Is It A Small World, After All? Mind-blowing Facts About The World

Way before any investments were made in things like submarines and cars, people already looked for ways to learn about the things around them. Thanks to that undying curiosity, we now have access to plenty of conveniences. For this article, though, we’ll be focusing on one particular item we almost always need when we go traveling.

Looking At Our Handy-dandy Map

For starters, the oldest map in the world is found in Sippar, Iraq, and is called Imago Mundi. According to Geography Realm, this was presumably used in the 5th Century BCE. Unlike the contemporary maps that many know today, where they are printed on paper and other canvas, this one is formed in a clay tablet. This ancient map shows the Babylonian perspective of our planet and the heavens through their own eyes, placing the Biblical city in the center of the map.

Babylonia was given credit for being the center of the known world then, so it was only natural that they put their geographical location at the center. This particular tablet was excavated at Sippar, which is about 60 kilometers north of historical Babylon. The British Museum acquired it in 1882. Efforts were then made to translate the text the following year. Cuneiform scripts were used inside the circular map. Note that even in olden times, they used maps that were circular, a manifestation of the spherical shape of the Earth, which mankind will discover later on.

The United States And India

It goes without saying that a population of roughly 329.5 million is already a lot of people for a country. Well, that’s America’s 2020 population count. Even so, India takes credit for being one of the most populated countries in the world, accumulating as much as 1.38 billion. Quite impressive for an island bigger than the United States, don’t you think? The US is bigger than India as per sources.

When it comes to geographical territory, the US is reportedly three times bigger, with 9,833,517 sq. km. of land, in comparison to the Asian country with 3,287,263 sq. km. Despite the massive difference, these two powerful countries are similar in the distribution of land, both have states. The US has 50 states with Alaska being the biggest. Meanwhile, India has 29 states and Rajasthan is the largest in terms of land area.

Most Populated Areas In The US

According to the World Population Review, the state of California is the most populated state in the US, besting 49 other states. It has more than 39.6 million residents, a nearly 10 million gap from the second leader, Texas, with 29.7 million. In comparison, this popular state on the West Coast has more people than other huge countries like Australia, Canada, and Malaysia. When it comes to least populated states, leading is the state of Wyoming with only 581,075 residents. Imagine the electricity generated to power the homes of such a big population.

Why are the outer states populated, while the more inner states are barely occupied? It is because the world’s largest civilizations have always started close to a water body. In America’s case, it is the oceans at the coasts. In the case of Egypt, it is the river. The same goes for China. Water is critical to making a civilization prosper.

Australia Or The United States?

However, when it comes to population, the USA has a huge lead by a great degree compared to the land down under. Worldometers revealed that Australia ranks 55th among the most populated countries with nearly 25.5 million people. America, on the other hand, ranks third with more than 331 million. Meanwhile, if we’re talking about biodiversity, Australia is undoubtedly leading. Not to mention its kangaroos, snakes, and gigantic spiders. Mongabay ranks it 7th while the other is 10th.

Interestingly, data from 2016 indicate that in Australia, there are more animals than humans. Specifically, the number of kangaroos is estimated to be at 45 million, double the population of the country. As such, Australians are encouraged to eat more kangaroos than any type of meat to help control the population of these hopping animals.

Italy And Florida

Just in case you are torn about which of these two places you want to visit first, make the investments to get to know each place first. Florida is known for its amusement parks, including Walt Disney World and Aquatarium. Swimming and other water activities are also well-loved here. Meanwhile, Italy is popular for its food, especially cheese, historical places, amazing architecture, and of course, delicious pizza.

They greatly differ on what historical and cultural aspects they could offer, but for the romantic type, Italy would be a good choice. Those who have an appreciation of religious history can also benefit from visiting Italy, which has so far produced so many Catholic Popes. Meanwhile, those who want beaches can visit Florida.

The Vastness Of Africa

The US is a very popular country, probably the most popular in the world. Many, on the other hand, do not know much about this continent. According to Indo-African, Africa comprises 54 independent nations and 10 non-sovereign territories. Among them, Algeria takes the crown for being the largest in the territory, while the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan take the succeeding spots. When it comes to the total population of the continent, World Population Review indicated that it has over 1.4 billion people.

