40 Things That Are Way Bigger Than We Think

“One size fits all” is an anecdote that we have heard about the majority of mundane stuff: watches, shirts, pants, necklaces, and even helmets — an important investment when one wants to go biking. However, this concept is starting to lose its allure. On the other end of the spectrum, size does perhaps matter, especially when it comes to nature.

King of the deep

Whales are a migratory species whose sheer size can be awe-inspiring. Spanning an area of over 100 feet and weighing as much as 200 tons, the size of these creatures is immense. It is worth noting that despite living underwater, these whales can breathe air. Like humans, these creatures are warm-blooded as well.

The largest whale that scientists ever measured was about 110 feet, but most are between 70 to 90 feet long. A whale can be compared to 26 standard baseball bats lined up end to end or to 15 grown men about six feet tall. In this photo, we can see a diver and the humpback whale that seems to be doing a secret handshake underwater. Whoever took this photo should be given credit for capturing this moment.

The Human Mountain

Standing 6 foot 9 and weighing more than 400 pounds, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has been hailed as ‘The Mountain’ for his staggering size. The Icelandic actor received his earliest credits as Gregor in HBO’s Game of Thrones. He is also the first person to win the Arnold Strongman Classic, Europe’s Strongest Man, and World’s Strongest Man in a single year.

Hafþór’s strongman career started back in 2008. Since then, he has already joined several strongman contests. We hope that he also made an investment in his insurance. In 2010, he won in various contests, including Strongest Man in Iceland. He started joining the World’s Strongest Man in 2011, finishing sixth, while in 2012, 2013, and 2015, he placed third. He came runner-up in 2014, 2016, and 2017. Finally, in 2018, he won the World’s Strongest Man title.

Bizarre Bats

Noted for its extremely long wingspan that — wait for it — measures more than 5 feet, the golden-crowned flying fox is among the largest flying creatures in the world. And it is an amazing creature. The bat can be found in the Philippines and it is known to live on a diet of fruits.

While this bat has a large wingspan, it is really physically small. Its body measures between seven and 11.4 inches long, about a size of a ruler. Being a frugivorous species that eat plants as well as fruits, this plant should be given credit for its contribution to the reseeding of forests by spreading seeds throughout. And yes, this bat is considered the largest bat that exists in the world.

Cutie Crabbies

Ghost crabs are named as such for good reason. If you’ve already seen one then you know what I mean. Indeed, these magnificent crustaceans are resilient even outside of the water and are among the few marine species that stroll around the beach, particularly at night. Their color is an effective defense mechanism to a certain degree.

These crabs are relatively small and almost translucent with a certain degree of pink and yellow spots, so it is easy for them to camouflage against the sand. You can only catch a quick glimpse of these crabs since they are fast-moving as they run across the sand, then immediately disappear into a burrow. If you are lucky to see one up close, you will notice their eyes are on the end of long stalks.

Size is Everything

A fascinating thing about the largest creature on Earth, the Blue Whale, is that its heart is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. Weighing over 200 tons (or approximately 33 elephants), you would not want to sail your ship and fish beside this magnificent creature. It’s not known to eat humans, but still.

They are not only the biggest creature on earth, but they also have the biggest babies. They rank among the largest full-grown animals at birth. With a weight of about 8,800 pounds and a length of around 26 feet at birth, these creatures are really huge to a certain degree. Not to mention that they have the ability to gain 200 pounds in just a day. Wow! Their growth rate is also considered one of the fastest in the animal world.

Creepy Crawlies

While nature is a refuge for the most beautiful animals, some creatures are just weird to look at, especially if they are bigger than usual. One such example is the giant caterpillar, who is ubiquitous during the summer season. For people with a degree in biology, these creatures might just seem cute.

Aside from being large, these giant caterpillars are also unusually shaped and colorful. They feed on leaves of various shrubs, trees, and other plants. Still, they will usually cause little or no further damage to plants even after eating. Hence, controls are generally not needed. Most of the giant caterpillars can be seen wandering across driveways, lawns, and sidewalks. We wonder how will these giant caterpillars look on colorful floorings.

