Interestingly, most conflicts with our neighbors aren’t actually a result of poor behavior or treatment towards each other. Most of these petty conflicts are often driven by our irritation or displeasure towards them. In short, we simply resent them to a certain degree. If we look closely, we place a false sense of value in our relationships with them because we need each other to get by.

The resentment often starts when the wannabe drummer bangs too loudly at night or when someone next door vacuums during the most inappropriate moments. Whether it’s the cigarette butts that have been mistakenly thrown in your backyard or the untrained dog who leaves its litter on your porch, these neighbors need a whole lot of mindfulness!

Noisy Neighbors

One of the downsides of living in close proximity with neighbors is that sometimes, their fighting can be a bit loud and can cause disturbances. It’s not just the stream of voices that penetrate the walls. Sometimes, objects are being thrown, or worse, personal details that you have no business in knowing to make their way to your ears. The best thing to do if this persists is to call the landlord or the cops.

However, the neighbors of one loud couple decided to take the high road. Instead of calling the authorities, they tried to write their concerns in a note. They also displayed a degree of kindness when they suggested solutions for the two. Counseling is always the solution when it comes to problems with couples.

Cue In Every Breath You Take

Neighbors who make unnecessary loud sounds can cause more problems than they can solve. It’s even harder when you can’t find the means to reduce the sound or shutting it out totally. Making a scene is not always the right thing to do because you meet these people almost every day. A housing loan is also not an option because it’s too expensive.

In one scenario, a resident left an aggressive note which was patterned after The Police’s iconic song Every Breath You Take. Despite being a creepy song written from the point of view of a stalker, the lyrics fit the situation of someone living downstairs who can hear the excessively heavy footsteps of the person on the top floor.


When relatively new to an area, meeting your neighbors or dropping by their places is perhaps an unwritten rule. If a new neighbor decides to water their plants in their front yard, it is best to go over and say hi or hello and initiate small talk to get to know them. The motive behind these acts is just to simply welcome them and perhaps get to know their contact details in case an emergency arises. Others prefer to bake goodies or give a housewarming gift; there are no limits as to what one can do.

In this scenario, however, Barb and Tom seem to display a degree of passive-aggressiveness when it comes to their daughter by telling their neighbors to avoid their ‘Godless’ acts.

Stop Throwing Cheese!

All of us dreamed of having a peaceful neighborhood. We are even willing to avail of home loans just to have the dream house we are longing for. In times, it is unavoidable to have neighbors who seem to think out of this world.

In this scenario, the neighbors made a public announcement, warning Eric to stop throwing cheese on their roof. Who would have thought of throwing cheese onto their neighbor’s roof in the first place? Another mystery here is how the neighbors knew that there was cheese on their roof. Should the same thing happen to us, we always have the choice to confront our neighbors or just do what these neighbors did. Poor Eric, the entire neighborhood already knows of his ill deeds.

Singing or Screaming?

It is indeed irritating when you get home from work, feeling so tired and just wanting to have the rest you deserve for the day, but you can’t since your neighbor seems to be having a concert all night. If this happens often, you might want to call your financial advisor and check if you can just possibly avail a new house away from this neighborhood.

This seems to be the scenario in this photo. With the all-caps at the top and the singing/screaming comment, you can practically hear how terrible the performance was in your min even if you’re not there. The use of two different colored marks also adds an intense feeling to the announcement emphasizing the complaints.

Expelling Demons

This note should be given credit for being very creative. We can guess that the neighbor wasn’t really performing an exorcism. Instead, he might be doing other activities that were equally loud. Since it was mentioned that they requested for the said expelling to be limited on Friday and Saturday nights only, it can be concluded that the neighbor holds a party on weeknights.

Neighbors who only think of themselves and their well-being are really irritating, and we do not want them in our lives. They should understand that people are tired during weekdays and deserve to have a good night’s rest. If we can only expel them from our lives, we will surely do.

Surprise! It’s Ferret Water Bottle!

You can’t imagine how annoying it is to know that the package you have been waiting for for quite some time already had been stolen until you had a first-hand experience. It is really better to invest in a home security system nowadays to make us feel safer.

In this scenario, the angry neighbor made an announcement to the neighborhood to return her lost Amazon package. What’s more shocking is that the package contains a ferret water bottle, which she mentioned is for their cat. If you are the thief, would you be happy to see what’s inside the package you have stolen? We’re not really sure who among the two neighbors is more irritated. The one who lost the package, or the one who got a ferret water bottle?