Those unaware of geography would mistake Africa to be one country, but in fact, it is one continent, the cradle of civilization at that. Despite it being the second largest continent in the world, it has a very short coastline. Meanwhile, Islam receives credit for being the dominant religion in the area.

South America And Greenland

For starters, Greenland is an island on the continent of Europe. It is one of the countries with the least population, with less than 60,000 inhabitants despite its land area. The country’s national language is Greenlandic or locally known as Kalaallisut. However, they can also speak Danish and English. Technically, Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark but is autonomous and has its own government. In addition, World Atlas revealed that the icy country’s currency is Danish Krone.

Both the US and Greenland experience winter, but for the latter, it is much more. The name Greenland can be misleading as it evokes the presence of trees and forests, but in reality, a good percentage of the land area is really just covered in ice for the most part of the year with the temperature averaging -19 degrees Fahrenheit.

What If Montana Was In Mongolia?

The name Montana is derived from the Spanish word montaña, which means mountain. When it comes to land area, this state is so wide that six other states can fit inside it, including New York and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, its population is nearly 1.1 million. Meanwhile, if one is to visit Montana, some of the recommended places by Trips Discover are Glacier National Park, Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, Whitehall, and Big Sky.

Mongolia, on the other hand, is the world’s least populated country. As such, they do not consume as much gas or emit as much carbon dioxide. Its capital, Ulaanbaatar, literally means ‘red hero” which is a tribute to Damdiny Sühbaatar, a revolutionary leader. Mongolia was declared a republic in 1924.

Italy And California

Despite being smaller than the popular state in America, Italy actually has more residents than California. According to Worldometer, the European country has more than 60 million residents while the other has more than 39.7 million. If there is a small degree of similarity between these two is that they are well-loved by celebrities to live in. In the West Coast state, Katy Perry, Oprah, and Ellen DeGeneres are some of the known residents, while Italy caters to the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Donatella Versace.

Another interesting fact about Italy is that it contains an enclave, another sovereign state within its borders. The Vatican City, led by the Catholic Pontiff is the head of state of that small state. Also contained in Italy are over 1,500 lakes. Its highest mountain is Mont Blanc, which literally means white mountain.

Nevada And Iran

In case someone forgot, Iran is also known as Persia, while its official name is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The capital city of the Western country in Asia is Tehran and its official currency is Rial (IRR). If one is hesitant to visit this country, Travel Safe – Abroad claimed that the country is safe for travelers but recommended for them to be mindful all the time. Persepolis and Valley of the Stars are the two most Instagrammable places to put on one’s bucket list.

One misconception about Iran is that they are Arabs, but they are actually Persians. Many people have sworn that Persian food is actually delicious. Some might pass gas after such a gastronomic delight, but is the experience of eating Persian food is very memorable.

If New Zealand Took A Trip To The United States

Residents of the US who want to travel to this small country near Australia, brace themselves for more than 13 hours of travel. Upon setting foot, consider visiting the beautiful places there, including the Bay of Islands, Tongariro National Park, and the Coromandel Peninsula. Just so you know, New Zealand once hailed the best country in the world by the Telegraph for an impressive four years, and the reasons are completely obvious.

Just like Australia, there are more animals in New Zealand compared to people. Data suggests that there are more cows, usually at a ratio double the human population. Those planning to make investments in New Zealand should also know that the country usually experiences strong earthquakes as it is in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

No Columbus Day Here

Columbus Day is celebrated in the US to celebrate the arrival of the explorer Christopher Columbus. It is celebrated every second Monday of October in the US. In Italy, the country is also celebrating this day, but every first Monday of November. Anyway, Christopher was born sometime in 1451 and set foot in the US, on October 12, 1492. Despite being born in Genoa, Republic of Genoa, his historical expedition was sponsored by Spain.

There is, however, a statue dedicated to Columbus in the city of Genoa, now part of Italy. There are not much of celebrations anymore around the path of the “discovery” as to a certain degree, it is now seen as a day that should not be memoralized, considering that colonization happened after.