Small but Powerful

In the age of the digital era, smaller computers mean better! From the bulky desktop to the smartphone, having an investment in gadgets is important in the present era. The smallest computer ever invented is tinier than a single grain of rice. Of course, it’s not like it was designed for remote work.

As time goes on and technology continues to advance, things keep getting smaller and smaller, which is particularly true with computers. Interestingly, the University of Michigan’s researchers created a computer that is only 0.3 mm long, which has been considered the world’s smallest computer. However, the ‘microdevice’ loses all the data once it is turned off. It is also too small to be able to receive data from a radio antenna. Is this device worth more investments?

Berries for Lunch!

It’s quite entertaining to watch babies and small creatures. They are so cute, after all. Some TikTok videos have even capitalized on videos of cute babies munching on food. However, baby turtles attempting to devour berries as big as their own bodies is just as cute and entertaining.

What your pet turtle will eat depends on what kind of turtle you have. A turtle can eat feeder fish and insects, fruits and vegetables, and commercial pelleted food. Also, what turtles can eat largely depends on their age and nutritional needs. This photo shows that the baby turtle looked excited for the berry. Though younger turtles need to eat more pellets and feeder fish, let us still give credit to whoever captured this lovely moment.

An Overweight Bugs Bunny

Apart from being quiet, cute, and charming, rabbits, when fed without limits, can grow abnormally bigger. One rabbit reportedly even weighs over 7 kilograms and has grown to be 4-feet long. With a rabbit this cute and fluffy, one would not need to have an investment in dogs.

Darius, owned by the model Annette Edwards, is known to be the world’s biggest rabbit. The bunny is from Worcester, England, and is the fourth world-record rabbit. His length from his nose to his tail is four feet and three inches, and with a weight of 50 pounds. Rabbits are also known to be like dogs. Surely, with pets as cute as they are, we will not regret spending our investment money with them.

Giant Crustaceans

Also known as the coconut crab, the robber crab is way too big to be called a crab. Measuring almost a meter long and weighing about 4 kilograms, this crab can be really scary if it decides to chase you. These crabs are scavengers who feed on fruits.

The coconut crab is the biggest land crab on earth. Weighing up to 9 pounds, having a length of three feet, and carrying more than six times its body weight, this crab is indeed intimidating. Though they are not known to hurt people, we still need to be careful because they steal everything they possibly can. So, make sure to take extra care of our investments such as cameras, camping gear, and shoes whenever they are around.

Feeding with the Turtles

The leatherback turtle, whose size can be extremely intimidating, is actually a peaceful creature that isn’t a threat to humans. Named after their shells that have this leather-like texture, these creatures travel long distances in order to feed. Indeed, you won’t believe how far they’ll swim just to eat. Their degree of distribution is wide.

Leatherback turtles are the largest among the sea turtle species and the most migratory. Their size ranges from four to six feet long, and their weight of 660 to 1,100 pounds. The largest recorded of this species measures ten feet long and weighs 2,019 pounds. They are widely distributed worldwide to a certain degree since they can swim a thousand miles. While their distribution is wide, there has been a significant decrease in their numbers through the years.

One Invulnerable Predator

Growing over 29 feet in length and weighing over 500 pounds, the anacondas in South America are among the most stealthy predators. Most of them live in swamps and slow-moving water, but it is not impossible to find them on land. One such snake was found perched on heavy equipment.

The green anaconda, also known as giant anaconda, is known to be the heaviest and one of the longest snakes in the world. With lengths reaching up to 17.1 feet and weight ranging from 66 to 154 pounds, this snake is really large in size. Its head is narrow compared to its body, and its eyes are set high on its head to a certain degree. This enables the snake to swim and see out of the water while hiding its body.

On top of the World

This valley isn’t just something that is pleasant to look at, beyond being beautiful, it is a shrine where insights can be unlocked. Yosemite National Park is known for sprawling granites atop 1,200 square miles of nature. An adventure in the valley would be quite an investment.

