Interestingly, most conflicts with our neighbors aren’t actually a result of poor behavior or treatment towards each other. Most of these petty conflicts are often driven by our irritation or displeasure towards them. In short, we simply resent them to a certain degree. If we look closely, we place a false sense of value in our relationships with them because we need each other to get by.

The resentment often starts when the wannabe drummer bangs too loudly at night or when someone next door vacuums during the most inappropriate moments. Whether it’s the cigarette butts that have been mistakenly thrown in your backyard or the untrained dog who leaves its litter on your porch, these neighbors need a whole lot of mindfulness!

Noisy Neighbors

One of the downsides of living in close proximity with neighbors is that sometimes, their fighting can be a bit loud and can cause disturbances. It’s not just the stream of voices that penetrate the walls. Sometimes, objects are being thrown, or worse, personal details that you have no business in knowing to make their way to your ears. The best thing to do if this persists is to call the landlord or the cops.

However, the neighbors of one loud couple decided to take the high road. Instead of calling the authorities, they tried to write their concerns in a note. They also displayed a degree of kindness when they suggested solutions for the two. Counseling is always the solution when it comes to problems with couples.