No Pictures, Please

Living in a city can also mean a lack of privacy. With the place being quite crowded, people often take advantage of situations, especially on balconies when you don’t know who can actually see you. It would be best if you’ll consider everything such as location, community, and surroundings before making investments.

In this photo, the sign seems to be pointed to specific someone. The person who did the sign seemed to make a prior investigation before giving a warning to the target person. It is still creepy to think that someone is actually taking photos of you without you knowing. You don’t even know what and how many photos the person has already taken, and that’s really disgusting.

We Mean Sarcasm

It is indeed true that one of the most irritating factors your neighbor can give you is being noisy. Imagine sleeping in the middle of the night when everything seemed quiet and peaceful, and one of your neighbors starts his car with a deafening sound system. Pretty “awesome,” right?

That’s how this neighborhood came up with this very sarcastic note to their neighbor, who seemed to be announcing to everyone that he got a new car’s sound system. The one who wrote this should be given credit for being so creative. If we replace every positive adjective in the note with the word “loud,” you will get its true message. The person who wrote the note might be very irritated but chose to deliver the message sarcastically instead of confronting the person.

Not What He Meant By A Painted Fence

This passive-aggressive note is one of the unique notes we can see. It is written directly in large letters on the fence and specifically addressed to a certain Bob. It is also almost impossible for anyone passing by not to notice it.

With its message, it can be said that the fence is an eyesore, and it would be better if it would only be torn down or replaced or even painted to look a little bit better. Bob, the neighbor, possibly asked for it, but that’s for the owner to decide. The owner might have other investments in mind where he can use his money instead of spending it to make their fence look beautiful.

You Are Dinosaur?

The simpler, the better, right? This note appears to be simple and direct but writing a haiku isn’t as simple as it may seem. As general knowledge, a haiku is a poem consisting of three lines. The first and last of which have five syllables, while the middle has seven syllables. That’s why the word “a” was omitted from the last line.

For the author to write a haiku and with the use of the word “dinosaur,” it can be said that the writer of the message is really irritated. We don’t know what exactly happened between the neighbors, but we hope they can settle it on their own before the need to call their lawyers arise.

Warning: New Call of Duty

They said prevention is better than cure. This note seems to convey a similar meaning. The writer took time to inform the neighborhood that he had just recently made an investment and acquired Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. With the note of “invest in some earplugs,” it can be said that he is implying that he can get carried away with video games and might create so much noise while playing.

The writer also noted that there is no need to call the cops “again.” This might be the reason why he already warned his neighbors before the same thing happened again. Good thing he already learned his lesson.

The Barking Dog

Many people love to make investments to have pets at home but not all take full responsibilitiy for their pets. A barking dog or noisy pet is one of the common issues among neighbors. If we were one of those neighbors who had already dealt with the same issue, we would understand where the writer of this note is coming from.

Unlike the other notes that we have seen, this note didn’t demand or imply any specific action to be taken, but we can feel the desperation evoked in this note. With the “Your dog barks” followed by half a dozen more “and barks,” we can already imagine how irritated this neighbor was.

For Aesthetic Purposes

This short note is not really specific on what is wrong with what the writer saw. It is also not specified if the writer is within the neighborhood or just a passerby since the note was signed with a thank you from a walker, jogger, and bicyclist.

Another thing that is not clear with this note is whether there is an individual walker, jogger, and bicyclist or they are just the same people. The message “for aesthetic purposes” is very vague and will surely leave the owner thinking of what was really wrong. Surely, when the owner made realizations on what the note meant, he would give credit to the writer.

Not How We Do It In The States

Different nations have different customs. Though it is not fair to refer to the person as “German neighbor” and remind them what privacy means, this note is still quite funny and packed with a sense of humor.

The author didn’t specify what exactly prompted them to write the note but the mention of a request to either shut the blinds or kill the lights already implies that it is not something pleasurable to their eyes. This might not be the best way to tell our neighbors about what we feel, but it is a simple way to say to them that they can simply grab their credit card to buy something to cover their windows.