The Mongolian Empire

Among the countries that were part of this infamous colonizer were Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, to name a few. In addition, when the topic is Mongolian Empire, one name always pops up, Genghis Khan. He is often referred to as one of the greatest conquerors in the history of the planet. During his reign, his leadership was responsible for wiping out around 40 million people on the planet, about 10% of the existing population.

When Kublai Khan passed on in 1294, however, the empire fragmented and slowly declined. By the 14th century, it was only a remnant of what it was before. While credit still goes to the Khans for leading successful campaigns, Alauddin’s army was the one who successfully thwarted further expansion.

Where’s Ukraine?

Ukraine is located in the Western part of Russia, while Hungary, and Poland are some of its neighboring countries. As of February 2022, Ukraine has a massive population of 43 million, but according to the World Population Review, this number is expected to decline in the coming years. Some of the most famous celebrities who came from this Asian country are actress Mila Kunis and YouTube star Nikocado Avocado.

The country is commonly heard of in the news today because they are defending themselves against a Russian invasion. It appears that the world of diplomatic lawyers and other peaceful channels have not worked so far at preventing the war, but people are hoping that there could be a truce right away.

The World’s Railways

Of course, the convenience brought by this mode of transportation is very significant. They are considered safer, comfortable to ride, and most especially fast. In case one isn’t aware, the Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train with a maximum speed of 267.8 mph (430 km/h). The longest train ride that one can experience is from the Trans–Siberian Railway which can deliver passengers from Moscow to the far East part of Russia, that is 9,259 kilometers train ride.

Trains have now improved so much. For some time they were powered by coal, but now it is either through other fuels or electricity. People also find using trains as rather comforting and more convenient than other land transportation modes, especially in Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us

Stories are categorized into multiple genres, and one popular genre would undoubtedly be the Westerns. From its signature cowboys and boots, another icon in the Western would be its most-referenced quote: “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.” As it turns out, if we put Texas over Africa, then there certainly won’t be enough room.

Texas is one of the most astonishing US states. If one is considering paying a visit, there are plenty of places that should be on the list. First is the capital city of Austin. The second is for the lovers of water sports, South Padre Island as one can enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. Just make sure that once there, be more cautious as you might run into some of the biggest stars who had been given credits in blockbuster movies, including Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock.

Where Are The World’s Flamingos?

One of nature’s eye-catching creatures is the flamingo. While you could spend some credit card points for a ticket to see them at your nearest zoo, there’s no denying that witnessing them out and about in the wild is a whole different experience. If you want to go on a globe-trotting adventure to see as many flamingos as you can, they can be found around these areas.

More information about this creature aside from the fact that they are lovely is that there are only six known species on Earth. Their diet includes shrimp, algae, and crustaceans. The pink, red, or orange hue in their feathers is caused by the carotene in their diet. Yes, that is the same as the compound found in tomatoes and carrots. If a group of fish is called a school, for a flock of flamingos, that is called a flamboyance.

No Metrics Here

Today, there are two well-known measuring systems we could choose from – the metric and the imperial. Suffice to say, the metric is arguably more preferred than the latter since it’s easier to convert its units, like from kilometers to meters. Even so, that hasn’t stopped some countries, marked red, from sticking with the imperial system.

The US probably wants to be different from the rest of the world. For speed reference, most countries use kilometers per hour, while it has been using miles per hour. In weight, instead of kilograms, they use pounds. For temperature, countries like China and Japan are using Celsius, but for the Western country, it uses degrees Fahrenheit. Guess one should study and take note of how to convert a certain unit from another before visiting the US.

Google Street View’s Coverage

At this point, Google has spent significant portions of its investment money creating various things that make life more convenient. On the traveling side of things, one example is the Street View feature on Google Maps. There are still a couple of areas that don’t have Street View, though, as shown on the map.

Street views are extremely important, especially for first-time travelers of a certain location. This will keep them from getting lost. Architectural Digest has compiled a list of streets that one might get lost but still happy because of how stunning they are. The list includes Setenil de las Bodegas, located in Spain and Brooklyn, New York, especially in the Dumbo neighborhood where Manhattan Bridge is a sight to see.