The park is located in central California and has a total area of 747,956 acres. It is best known for its waterfall, which is the largest in North America. Established back in 1890, we can find grand meadows, deep valleys, a vast wilderness area, and much more in this park. It also offers a wide range of activities and sightseeing destinations. Availing a personal loan to see the beauty of this park won’t be a bad idea after all.

Mundane Beach Days

Beaches all over the world are visited for their pristine sand and gleaming corals. However, this one is quite a misnomer. Somewhere over the shore, a huge 200 ft long cedar lay floating after a storm passed over La Push, Washington. They are known to have floated from Canada.

In this photo, we can see the photographer Philip Lacham standing alongside the giant western red cellar at the beach of La Push. From the picture, it is evident that the tree is really huge in size. We should give credit to his skills in photography. We are given the idea of how big this tree is. Indeed, this wood is not something that we can throw along the beach.

Half Lion Half Dog

It’s tempting to call this creature a lion but this fluffy animal is actually a dog. Known as the Tibetan Mastiff, this hound is known for its big structure and thick fur that gives off the illusion of being a lion. They might look hostile but they are actually among the best investments.

Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This dog is among the guardian breed, which means they love to protect. With its big body, it looks intimidating and projects a watchdog appearance. It will show up its tough side whenever there are strangers around. It can be a good idea to get pet insurance so we can also protect our pets the way they do to us.

Caution: Hippo

While they seemingly look cute and fluffy, Hippopotamuses are among the largest mammals and the most dangerous in Africa. From afar, they seem to be cuddly. However, is it known that these creatures have the ability to cut flesh into pieces with their sharp teeth and powerful teeth.

Also known as water horse or hippo, the hippopotamus is the second-largest land animal, next to the elephant. Male hippos are usually 11.5 feet long, five feet tall, and weighs about 3,200 kilograms. Hippos adapt well to aquatic life, and their bodies are so dense that it enables them to walk underwater, where they can hold their breath for a certain degree of time. The eyes, ears, and nostrils are located high on the head so they can keep the rest of the body submerged.

Welcome to the Multiverse

There had been clamor within the scientific community about the existence of parallel universes, but this isn’t proven yet. It can be fascinating to think that perhaps, in a different universe, we humans are stuck in cages while animals peer at us and give us treats.

Have you heard about the multiverse? This is said to be a hypothetical collection of multiple universes. These universes consist of everything that exists, including the entire time, space, energy, matter, and information. The different universes within this multiverse are known as “parallel universes” or “alternate universes.” Credit to the one who captured this photo. We had a glimpse of what this parallel universe might look like.

Eagle Talons

The eagle is worshiped by many cultures of the past because of its immense grace and its handsome posture. They are some of the largest flying predators in the world. Aside from their degree of beauty, the eagles’ talons are worth noting. These sharp appendages are used to capture their prey.

Eagle talons should be given credit as they made hunting a lot easier for the eagles. Eagles use these sharp and long nails to get hold of the slippery meals they caught while hunting. They also help them eat faster by easily tearing the meat. Moreover, they use these talons as weapons from any potential threats. These are also used as a symbol of power and primal tenacity.

The Human Tower

With a height of 7 feet and 6 inches, it’s impossible not to notice basketball player Manute Bol, who was once a part of the NBA—and the tallest. Because of his towering height, Bol has gone on to become the best blocker in the history of the sport.

Manute Bol is said to be one of the most unique NBA players in history. Aside from being the tallest, he didn’t offer much in terms of offensive end. He survived 12 seasons in the league despite scoring less than three points per game, which made him special. There is only one thing that should be given credit for his long and successful career in the NBA – he blocked everything.

Bus vs. Haul Truck

While buses can carry a significant amount of passengers, there’s even something bigger than the average truck: the haul truck. These beasts are used in mining and in heavy-degree construction projects. It is so big that a school bus is just half as big as one of its wheels.