The Squeaking Bed

It is perhaps a cause to be happy when your neighbor who has been single for the longest time has finally acquired a lover, and suppose that they are fond of opening their windows (which faces your house) almost all of the time while making love. The joy of newfound love can be contagious, but it also has its limit. If their noises are out of hand, always remember that you’re not alone. Some neighbors might have been irritated by their excessive noises.

One mindful neighbor decided to act out her frustration in the friendliest way. Instead of confronting the lovers with a degree of haste, the neighbor decided to use the word “exorcism.” She even recommended that before the couple does it again, they should have their bedpost greased.

Stealthy Cats

Having a few disputes with your neighbor regarding their pets is not totally avoidable. Have you been disturbed by a neighbor’s dog that barks profusely and has almost bit you at one point? Talking with your neighbor can prompt them to secure their pets, keep them indoors, or have them trained. If the problem continues to persist, then that would be the best time to report to the authorities.

However, in this case, the owner hung a poster regarding their cat’s behavior, which is of big help to whoever decides to visit. On their door, he has clearly instructed not to let the cats out because they will attempt to escape their home. It is perhaps time for the resident to make an investment in a decent area for their pets.

Toilet Paper Stealer

White it might be tempting to call out a suspicious neighbor for being a thief, it is best to gather circumstantial facts and approach the situation in a logical manner. Calling the police and presenting no significant evidence might be a waste of time. The best thing to do is to catch that neighbor in the act. Experts recommend making investments in a security camera so that substantial evidence can be gathered; this makes your complaint concrete.

However, this next person has probably gathered enough proof to point his fingers at a certain neighbor who stole their Amazon package. The contents? 30 rolls of toilet paper. The victim of the stealing had also found the perfect insult for the alleged stealer: a huge a**hole.

Neighbors Who Should Know Better

As a parent of an adorable and loving dog, it is one’s responsibility to take care of their needs and look after them, as well as our neighbors. To be considered as a good dog parent, one must also be equally good to neighbors to avoid spreading an unnecessary degree of stress on others. There have been ensuing neighborhood conflicts if dangerous dogs, if not, then noisy dogs. However, in the following situation, the problem was not with the dog but with the human.

It is an unwritten rule to pick up after your dog when it takes a dump. In this situation, it seems that the neighbor left their dog’s mess in broad daylight. One resident decided to write a note, using chalk, that says, “Thanks good neighbor for this ray of sunshine but you shouldn’t have.”

Communication is Key

The next person who addressed this letter to a neighbor communicated in a way that would avoid conflict: by using a Harry Potter Reference. The sender of the note wrote “I understand you’re half giant, but could you try to be a little more light footed?” In reference to the novels written by J.K. Rowling and the movies, Hagrid is the giant character who became one of Harry’s closest friends.

If the request of the neighbor from downstairs was worded in a different manner, then the outcome may perhaps turn out bad. Good thing the writer made investments in the Harry Potter novels! Communicating your neighborly requests in a unique way can surely turn the situation to your favor.

Plant-Loving Neighbors

Not all of us have experience in joining a fraternity or being a part of an active neighborhood watch. However, it goes without saying that you may be affected by your neighbors in more ways than we think. Basically, where you are located can either affect our stress or happiness levels in numerous ways, and one of the best ways to keep stress levels down is through investments in your relationships with neighbors.

On one note, a resident wrote about their neighbor’s plant falling off the ledge the previous night, which obviously rendered the pot broken. The neighbor decided to do a good deed and has perhaps replaced the broken pot. “We managed to assure it that everything would be okay,” the neighbor added.

Flamingo Galore

Unless you live in a vast area of land, it goes without saying that you have had an experience in dealing with neighbors to some degree. Most times, neighbors are not part of the family or even friends, neighbors come from various backgrounds. Oftentimes, the differences, such as lifestyle or manner, may lead to unpleasant counters.

In this image, one resident had probably disliked their neighbor’s choices, so the individual took it in his hands to report the neighbor to the authorities. The oppressed neighbor did something out of the ordinary: placing a bunch of flamingo decorations on the resident’s lawn and a poster that said “YOUR MOVE,” The person who complained to the police probably has a big fear of flamingos.

Ask Mark First

There is nothing as satisfying as cultivating and eating your fruits and vegetables in your own yard. At the same time, fruits and veggies can be the perfect temptation for neighbors to pick them. If you have made an investment in fruit-bearing trees and produce, it is not impossible for neighbors to come unannounced with plastic bags, and worse, ladders.

