Going Out In Style: Photos Of Costumed People Getting Arrested

There are plenty of expressions in our vocabulary arsenal that we could use in particular scenarios. One such example is when you find yourself in a pretty unexpected situation. With credit to whoever first used this, the expression in question is, “Now I’ve seen it all.” In a way, it’s quite suitable for these surprising moments: if it really took you off guard, then it’s safe to say nothing can phase you anymore from there on out. While that moment hasn’t come to many of us yet, it always helps to be prepared – even for things we couldn’t necessarily be prepared for.

Some Questions For The Cat

As you may have read from the title, we’ll be looking at some people who had an encounter with the police. As serious as that may sound, the fact that these people are in costume just adds a degree of humor to the photos.

In a way, it always helps to be at your most presentable: can’t tell what will happen throughout the day, after all. Now then, to start with, let’s chat with Hello Kitty, shall we? After she’s done talking with the men in blue, of course. By the looks of it, she’s pointing them to the next person we’ll see in the list.