Unusually Hilarious Lost & Found Signs

Losing something you truly value is rarely fun. It feels even worse when you lose a beloved pet. By then, you’ll need to create a “Have You Seen Me” or a “Lost Dog” sign and tape them onto different posts throughout the entire neighborhood. Losing something happens way more often than you think, and we’ve probably seen a good number of these lost and found signs.

It’s interesting to learn that some people get excited and happy to a certain degree when they lose things. It’s certainly unusual to see someone filled with joy whenever he/she loses something she values. You could say that they never truly valued that something in the first place. Here are some of the unusually hilarious lost and found we’ve seen so far:

Finder’s Keepers

One can argue that the original owner of this adorable pooch must’ve felt horrible. The dog they lost seems to be happy to be away from his original owner’s arms and is now friends with a new owner. Interestingly enough, the two must’ve bonded as it looks like this new owner will be letting the dog go anytime soon.

On the bright side, the original owner could be relieved to see their precious dog still alive. At least someone’s taking good care of him. We’re hoping that the new owner provides the same degree of care and love for his new dog. For the past owner, we certainly hope he’s learned his lesson and that he pays better attention to his pet next time.

Looking For The Bird

It can get quite disappointing whenever you meet someone new and share a great time with them, only to find out that they’re in town just for a visit. This person could’ve been a new friend added to his inner circle, but sadly, it looks like they’ll be gone soon. That’s certainly what happened in this “Have You Seen Me” flyer.

It seems as someone in town fell for an adorable pigeon, but sadly, the bird didn’t reciprocate their feelings. All it took was a couple of minutes for this pigeon to make an unforgettable first impression. With this in mind, this bird quickly takes credit as one of the best birds to have ever lived on this beautiful planet.

Don’t Make Your Chicken Sad

It’s not difficult to see that chicken is one of America’s most sought-after and beloved dishes. Anyone can cook chicken in many ways, and the final results seem to be always tasty. However, if you somehow manage to have a chicken for a pet, then we’d advise that you avoid upsetting them.

It’s impossible to tell what chickens are capable of, especially when they’re not in the best of moods. Interestingly, chickens will run away if you don’t give them the proper degree of care and attention they need. The feelings of these animals are also pretty evident based on how they act, and you could tell that the person who found this little chicken could tell that it was very unhappy.

Eric The Dog Is An Idiot?

One of the first things we noticed in this lost and found sign is the incredibly low reward for finding this little dog. You’d certainly want to put in a hefty amount as your investment in finding the dog if you’re its owner. What makes this sign even worse is that the price seems to have gone down ten dollars. You could say that this owner wasn’t too keen on finding his “idiot” dog, Eric.

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of things going on in this sign. People must think that this lost dog sign is a joke. However, besides his lost dog, Tom also managed to advertise that he’s trying to sell a drum for only $20.

You Have To Say Yes

It’s pretty evident that this sign aims to take trolling to an entirely new level. Of course, whoever can see and read this sign can easily see the flyer. You could say that the sign invoked a couple of giggles and head scratches from the different folks who walked by this sign. Whoever made it certainly got the degree of success he aimed for when he thought of this idea.

Despite all the head scratches and giggles, we can’t help but ask what’s the real prize if we see this flyer. Is there any number that’s on the back of the numerous “yes” slips? Could we somehow call any number and retrieve a particular reward? The number of tabs taken just completely surprises us.

So… You’re Missing A Ninja Turtle

It certainly looks like the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a real thing, and Michaelangelo is somewhere out there. All turtles are known for their slow pace, but if you happen to see one with a pair of nunchucks, then it’s probably best if you leave it alone. You can only imagine that this turtle knows a thing or two about fighting.

A great way to end this sign is to end it with “evil-doers beware.” We’re wondering if this turtle really has a solid technique when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. You could say that it’s kind of reassuring to know that this adorable creature isn’t just some regular reptile. This turtle certainly has an immeasurable degree of uniqueness to him!