One resident had enough of these apple pickers that he did something about it; he placed a sign that said, “ASK MARK BEFORE PICKING FRUIT.” The warning was not left standing, however. It was in every single apple! Mark has probably grown more apples than he can eat, but legally speaking, one has no right to pick from it if Mark says so.

Grandmother’s Vengeance

Grandmothers are among the most precious gems we have for life. They live a life of service and sacrifice. Some of them get up early and make the heartiest breakfast, while some of them take time to read poetry books and recite them to us in the most comforting manners. Apart from their acts of service, grandmothers are the best storytellers with their sound effects and charming gestures!

While our grannies are the most lenient persons, the smallest act against their grandkids can unleash their aggressive side! In the following scenario, a grandmother asserted dominance over the neighbor who allegedly stole her granddaughter’s paddling pool. “I hope you drown in it” she added. There is perhaps no other person in the world who can surpass the degree of their love.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…Everyday

Christmas is a famous Christian holiday celebrated in December all over the world. It is often remembered by decorations such as lanterns and Christmas trees and the iconic Santa Claus. Both children and adults look forward to this holiday because of the gifts and the joy that permeates everywhere. While Christmas had roots in the Christian faith, it has surpassed the walls of religion and evolved to a holistic culture that is apparent even in songs.

For some people, Christmas does not just occur on December 25th. One neighbor has voiced out their sentiment to another because of the unending playlist of Christmas songs being played. While the Christmas season takes credit for sharing joy, not all people have the same set of beliefs.

Don’t Mess with A Jealous Woman

Jealousy is an exaggerated sense of insecurity about the distribution of resources. It is worth noting that this word can also be applied in human relationships. While most people experience this unsettling feeling from time to time, too much of this negativity can interfere with day-to-day life.

Perhaps this is the case with the woman in the following scenario. In a letter, she expressed distaste towards a neighbor who seems to be giving constant waves to her husband every time they meet. While there seems to be nothing wrong with this, the woman who complained specified that she had never been waved at by this individual. Whether this is plain jealousy or not, the woman deserves credit for maintaining their relationship.

Is Honesty The Best Way?

While there are a lot of things that are far worse than having a neighbor who sings excessively loud (and bad), the person suffering is not something that should be invalidated. If that is among the things that grind your gears, then you should perhaps consider yourself lucky. Some people might find it hard to confront the irritating neighbor because it might incite a much bigger conflict. Has there been an existing misunderstanding between both parties? Now might be the time to resolve them.

However, in the following scenario, one neighbor has had enough of the irritating noise that penetrates their walls. The neighbor has exclaimed disgust by sticking a note that says, “YOU SING HORRIBLY.” If the problem continues, then an investment in noise-canceling headphones might be a good idea!

Was That Even A Compliment?

After finishing your college degree and moving out of your parents’ house, one of the best perks is not having to explain everytime you leave home. While there are people who are ecstatic with the freedom that comes in moving out, you might have a new problem on the way: nosy neighbors who are more invested in your life rather than their own.

The following resident was borderline nosy when they left a note on their neighbor’s house saying that they have an unattractive mailbox, saying that they should “change it with a better one,” the note added. On the other side of the spectrum, it’s amazing how much time and thought this certain resident allotted in observing the seemingly “ugly” mailbox.

Neighbor in Labor

The following note is unique in that it was not written out of the conflict but out of concern for the ensuing moment that happened. The resident stated that if excessive noise were heard from their apartment, it would be his wife who was about to be in labor. Having neighbors who are mindful is a bonus!

While most of us might find it weird-giving birth at home-it has its benefits, especially with the presence of dangerous pathogens. Making investments in planned home births is advisable if one does not want to be under medication if one desires freedom and autonomy during the process of labor, and not to mention, it is also less costly than giving birth in a hospital.

Ignorance Is Bliss

With the present state of real estate, the space between our neighbors have been decreasing to a significant degree. For apartment residents, common walls mean we have to be more mindful with our noise, especially in the wee hours, just as we speak in hushed tones when riding a packed bus because we don’t want to disturb other people. However, when it comes to unwritten rules on garbage collection, they appear to be forgotten entirely.

One resident has witnessed the ignorance of their neighbor and managed to post a note on their door. Despite being just “20 steps” from the garbage chute, the neighbor who was called out just went on blissfully with life while their trash was just littered outside the door.

