the original owner could be relieved to see their precious dog still alive. At least someone’s taking good care of him. We’re hoping that the new owner provides the same degree of care and love for his new dog. For the past owner, we certainly hope he’s learned his lesson and that he pays better attention to his pet next time.