I’ve Been Alone With You Inside My Mind

Lionel Richie easily takes credit as one of the best musicians of all time. He’s known for numerous hits, including the iconic record titled Hello. Interestingly, some people decided to use his iconic track as their own lost and found signs. You could say that this sign easily belongs in the Hall-of-Fame category of lost signs.

We’re wondering if others have tried this one in the past and whether they achieved some success while doing it. We’re entirely sure of copying other people’s ideas as it’s pretty rare when someone comes up with a brand-new concept. One could easily argue that whoever was behind this sign did it for all the people that wanted to back in the past.

Looks Like Someone Lost Their “Cat”

We have to admit that we’re having quite a difficult time figuring out if this lost sign is a prank or not. The copy on this lost sign seems legitimate enough to make us believe this person really found someone’s “cat.” Along the process, it also seems like he’s hoping to find the rightful owner and take credit as the hero of the day.

You could easily notice that this “cat” doesn’t have any collar on. If it doesn’t have any collar, then perhaps this “cat” is a wild animal. If this lost sign is real, then whoever made this sign needs a quick lesson about animals as soon as possible. They are certainly going to hurt themselves if they don’t!

What It Looks Like To Lose Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what a visual representation of what it’s like to lose your mind looks like? This lost sign is certainly a prime example of it. They say that we have some “crazy” hiding in all of us, but according to this hilarious sign, the more we are, the happier we become. You could say that this sign deserves credit for invoking a ton of laughs from anyone who read it!

What makes this sign even funnier is that this person doesn’t want you to contact them even if you find their brain. We’re certainly wondering how they managed to lose it and where they must’ve lost it. It’s certainly a tough thing to locate if we’re truly being honest here.

Just Take A Look

People who have dogs love to show appreciation to their pets. When it comes to showing your pet some public appreciation, then this sign is probably the best way you can do it. At first, you’d easily think that someone had lost this adorable little dog. However, as all the descriptions appear one after another, you start to empathize more and more with the owner.

The thought certainly changes once the last asterisk pops up. You could say that it takes credit for allowing locals to feel less sad. Some locals are even angrier at whoever made the sign for wasting their time. At least they got to see what a healthy dog-owner relationship looks like in real life. They could certainly take down some notes from this dog owner!

Have You Seen This Fly?

Ladies and gentlemen, who would’ve thought that we’ve come across someone who has a pet fly. Flies are certainly the least species of insects you’d expect to become pets as people would instantly swat them than keep them, right? We’re almost entirely confident that this sign is a prank, which is excellent, but some people might end up believing it to a certain degree.

The sign also says that this pet fly has a name. He’s Harry, and it looks like he’s partially blind. It almost sounds like whoever made this sign is just describing what a fly is. What’s surprising is that people took a little too many stubs, leaving us to wonder whether this is real and not a prank.

Keep The Darn Dog

We certainly would’ve never expected that there’d be a sign that ultimately drags a poor and adorable pup through the mud. It was indeed a surprise as who would’ve thought that a pup named “Daisy” wasn’t as sweet and innocent as she actually looks. It also doesn’t sound like “Daisy” is an ideal pet to have around the house.

We’d have to credit the owner for making us wonder what an oily personality looks like. As a sentiment to Daisy’s oily personality, she doesn’t like the Pope, and maybe it was the best time for both of them to move on. It definitely looks like this pup’s owner shared their sentiments when it comes to their failure in training Daisy.

Lay Off The Drugs

This sign is one of the most interesting unicorn signs we’ve seen. It’s certainly not every day that you get to see a magical and mystical creature. If you happen to do so, then the creator of this sign has a message for you: it’s probably time to lay off the narcotics.

There’s no way you’d come across a mythical creature unless you’re on some hardcore narcotic. Consider laying off the narcotics as your investment into developing a better and sober life. What’s interesting is that this sign’s creator posted this in an office space. He/she might have an idea if someone goes to work under the influence of any narcotic. We’re just hoping that whoever posted this sign doesn’t get in trouble.

