40 Things That Are Way Bigger Than We Think

“One size fits all” is an anecdote that we have heard about the majority of mundane stuff: watches, shirts, pants, necklaces, and even helmets — an important investment when one wants to go biking. However, this concept is starting to lose its allure. On the other end of the spectrum, size does perhaps matter, especially when it comes to nature.

King of the deep

Whales are a migratory species whose sheer size can be awe-inspiring. Spanning an area of over 100 feet and weighing as much as 200 tons, the size of these creatures is immense. It is worth noting that despite living underwater, these whales can breathe air. Like humans, these creatures are warm-blooded as well.

The largest whale that scientists ever measured was about 110 feet, but most are between 70 to 90 feet long. A whale can be compared to 26 standard baseball bats lined up end to end or to 15 grown men about six feet tall. In this photo, we can see a diver and the humpback whale that seems to be doing a secret handshake underwater. Whoever took this photo should be given credit for capturing this moment.