A single tire of a haul truck measures 13.2 feet tall, while a standard school bus has a height of 10.6 feet. This truck can really be considered as a giant, which is understandable due to the degree of work it is being used on. Can you imagine standing beside this humongous object? We bet the first thing you will feel is fear rather than amazement at its gigantic size.

Snack Time

If we make a list of what wild boars do not eat instead of what they eat, we will probably save a lot of time. Their diet consists mainly of plants and animals, but their diet is weird to a degree: they eat reptiles, birds, insects, and worms among other things!

The wild boar, also known as a wild pig, is the largest among the wild pigs and is native to forests of different countries. It stands up to 35 inches tall at the shoulder and usually lives in groups except for old males who are solitary. They are good swimmers, swift, nocturnal, omnivorous, and they possess sharp tusks. Although they are unaggressive, they can also be dangerous to a certain degree.

Happy Wombat, Happy Owner

While appearing odd, the wombat is actually a cousin of the kangaroo, and we cannot deny that they look pretty cute. They are mostly found in Australia’s roaming rainforests and mountainous areas. However, it is not impossible to find a cute wombat being hugged by an ecstatic owner.

Wombats measure about 28 to 47 inches long and weigh somewhere between 32 to 80 pounds. They are a large, short-legged, stocky mammal and marsupial (pouched animal) that can be found in Australia and on nearby islands. They use their strong claws to create burrows where they live, and the degree of damage they cause to the field and pasture can be a nuisance to farmers, so they are often being hunted.

Biggest of the Biggest

On the list of huge things in the world, the whale’s heart is the most notable. At over 400 pounds, the whale’s heart is just a percent of its total body weight. An amazing fact about the mammal’s cardiovascular system is that its heartbeat can be detected from 2 miles away.

Besides being the largest heart on the planet, there is still some degree of facts about the blue whale’s heart. Its aorta is said to measure over nine inches, just like the size of a dinner plate. It also has the size of a small golf cart, and its heartbeat tends to slow down when diving to over 1,000 feet. Though as huge as it may seem, the blue whale’s heart is only 1% of its whole-body weight.

Legacy in a Statue

David, a sculpture by Michelangelo, has been in existence since the 1500s. That’s a long time for a statue to still be around. Standing at over 5 meters, it represents David from the Old Testament of the Bible. It symbolizes freedom to a certain degree. The statue currently stands at the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Would you believe that Michelangelo was only 26 years old when he started working on David back in 1501? Despite being young, he was already the best-paid and most famous artist of his generation. He worked on the more refined finishing. Credit to its imposing perfection, David’s biblical figure became the symbol of liberty and freedom, showing that Florence is already ready to defend itself. The statue remained in front of Palazzo dela Signoria until it was moved into Galleria dell’Accademia in 1873.

Beautiful Nature

The gigantic redwood trees are undeniably the forests’ skyscrapers. They are unbelievably wide and tall. Reaching heights of over a hundred meters, these towering trees can survive over 2000 years. Apart from their immensity, it is known that these huge trees play a role in stopping climate change.

Sadly, this giant tree was enlisted as one of the endangered species back in 2011. During the Castle Fire of 2020 and Windy Fire and KNP Complex in 2021, it was estimated that an additional 13-19% of its population was destroyed. Despite their large size and ability to adapt to fire, these trees have become severely threatened by a combination of gas load from fire suppression that accelerates the destructive fires.

Big Strides, Big Lungs

Because of their endurance level, horses are known to be able to sustain long periods of effort without getting any rest. This really amazing ability is made possible with their humongous lungs which measure over a meter. Big lungs mean more surface area for oxygen absorption.

Both humans’ and horses’ lungs have a long list of similar characteristics. However, their capacities are pretty distinct to a certain degree. Humans at rest can inhale roughly 0.5 liters of air with each normal breath, while a horse at rest can draw in approximately 5 liters of air with each tidal breath. Impossible? No. Horses were built to do heavy work, so their lungs need to endure more stress than ours.