Someone Really Needs A Boyfriend

We’re going to assume that some teenage girl who made this sign just found out who Ryan Gosling is. He is certainly one of the unique human beings we have today, and he’s one that anyone can’t mirror to any degree. It definitely looks like the teenage girl who made this sign is asking for a lot right now.

What’s more surprising is seeing that there’s at least one person who pulled the tab. That person will certainly give this young lady more reasons to hope. Believing that it’ll rain for 42 straight days is even more plausible than believing that Gosling will give this girl a call. We’re hoping that we’re not being pessimistic here.

Someone Hire This Babysitter

Someone Jareth G. King has been offering his services since 1986, and it doesn’t seem that he’s stopping anytime soon. You could say that he’s made it his life’s mission, and he’s been searching for someone that’ll take him up on his offer. We’re certainly not eligible to give any advice, but we’d say that he needs to erase the part about his main office being located in a castle.

We’re not going to lie and pretend that this sign didn’t invoke some degree of curiosity and intrigue in us. Other than that, we’re not too sure why this guy is not getting any calls or inquiries about his services! He even closely resembles some old-school rock star. We just don’t know why you wouldn’t trust a David Bowie lookalike with your baby.

A Unicorn From Manhattan

According to this interesting sign, unicorns live freely around the New York area. It says that these creatures have been hiding in the Big Apple this whole time. The only surprising thing in this sign is that it comes with a “friendly disposition,” and it isn’t some impatient animal who fails to utilize the crosswalks properly.

Apparently, this unicorn is a female, and her last known location was in The Dakota, which is an apartment building that’s located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. If this unicorn is even real, then the New York City government should really look into using it as their investment to boost tourism. We certainly hope that someone manages to locate this unicorn soon.

Hey, It’s Schrodinger’s Cat

It certainly relieves us that the cat in this picture didn’t actually go missing. Apparently, this sign is someone’s idea of a clever joke, and it’s based on a 1935 thought experiment courtesy of Erwin Schrodinger. This sign easily takes credit as one of the wittiest signs we’ve seen so far.

The thought experiment imagined a cat being enclosed in a box together with a radioactive source and poison that’s released when the source emits radiation. Until the box opens and the cat is observed, the cat inside the box is considered to be simultaneously deceased and alive according to quantum mechanics. As we said, it’s a clever joke, but it’s hard to understand it if you haven’t paid attention in class.

Hope in Humanity After All

The owner of a set of keys, left on railings at an entrance to Ruskin Park in the south London borough of Lambeth, thanks the kind person who hung them up to be found, on 20th December 2017, in London, England. (Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images)

Sometimes it’s the small kind gestures that have the biggest effect on our lives, and this sign will surely make you feel that way. It is a thank you note that will put a smile on your face and place a sense of hope for humanity.

This person must’ve had a pretty bad day, having lost his keys, and if by chance, you have experienced something similar, you’d know about the anxiety that ensues. He must’ve had looked everywhere and felt a great sense of relief when he found it hanging by the fence. The good Samaritan didn’t even care for a reward or credit. He just left it there for the owner to find. We hope that there are more people like him around.

Crazy Klaus

This sign might make you think if that dog owner intentionally let Klaus go. It’s more of a disclaimer rather than a lost and found post, and that photo pretty much says it all. The dog with his crazy eyes jumping towards the camera will make you think twice if he might do the same to his rescuer.

Funnily enough, the sign even details the owner’s disdain towards the lost dog, and the fact that he even spent investments in printing out these signs would tell you he was dead serious. He warns the potential rescuers of the looming threat and to not look Klaus directly in the eyes, or your face might get bitten off. Hopefully, the dog found a new place that could better manage him.

Not a Flattering Photo

Have you ever been too picky about your photos? We know a lot of people who make sure that they look good in any photo taken of them before saving it. However, the reality is, you can’t be expected to be photogenic in every picture.

This dog, however, was unfortunate enough to have this photo of him be posted around town. It was more of a mug shot rather than a cute photo. Nonetheless, I’m sure that these signs garnered a great degree of attention, which is what you want from a lost and found sign, and what’s funnier is what the dog owner wrote on the sign. “Have you seen this dog?” and the contact slips read, “I have now.”