The Super Bowl Champs

Visual aids are needed investment to support whatever information we read online or in books and the newspaper. In some instances, though, they’re not really that needed, but we use them anyway – for emphasis. Here, we have a map showing the countries that have won a Super Bowl championship. Or in this case, country.

For those who lived under a rock, this global event was initially known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game and was first played in 1967. It was later changed to Super Bowl. Meanwhile, marching bands were the first performers of the Halftime show. The first celebrity to perform was Carol Channing in 1970. Nowadays, some of the most notable performances were from Michael Jackson, Prince, and Katy Perry, which is considered the most viewed performance of all time.

In Case You’re Hitting The Road

After a week’s worth of work, the weekend is there for us to do various activities. Besides just staying at home, many of us prefer to get in the car, step on the gas, and head on out for a road trip. Well, if you want to travel around America, here’s a map showing its massive and interconnected highway.

Before hitting the road, here are some record-holders you might be interested in. According to the Guinness World Records, Carl Reese holds the record for the longest motorcycle drive in 24 hours. Running for a massive 3406.17 kilometers. Meanwhile, the longest connecting road in the US is Route 20, which stretches from Boston to Newport, Oregon, with a length of 3,237 miles.

A Springfield Marathon

Speaking of road trips, did you know that there are many cities around the US named Springfield? Well, if you want to put yourself up for a challenge, here’s a good one: try traveling through every Springfield in America. Now, if you’re interested, here’s a map with an efficient route through the Springfields.

Seeing this route, one might think about the duration of a walk from California to New York, coast to coast. According to a source, from the West Coast to the Eastern state, that is about 2,448 miles. A human who travels normally might take 117 days. Meanwhile, for the longest walk ever recorded, Jean Beliveau takes the credit. He walked for 11 years, amassing 75,000 kilometers of travel across 64 countries.

Liveliest Areas In The US

We hear sounds, that’s for sure. It’s a rare occurrence for us to be able to actually see them – or so we thought. This map of America here gives us a look at how loud its areas are, yellow-white being the loudest and blue-dark blue the more quiet places. Unsurprisingly, the more populated regions take recognition for being among the liveliest places.

If one is on the brink of retirement and is tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, there are places in the US where one can consider spending the rest of his life with his loved ones. According to Money Inc, Green Banks, West Virginia is the best choice for those loaded with investment money. This is also where scientists study the vastness of the universe. Some cities that made it to the list are Lincoln, Nebraska, and Boise, Idaho.

States By Population Density

Speaking of populated places, it’s safe to say many of us think America’s population is evenly distributed among its states, right? Well, as it turns out, this is not really true. Thanks to this map, which resized the aforementioned states according to population density, we can see that the more populated regions are close to the east.

We already mentioned that California is the densest state among 50 states in the US. This time, we should also pinpoint the cities across the country with the most people. As of 2021, New York City takes the lead by a wider margin as the densest city in the country with more than 8.6 million residents. Los Angeles, takes the credit for being second with more than 4 million, while Chicago has over 2.6 million people.

Where’s The Internet?

The internet is one of technology’s greatest achievements, without a doubt. Through it, we can do various things, like stream movies and music, study a course via online classes, and even shopping. Of course, while the internet is seen as a wireless innovation, it isn’t without its tangible components. In fact, what keeps it going is a series of underwater cables, as shown on this map.

The Internet can be considered a crucial part of one’s daily life, especially at work. Because of the demand, many countries allot funds to upgrade their connection. When it comes to the counties with the fastest speed, Web FX revealed that Taiwan’s connection reigns supreme among other nations in the world, the average connection speed of 85.02 MB/s despite being a small country in terms of land area.

The Lands And Their Purpose

We’re all aware of the notion that everyone works best as a team, and that no man is an island. Well, such is also the case for a country and its many states. In America, there’s a state for just about everything. From states that specialize in raising livestock to areas solely dedicated to designing golf courses, you name it.

Since cow pasture/range evidently took the majority of the land, let’s put it into figures. According to Statista, there are about 93.8 million cows in the country, as of 2020, usually farmed for their meat and nutritious milk. In addition, an average cow can produce almost 2,500 gallons of milk in a year, which is around 21,000 pounds. Another to put emphasis on is that the US takes credit for producing an incredible 223 million pounds of milk in 2020 alone.

