25 Dad Fails and Reasons Why They Should Not Be Left Alone To Take Care of Children

Daddies are not known to be very good at taking care of kids, at least not the traditional way. This does not mean that they do not love their offspring as many of them are providers and would give anything for their sons and daughters, including expensive food, insurance, money and all the love they could give them. There are moments, however, that taking care of kids at home can get in the way of their life, so they get a little bit…creative.

Gaming Is the Life

We all know that men are primed to play games for life. No matter how old they are, no matter their status in life, gaming is their life. Even when they become a father, they will find a way to integrate gaming into their parenting duties.

In this photo, we can see how the dad is still managing to feed his baby while still holding on to a controller. This is perhaps the very definition of multi-tasking. Let us just hope the kid does not burp all that milk into the controller.