We Can Relate

There are times that the only answer to your health issues would be taking meds, and for those very bothersome allergies, one can only rely on antihistamines. However, those who regularly put their investments into buying this med would know that there can be side effects. One of which is temporary brain fog or forgetfulness.

That being said, when you see a sign that reads like this one, you can’t help but laugh. The guy last saw his past couple of hours while waiting for the Claritin to kick in. Yes, some of us can hilariously relate to this. He even attached contact slips that read Zyrtec, which, if you didn’t know, is another antihistamine and a competitor of Claritin.

The Opposite of Lost

If you have any experience raising dogs, you’d know how frustrating it is if it runs past your front door. And if you try to chase after it, it would think that you’re playing and would treat it as playtime. It would run circles around you until you run out of breath and give up, which is probably why this dog owner posted this hilarious sign.

By no means is this sign is lost and found. It is clear that the dog owner made investments to show his frustrations about Pierre, who had finally attained his freedom. Moreover, this dog is even trying to raise up arms with other dogs around the neighborhood. Jokes aside, we do hope that the owner found Pierre.

Come Get Your ‘Cat’

Either this guy has a one-of-a-kind sense of humor, or he doesn’t know a single thing about animals. I mean, in this day and age, who doesn’t know what a cat looks like? How can you mistake a badger for one? I propose that he go on YouTube immediately and look for cat videos.

Although, we have to give him some credit for being polite enough to let everyone know that he has taken in a lost “cat.” The good intentions are certainly there. Funnily enough, you know that he has been living with that badger for some time now. He even placed a bullet point that read “not house trained,” with a sad face emoji. Seriously though, someone needs to tell him the truth.

Found All These Random Posters

This sign is beyond cheeky. Honestly, we can’t wrap our heads around why someone would do something like this. To a certain degree, the joke is funny. This guy was probably bothered by the number of lost dog signs that he just had to do some street cleaning. There is also the possibility that the signs were plastered all over his property that he got irritated by it, and he just had to announce what he did to the person responsible.

That being said, there is also a side to me that feels sad. The family of that dog was probably so worried that they posted the signs all over the neighborhood. Let’s just hope that the dog safely found his way home.

Limited Time to Find Aaron

This person must be a tree hugger to the core to consider even a mosquito as a pet. The poster even hilariously mentions that Aaron the mosquito must be found within three days, which is the short life cycle of a mosquito – got to give this guy some credit for his dedication to the joke. He even stated that Aaron is a carrier of Malaria and West Nile. We certainly wouldn’t want to go near Aaron no matter how much of a good boy he is.

Hopefully, nobody mistook Aaron for some regular fly and had mistakenly smacked him dead. The poster might be getting some apology calls his way if that was the case. Nonetheless, that poster must have gotten some good laughs around the community.

So Much Going on Here

We just have to say, that cat in the missing sign has surely lived a colorful life. To begin with, that picture was taken in the middle of the ocean, which is a feat. We’re sure only a few cats in the world can say, and to top it off, his owner seems the eccentric type, wearing that weird horse mask. You can clearly see that the tabby cat isn’t all that impressed with the entire situation.

If nothing else, that sign is a complete attention-grabber – credit to the cat owner for picking this extraordinary picture for the poster. Obviously, this is a joke. Someone was even amused enough to answer the poster, writing ‘Yes!’ with a red pen.

Lost in the Clouds

Do you ever miss those days when you have too much time on your hands, and you have nothing better to do? We’re sure most of us remember those days when we were younger when we would just stare blankly at the sky and look for oddly-shaped clouds. The guy who posted this sign must have been reminiscing those days gone by and missed his Mr. Wisples.

To his credit, this sign, at the very least, brought a smile to the people who were able to read it. The post was even complete with the exact description of his long-lost cloud – white, fluffy, and drifty. It’s also a good thing that he included his address so we know how we can reach him.