An Increase In Population

Another sentiment we’re all aware of is that the only constant thing in the world is change. Well, through this illustration, we can see the varying degrees of change in the population of America’s states. While some areas barely had an increase, we can also see that some regions had quite a spike in their numbers.

On the contrary, there are cities in the US that have fewer people than a single neighborhood in Los Angeles. Leading the pack is Freeport, Kansas where there are only five inhabitants, as of July 2021. Meanwhile, one of the least dense cities is Akhiok, Alaska where according to the World Population Review, it only has 62 residents. Watch Hill, Rhode Island, on the other hand, only has 141 people.

All Of The Lights

When we think of pollution, we often associate it with smoke or gas pollution. With that said, there are still other types of pollution worth checking, such as light pollution. This map, for instance, presents the amount of light pollution in each of America’s states. Through it, we can see that the highly populated areas have too much artificial light that they end up drowning out the night sky.

There is no harm if one thinks that New York City is the most light-polluted city in the US or the world, it’s not. Even the city of lights, Paris, did not make the top 10, which is somehow good, right. Anyway, Science Info revealed that Saint Petersburg, Russia, has the baton for being the brightest city in the world, while Chicago, Illinois, the top city in the US, is in the top 10 brightest urban areas compared to the global average.

They Have Equal Populations

Organizing things efficiently can be quite an investment in its own right. Perhaps looking at this map can make us feel akin to what we feel after efficiently organizing a cabinet. That’s because the left and rightmost regions combined have the same population as the red-colored areas in the middle of America.

Speaking of population and just in case one isn’t aware, the residents of the US are very diverse. According to the Census, 57.8% of the total population are White alone non-Hispanic, 18.7% are Hispanic or Latino, and 12.1% are African-American. The remaining 11.4% comprises other races and ethnic groups. Because of this, there are a lot of languages that are spoken in the country aside from English: Spanish, Chinese, French, and Tagalog, to name a few.

Know Your Air Zones

Suffice to say, it’s pretty easy to know when you’ve reached the end of a state and the beginning of another. However, if you base territories on their respective air zones, things can get tricky. For one, we don’t see any floating sign in the sky saying you’ve reached the end of Seattle and are now approaching Salt Lake.

Just by looking at the picture, the widest range of air zones go to Salt Lake or Minneapolis, both of which occupy some parts of two states North Dakota and South Dakota. Anyway, Salt Lake is a city in the state of Utah, while Minneapolis has the credit for being the biggest city in the state of Minnesota. In comparison to the two cities’ population, the former has more than 200,000 residents, while the latter has double that amount over 439,000.

The Tiny Giant

If you were to name some parts of America, it’s safe to say Los Angeles will find its way onto the list sooner rather than later. Along with being one of the more popular areas in the country, LA is also noted for being quite a populated county. In fact, combining the population of all these blue-colored states is still less than Los Angeles’ census.

It is not a secret that Los Angeles is home to many Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie and the Kardashians who made investments in a home there. If we compare its people, as a county to a state, it is significantly denser. Among the states shaded in blue are Montana, with 1.085 million people living in it, North and South Dakota, with 770,000 and 896,000, respectively, and Alaska with 724,000 people.

The $100 Billion Counties

A few pages back, we showcased the speciality of each of America’s states. This time, this particular map will highlight the counties that have a gross domestic product of at least $100 billion. This fact is made all the more impressive once we consider the fairly small portions of the country they occupy.

As of 2020, the total GDP or gross domestic product of the United States is $20.94 trillion. A huge chunk of this comes from New York City with $1.8 trillion in GDP. It is also given credit as the richest city in the world. Next to it is the city of Los Angeles with $1 trillion, which is equivalent to Indonesia’s whole economy. Meanwhile, Chicago comes third with an impressive $689 billion.

Off The Rails

Throughout its earlier years, the United States of America had spent plenty of investment money creating railways. While some are still operational today, many tracks have since stopped operations. With that said, here’s a look at all the defunct and abandoned railways scattered around the country. Perhaps some of them have transformed into tourist attractions – who knows?