We are the Lucky Ones

The dinosaur pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus is postulated by scientists to be the largest animal to have roamed the skies. However, this was true about 60 million years ago when the world was uninhabited by humans. These prehistoric creatures can be scary. If they were still around, we’d be their food.

Quetzalcoatlus is as tall as a giraffe and was the largest and most famous among all the flying creatures that existed between 144 and 66 million years ago. They have long and pointed skulls, very long necks, a short pair of wings, small torsos, and long legs. These giant creatures are said to be predatory, and we can’t imagine the degree of fear we will feel if we see them flying in the sky nowadays.

Wonders of the Wild

Moose are interesting creatures. As the biggest members of the deer species, these beasts can be recognized to a certain degree by their long and thick antlers that can span to about 6 feet. They are amazingly tall and they inhabit taller grasses because crouching can be tiring for them.

Moose height at shoulder ranges between five to 6.5 feet, while its average weight is 1,800 pounds. Male moose, called bulls, can easily be recognized due to their huge antlers, which can spread to a certain degree. It is also known to have long faces and muzzles that hang over its chin. Moose are agile on land and can run up to 35 miles per hour and steadily at 20 miles per hour.

Stop this Ship

On a busy day at the port, it’s not an unusual scene seeing two men mooring an anchor as huge as two cars. Weighing more than 30 tons, the anchor is instrumental in stopping ships from being carried away by huge currents especially when winds tend to get stronger.

Whether they are just the typical rowboat or powered by gas, anchors play an important role on each vessel since they are the ones that hold the boat in a particular place. As the ships became larger, anchors also evolved to be more effective in holding them. From ancient anchors consisting of large stones, sacks filled with sands, or logs of woods full of lead, various materials were used to make them more durable.

Pale Blue Dot

Against the vast backdrop of the universe (and probably the universes that we know nothing about), our Earth takes credit for being surprisingly small. With over 148.9 million km² of land that makes up the earth, some planets can fit hundreds and thousands of our relatively small planet.

Earth is the third planet from the sun and the fifth largest planet in the solar system next to the gas giants Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. It is the largest among the terrestrial planets, bigger than Venus, Mercury, and Mars. The equatorial circumference of Earth is 40,075 km, and even though it is bigger than other rocky planets, would you believe that more than 1,300 Earths could actually fit inside Jupiter?

One Ring to Rule Them All

While this ring can fit over four wrists, it is worth noting that this was just used as a prop from the hit trilogy, Lord of the Rings. The movie is inspired by a novel written in 1937 by author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Also known as the Ruling Ring, this ring should be given credit for the success and popularity of the movie, The Lord of the Rings. It first appeared in The Hobbit as a magical ring that can allow the wearer invisibility. While it seemed to be simply made of gold, this ring is entirely resistant to damage. It can change its size, as well as its weight. It can also grow bigger if it wants to escape from its wearer.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Usain Bolt

Holding the title for the fastest 100-meter, 200-meters dashes, along with the fastest time for the 4×100 meter relay, Usain Bolt takes credit for being the fastest sprinter of all time. The photo, which was shot using high shutter speed, gives you a preview of how fast the Jamaican is.

On August 21, 1986, Usain Bolt was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and he is known to be the greatest sprinter of all time. It is said that tall sprinters have significant disadvantage to a certain degree, but he proved it wrong. Standing six feet and five inches, he defied all those conventional wisdom by winning consistently in every contest he joined. Bolt retired back in 2017 after the world championships, where he injured a hamstring during the final.

The Ocean and Its Mysteries

Named the lion’s mane jellyfish because of its appearance, this giant jellyfish is the largest and most intricate species of jellyfish. These fascinating creatures can grow up to a hundred feet. Despite having long tentacles, these jellyfish aren’t a threat to humans.

This giant jellyfish can grow an average length of 1.5 feet but can reach 6.5 feet long. The largest giant lion’s mane jellyfish that was recorded was 120 feet long and it has 1,200 tentacles that are divided into eight clusters and are being used in hunting and creating traps for their prey. Moreso, this jellyfish produces a powerful sting that can give pain to humans to a certain degree.