Don’t Eat the Missing Pets

This sign quickly took a very dark turn. At first, you’d think that the owner of that cute pup would be relieved to know that his pet was found. It even came with the exact description and a very innocent photo. Although, the last thing that you would expect is that the dog tasted like chicken.

Hopefully, no one took this poster too seriously. Some might be too sensitive and not really understand dark humor. To the poster’s credit, the joke was perfectly executed. However, if this sign was found somewhere in Asia, we might be inclined to believe that that dog was really served for lunch. Nonetheless, if that beagle was lost and found, it hopefully got back to its owner.

We’d Keep Him

First off, we should all credit the person who posted this sign for being honest. Some cats do like to wander about the neighborhood even though they already have a nice and warm home. It’s just in their nature to be curious, so most often than not, they explore the great outdoors. However, if they do find something interesting, they might find it hard to have the urge to go home.

Such was the case for this cute cat. Although, they should find it an honor for the cat to choose them as their new family. We mean, just look how handsome and cute that cat is. We’d happily take him in a heartbeat. At the end of the day, they should let the cat decide.

What is the Reward?

Kudos to this crab’s owner for writing up a long-missing post. You can see that he cares for this crab. From what we’ve learned from it, Lancelot is a lot of fun to play with. He also mentions how to properly approach the crab when you see it. This is very helpful because you wouldn’t want to get pinched by those scary-looking claws.

With that said, it also makes you wonder what rewards would be waiting for you. Considering the uncanny innuendos on the description, it would make you think what that “non-cash” truly means. He must love that crab, and he even made the investments to have it microchipped. Hopefully, the person who found it can share with us what the reward was.

Mr. Tiddles is Missing

You better lock your doors after seeing these signs posted all over your neighborhood, and just in case, if ever you run across this majestic cat, you better believe the 800-pound cat will jump you. Look at that fierceness it shows with its eyes, and without a doubt, it will be a different degree of fear that you will be experiencing. Before you know it, Mr. Tiddles will be on top of you. Just as the sign says, he likes to play with his food first.

Most of us, at one point, most probably thought about wanting to have big cats as pets. Although we all know how much of a bad idea that is, we just can’t help but be in awe of these cats.

Sentimental Value

Growing up in the ’90s, we have seen the fast evolution of our technology. From the cassette tapes to the VHS, all these seem to be relics of the past, and one of those forgotten technologies is the floppy disk. If you have no idea what that is, just think of it as a flash drive, but way, way less storage space.

This guy must really be a computer geek for still owning a floppy drive. He stated that the drive was stolen. However, we can’t imagine anyone coveting a floppy drive in this day and age. We mean, does anyone still own floppy discs? Although we can relate to him having a degree of sentimental attachment with old computer parts.

Ghost Busters Marketing

This is probably one of the best guerilla marketing for a movie you can find. If this truly was a marketing ploy for the latest Ghost Busters film, we should credit their team for some top-notched creativity. This photo was posted by scottyd33 on Reddit, and he said that this poster was plastered all over his neighborhood, and if you aren’t familiar with which Vince the poster was referring to, it’s Vinz Clortho, the key master of Gozer.

The neighborhood must have had a good chuckle when they read these posters. It’s a light-hearted joke that anyone can enjoy. We’re actually a bit envious that my neighborhood doesn’t do this type of prank. It’s even complete with contact slips labeled Ghost Busters so you’d know just who to call.

Please Keep Him

Talk about being fed up. This cat must have attacked this guy during his sleep that when it wandered out of the house. He even listed out all the atrocities this cat had done at his house. You can just feel his utter frustration that he just said to whoever finds that cat can keep it. He clearly made the investments to plaster this hilarious sign all over the neighborhood just to announce his disdain about his all situation.

We can imagine this guy arguing with his girlfriend about the cat, and he clearly had good points, but he lost the argument and had to print out these signs. Although, we believe he had the last laugh with this one.