Misunderstood Neighbor

Pets may not be humans, but they sure do reflect a lot of human qualities such as personalities and preferences. While these animals have evolved to be domesticated by humans, for some, they’re not just mere pets; they are part of the family. Pets are perfect investments for the body and soul. Be it a cat, a dog, or a bird, these pets leave us in a state of well-being because they don’t care about anything else in the world-just you, their source of affection.

Perhaps that is the reason why the person in the next scenario was devastated when he knew that the cat he so loved had been brought to the pound. The owner noted that he “can’t afford to post bail.” He certainly hated the neighbor who called the authorities.

Deaf Neighbors

One of the most irritating things about neighbors is their lack of mindfulness. In this scenario, the neighbor on the receiving end of the excessive noise left a note which reeked of sarcasm saying, “What is the name of the movie you’re watching?” It sounded really interesting.

Being disturbed, especially after a long day, can be really annoying. However, it is worth noting that the neighbor did the right thing by approaching the neighbor directly. When a civil discourse has not resolved the problem, the best thing to do next time is to go to your neighbor’s place and remind them of your agreement. When this fails, it is better to talk to your landlord and the proper authorities. Applying for a housing loan might be too early at this point.


The list of common issues between neighbors will always include concerns about pets. Whether it be dogs, cats, birds, or any pet, the issue of noise and sanitary should always be considered. So, before we decide on making investments in pets, we need to put all these factors in mind.

In this scenario, the writer did not specify the issue of the rooster, but it can be seen that the writer is really mad to the point that he gave a pre-warning that he will have the rooster hunted. We can only guess that the rooster wakes everyone up so early in the morning. Whatever the reason is, we need to remember that our pet is our responsibility.

No More Flower Destruction!

As humans, we need to take care of plants the same way we do for other living things. They also require much attention and care. In this note, we can say that the writer is indeed a plant-lover, but for some reason, the neighbor doesn’t seem to show concern for the plants.

We can feel from the note that the writer is really irritated that they have already notified not only the police but also the mayor. Good thing they didn’t have their lawyer involved. It might seem to be a simple issue that can be resolved easily, but we cannot really say. You won’t understand the feeling if you were not a plant-lover.

A Picture That Speaks A Thousand Words

It’s amazing how an image can actually speak a thousand words. In this photo, the person chose a picture of flip-flops made in cement to let their neighbor know their feelings towards the noise they are making upstairs. We don’t know what exactly the noise was, but it definitely annoyed the creator of the message. Beneath the picture, a note saying, “Upstair neighbors favorite shoes,” was written to give more emphasis on the message.

The message was not addressed to anyone specific, but it will surely catch the attention of whoever it was meant for. We should give credit to the creative mind of the one who did it. Surely, a peaceful and orderly neighborhood is what each of us wishes for.

Hope Your Wi-Fi is Okay

Nowadays, internet access has been a necessity within households. With the growing demand online, especially during the pandemic, such as but not limited to online classes, online meetings, and other online transactions, Wi-Fi connection is really very important.

On this funny note, it is evident that the writer has been accessing his neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection for free. Maybe the neighbor initially forgot to set up their Wi-Fi password, or they just really don’t know how to. The note shows that the writer can no longer access their Wi-Fi connection, prompting him to write a message to the neighbor. The note was even signed off with a hugs and kisses symbol as if that would help him gain the free Wi-Fi access back.

I’m Late For School!

If you think that only adults have the guts to write notes to their neighbors, well, you have to think again. This brave little girl spoke her heart out through a letter to her neighbor, who keeps on waking her up in the middle of her sleep due to stomping on their flooring.

The girl is very bold in her message and even threatens the neighbor that she will call the office if the incident happens again. With the office, she possibly means police or other personnel with authority. With that said, we can sense that this little girl is serious and will do anything to have a peaceful night.

The Creepy Van

Not all neighbor notes are rude. Some can also be friendly and nice to read. In this scenario, the writer even started the message with “no offense.” Possibly, they have had the creepy feeling for a long time already, but they just chose to ignore it. However, it seems that they can no longer bear it, so they have already resorted to writing a note.

We can also be nice to our neighbors based on the degree of the things they do. In this one, the van owner might not be aware that the van looks creepy at night from the neighbor’s perspective, so it won’t help if we send them a note in an angry tone.

You’ve Reached The End