Stop and Stare

Traffic lights have always taken credit for making commuters stop and wait but most of us probably haven’t seen one up close. Aside from radiating red, green, and orange lights, a notable thing about this machine is its size! Big ones are as big as a grown child.

The first-ever traffic light in the world was a manually operated gas-lit signal that was installed in London sometime back in December 1868. It exploded a month after its installation, leaving the policeman operator injured. Since then, traffic lights have continued to evolve. To date, traffic lights exist in two sizes: eight-inch pattern and 12-inch pattern. Though it looks like tiny devices, they were usually hung 18 feet above the ground, so when you see them up close, they are really quite huge.

Just. Keep. Walking

Known as the Giant African Land Snail, this bizarrely big snail is ironically considered a source of pest invasion around the world. These snails, while seemingly slow, are total opposites when it comes to devouring plants. However, some of these snails have been taken up as pets.

The adult giant snail is around 2.8 inches in diameter and 7.9 inches long, making it one of the largest land snails. It feeds on a wide range of fruit, plants, vegetables, cardboards, and papers. It also eats small stones, sands, and even concretes. While this giant snail is a highly invasive agricultural pest, it also poses a certain degree of risk to human health, as well as to animals.

Does Size Really Matter?

In the world of baseball, height does not really matter as much as it does in basketball. That’s just because of how these games are played. If your height isn’t something worth showing off, then baseball might just be the sport for you, provided that you take the time to practice.

Baseball is a game played with gloves, a ball, and a bat between two teams consisting of nine players each. The two teams do alternate positions as fielders (defense) and batters (offense), then exchange places when three on the batting team are “put out.” Though floorings of baseball fields are often rough, players no longer think of falling as their main goal is to reach the base and score.

Egyptian Pyramids: A Wonder

Since the dawn of Science and Technology, a lot of changes have occurred. However, with the present knowledge that we hold, the pyramids of Egypt still take credit for being mysterious.
How were they really built? Some fanatics might even say that aliens built them.

Pyramids are known to be one of the most beautiful man-made structures in history. They were built during the time when Egypt was still one of the most influential and wealthiest civilizations around the world. Another interesting fact about pyramids is that their smooth sides symbolize the rays of the sun. Those who created these fantastic things should be given credit as they really became a big part of the world’s history.

American Supremacy

If at one point in your life an American has told you that their country is relatively big, then maybe it’s time to message that person and send them this image. It is obvious that Africa is large and can fit over four Americas in it. Case closed.

Africa is said to be the second-largest and second-most-populous continent, next to Asia. The continent has a total land area of about 30.37 million sq. km, which is actually enough to fit in China, Japan, India, Mexico, the U.S., and many European nations combined. Many people tend to have misconceptions about the true size of Africa, but once they learn the degree of its coverage on Earth, they will surely be amazed.

The Little Foot Era

An interesting thing that paleontologists do is unveil dinosaur bones. That’s right. In one discovery, scientists have dug up a huge herbivore, which weighed approximately 70 tons and stood over 130 feet. If these dinosaurs were still alive today, we’d find ourselves at the bottom of the food chain.

The biggest dinosaur is said to be the size of a six-story high school and half a football field long. On the other hand, the smallest was like the size of a little robin. Can you imagine bumping into a dinosaur one of these days? The museums displaying these dinosaur bones should be given credit since they allow us to see the things we could not see in the past and have an idea of how big they really were.

Same but Different

A photo of a stack of 10,000 dollars in 1 dollar bills against a stack of 10,000 dollars in 100 dollar bills can surely cause a degree of commotion. While the former looks a hundred times bulky, the stack of hundreds looks quite diminutive despite the two stacks having the same value.

This photo can be so tricky for many people. When handling a large amount of money, one should be careful, especially when we are dealing with someone using our investment money. Being observant can help us avoid conflicts and future problems. Though sometimes, having plenty of money bills inside our pocket can be pleasant to the eyes, it can also be space-consuming and quite hard to carry.

You’ve Reached The End