Only $100

Let’s all first take a moment to appreciate how appropriate this wolf is named. The owner calls him Killer, and that’s how we imagine most wolves are. Although, if we’re being honest, couldn’t the owner have used a better picture? If it were up to us, we would’ve picked cute pictures of this wolf. In fact, according to the post, he isn’t even a pure-bred wolf. He’s a mixture of a Gray wolf, a Wolfhound-Dingo-Jackal-Cayote-Red Fox, a German Shepherd, and a Saint Bernard. What a heritage!

Although the owner swears that it can still be considered a dog, he also mentions that it is aggressive. We can’t imagine anyone would be excited about meeting Killer. To top it off, if ever you do find it, you’d only be credited with $100.

Finders Keepers

Losing a dog that is well-loved and well taken care of is one of the saddest moments, especially to the kids who have rooted their affections in these furry family members. However, these lost dogs make up a small number in the tally of lost dogs. A big percentage of lost dogs are those who were without homes and were adopted by community members.

Some dogs are quite friendly and adjust well to their new homes. One man, who had recently adopted a lost dog, posted a ‘found’ dog poster. ‘Now we are bros, so he’s staying’ was written below the photo of the dog. Whether this contains a degree of truth or not, we hope the lost dog finds its way home to the rightful owner.

A Lost Parrot

Parrots are one of the most delightful species of birds. Their eccentric appearance sets them apart from other birds in the whole world. Aside from their vibrant colors, what makes them notable is their ability to mimic human speech to the degree that they seem to be mocking their owners.

In one city, a lost parrot poster was placed on a pole; this seems to be inconsequential, but the way it was posted is worth mentioning. Below it, another advertisement for a “PARROT BBQ” was posted as well. The way the posters are placed seems to hint at something fishy going on. Let’s hope that the lost parrot can still find its way home rather than being digested by someone else’s stomach.

Mindful People

In today’s generation, putting up posters seems to be a thing of the past because of the invention of smartphones and social media. However, in times when a pet dog or cat is lost or a bike is misplaced, then these posters and flyers can still do the job flawlessly. Also, there is no limit to what one considers valuable!

One person made a hilarious sign saying that the tear-off paper, which contained his contact information, was missing from his poster. Ironically, the person wants them returned. He even went on to specify detailed instructions and a simple sketch of what the small bits of paper looked like. The individual also left tape for the finders so that they could reattach his contact info. This guy sure does deserve credit for his wit.

Not In A Right State of Mind

When a lost house key has been found by a stranger, it would probably not warrant a high degree of danger provided that the whereabouts of the respective house are unknown. Unfortunately, a certain individual has posted an advertisement for his lost house keys (including his car’s), which indicates the house’s address. Whether or not this poster is real, then the one who posted it might not be in the right state of mind or was just adding to clout.

It is worth noting that if ever a situation like this arises, the best thing to do is to ask for the services of a locksmith. If you have lost the only set of keys to your house, then there would be no other choice but to replace it, which could be done by a professional locksmith.

A Worthy Match

Fans of the famous singer-songwriter Prince will probably stop by and notice this poster. Whether or not this “LOST: raspberry beret” poster is a reference to the Prince’s Raspberry Beret song or just plain satire, the person who posted this has quite a refined taste in music. However, below the poster, another individual posted a poster of Prince wearing a raspberry beret with the caption “It’s my beret now.” We live for discourses such as this!

Apart from the iconic Raspberry Beret, Prince is known for his powerful voice and explosive performances. With a career that had lasted for over 40 years, he takes credit for selling over 100 million records all over the world and is considered one of the top-selling artists of all time.

Bizarre Poster

While this poster might look like most missing/found ones, once you look closely, its contents are worth noting. If one decides to read closely, the individual who posted this announcement is rewarding one of his adorable puppers to someone who can teach him how to play a trombone because apparently, the man needs to impress his wife. On the last bullet, he even disclosed that his wife thought of him as a failure. This man deserves credit for being determined in finding ways to make amends with his wife!

No matter how tempting his offer might be, it is worth noting that learning an instrument will take time and patience. Perhaps it would be better if he kept his dog and looked for free lessons online.