One of the obvious reasons why these railways were abandoned was because of the improvements made to the country’s mode of transport through the years. Whether it’s land, water, or air, everything has been improving. Currently, there are eight major railways that are still operating in the United States: Kansas City Southern Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, Norfolk Southern Railway, Amtrak, BNSF Railway, CSX Transportation, Canadian National Railway, and Union Pacific Railroad.

America’s Favorite Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are arguably one of the most popular places besides malls and restaurants. Some of us go there to buy our cup of coffee before going to work, while others drop by to study and have a snack before heading home. While there are many establishments around America, it sure looks like the crowd favorite are Starbucks, followed by Dunkin’ Donuts.

That is indeed a lot of greens. Well, Starbucks is not just a local brand but is also serving globally, with many investments in various countries. According to Business Insider, this popular food chain has more than 30,000 branches worldwide and more than 15,000 are located in the United States. Dunkin’, on the other hand, has 9,384 locations across the country, as of February 2022, and 15% or 1,428 of those are situated in New York.

Who Uses “Dang” Often?

It’s safe to say we all have some phrases we use to express particular emotions, like surprise and frustration. Well, let’s take a look at which gosh dang American state uses the word “dang” the most. By the looks of it, the credit goes to most of the country’s southeast regions – most of the other states barely even have the word in their vocabulary.

Technically, “dang” is an interjection, which is one of the parts of speech. They are usually accompanied by an exclamation point and are used to express strong emotion, including excitement, surprise, and even pain. Actually, there are hundreds of known expressions being used in the US alone, such as “Aha!”, “Duh!”, “Gosh!” and “Ow!”, to name a few. Dang! That’s a lot of expressions and Will Smith might have used all of them.

America’s Top States

It always helps to have a sense of humor. For one, it’s an effective way to lighten up the mood. With that said, all these facts coming one after the other can be tiring, so here’s something humorous – sort of. Here’s a map that shows America’s top states, literally.

Some of the states shaded in light blue are Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota, all of which are connected to Canada. Not sure which one is the best location for a real estate investment, but if we’re to trace down the states at the bottom part of the map, there is where one would find the states of Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, all of which are connected to the country of Mexico. Despite being connected by land, there are still restrictions when crossing borders.

Going Green

There were numerous organizations through the years that have made investments in a more eco-friendly Earth. Of course, this means planting more trees to have a better, cleaner environment. While the commitment to that mission is apparent, there’s still quite a lot of area to cover: just look at this map showing the tree coverage around America.

Because of the situation of the planet today, many countries are looking for alternative sources of energy, especially those that are eco-friendly and have fewer carbon emissions. Some of the best-known energy sources are solar energy, hydroelectric energy, and wind energy, to name a few. According to Science Daily, if governments will not work together to fight climate change by 2035, then human life is in jeopardy.

Abstract Art

While many beloved artworks delve into the photorealistic side of things, there’s no denying that abstract art also has its charms. Now then, let me follow up that sentiment with a question. Would you believe me if I said this isn’t a piece of abstract art, but an illustrated presentation based on shipping logs back in 1945?

This artwork is indeed a masterpiece and with its degree of perfection, it deserves to be in museums like the Louvre or Vatican Museum. This might cost a lot of money but there are more artworks that are significantly more expensive than this. Leading the list is the world-renowned Leonardo Da Vinci painting Mona Lisa whose price tag can be as high as $700 million. Runner-ups include Willem de Kooning’s Interchange and Paul Gauguin’s Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?) both with a hefty $300 million price.

How To Find Kentucky

Speaking of art, there’s no doubt that having some form of creativity can be quite an asset. For one, it can help us understand things in various ways. For instance, here’s a rather unconventional way to find Kentucky. Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana form the chef, while Tennessee is the frying pan and Kentucky is, of course, the fried chicken.

Speaking of Kentucky Fried Chicken, it was founded by Harland Sanders aka Colonel Sanders. Its first branch was built in Salt Lake City in the state of Utah. Just like Coca-Cola the recipe for the famous fried chicken is unknown to the public, with lawyers keeping it a trade secret. While most people eat it regularly, without anything to celebrate, in Japan, they traditionally eat this food every Christmas. Japanese order weeks in advance as the demand is incredibly high.

You’ve Reached The End