Lost Pet < Found Pet

The lost pet advertisements have always been our first refuge in times when our beloved has not come home. It is recommended not to state your pet’s name because it might give a suspicious person a degree of authority over your lost pet. It is also not recommended to put your home address on the advertisement as this important information might be used against you. A clear and recent photo and description should be included in the advertisement to give onlookers a higher chance of identifying your lost dog.

On the other hand, in one case, an individual hung a found bird sign and described the animal in a hilarious way. It even included information that the bird reportedly terrorized the individual’s dog and daughter.

We Feel Your Pain

Apart from a well-described item in a “lost” poster, an even better way to get the help of the crowd to return your lost item is by using emotions. An individual who had lost a wallet, perhaps on the way to work, had posted a quirky advertisement. The wallet did not seem that important; the owner wanted his driver’s license back, though. The individual’s second statement is highly relatable: please don’t make me go back to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles); it’s an evil place.

These bureaucratic offices often incite a degree of fear because of standing in a line for hours on end. The word “evil” might not refer to the entire DMV alone but maybe to the few grumpy employees.

An Intricate Poster

From afar, this poster would probably look boring, provided that this was printed only with a trusty marker. However, if one decides to peer closely and scrutinize the poster, then the reader will be in for a treat. The poster consists of a Japanese-style bike drawn by hand (with the most accurate details). Below it, certain identifying marks are indicated, such as the lightning bolt sticker and the diameter of the wheels.

In the latter part, the author of this ad, who was perhaps a teenager, stated that he made this just to express his hate to the thief, that the thief “ride the bike without a helmet and get hit by a monster truck.” Now, this little man deserves credit for making such a deliberate poster!

Don’t Mess With the Nerds

For the big science geeks out there, this poster will most likely make you chuckle: a ‘LOST WORMHOLE’ sign which appears to have multiple dimensions. Think of space and time as different threads in the fabric of space-time. Scientifically, a wormhole is generally a tunnel with two openings that are on separate points in space-time. Going back to the fabric example, when you put something made up of a heavy mass, such as a bowling ball, in the fabric of space-time, it will cause two segments of the fabric to meet. The wormhole is basically where those two segments meet.

The individual also added a degree of geekiness on the poster by stating: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE BECAUSE YOU’LL TOTALLY SCREW WITH THE SPACE/TIME CONTINUUM BRO.

Thoughtful Thief

In an office, it is impossible not to have a bulletin board with all sorts of announcements. However, we also have this quirky co-worker who has the wittiest mind and posts the most random things. In this poster, one eccentric worker posted a rubber band. Above it, the text says, “IF YOU LOST A STACK OF $20’S WRAPPED IN A RUBBER BAND I FOUND YOUR RUBBER BAND.” From afar, it looks like a misplaced piece of information, but when read carefully, then you will either laugh or be irritated by this act.

The thought that a certain someone went out of their way and returned the rubber band that bundled the stolen bills can unusually incite a laugh. This guy’s degree of imagination is unparalleled.

Doubting Finders Keepers

While this poster probably hints at no degree of truth at all, it does not mean that it cannot be entertaining. With everything that’s happening to the world right now and the incredible speeds that these take place, these exceptional people sure do deserve our appreciation in their attempt to inject a little humor in the most mundane things.

In this feeble attempt, a person claims that a brown-maned horse was found. Yep, a real horse. Below the horse’s photo, “not giving it back” was written along with “DO NOT CONTACT ME” on top of contact details. It’s not every day a horse goes missing. The person may have wanted to take advantage of the moment to display his wit and creativity.

Cute Cat Here Making Your Day

When viewed from a distance, this missing pet poster just looks nothing out of the ordinary. With the standard ‘HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CAT?’ on the topmost area of the paper, one might assume that this is one of the already existing announcements. However, on closer inspection, you will find that there is no description or contact number of any kind. It is worth noting that there are strips of paper below that say “I have now.”
We don’t exactly know what went on the mind of the owner of this hilarious-looking cat, but it sure does not express any degree of suffering. This poster was most likely attached just to give the passersby a laugh before going on their everyday routines.

You’ve Reached The End