Rib-Tickling Pranks Made By Couples To Spice Up Their Relationship

There are different kinds of pranks all over the world. Some people prank those they love, while others prank those they hate. The primary purpose of a prank is to surprise someone with something unexpected that will cause a positive reaction after they realize that it is just a joke. Some people never really outgrow the need to pull a good prank.

It’s safe to assume that most of us love a good prank. Pranks are certainly one way of making your loved one either smile or laugh. These pranks can range from writing a surprising note to rearranging your house. We’ve managed to compile some of our favorite pranks from various couples. These couples certainly deserve credit for their creativity!


This man’s wife must’ve said that she wanted a toasty shower when she came home from work. To her surprise, her husband prepared several toasted slices of bread and scattered them all over their bathroom. The husband certainly deserves some credit here, as he showed his own spin on his wife’s orders. We can only imagine when the wife sees this. Will she be happy that her husband took her instructions quite literally? They probably would have a good laugh over this and then have a good bonding time while eating the toast.

Of course, we hope they finish all that food as we do not want it to be wasted. Statistics in the US say that 103 million pounds of food are wasted daily. That is a huge number, and certainly, we hope that little pranks like this, though fun, do not contribute to the statistics.


It’s never a good idea to let the husband be in charge of the holiday cards. This man certainly used the opportunity to pull out a funny holiday prank. He swapped his wife’s face with his daughter’s, and he also switched his face with his newborn son’s face. To his credit, he’s got some excellent Photoshop skills or, at the very least, has a good app that can do the swaps as they are very realistic.

On the subject of faces, Asians are known for the concept of losing face. This simply means that they have lost the respect of other people, to the point that they are now ashamed to show their faces to their family members, neighbors, and community members. It is a very good concept to learn as it promotes accountability. For sure, though, the man responsible for the picture did not lose face but had fun.


This man saw their air freshener and decided to do something creative about it. Since it “spat” liquid every now and then, he decided to create a drawing of a lizard, so it looks like it’s a spitting lizard of some sort. Once again, the degree of imagination and creativity of men deserve all the praise for this funny prank! We can also appreciate the effort put into printing out that lizard-looking creature.

Speaking about lizards, one actually shorts out the liquid in self-defense. But, instead of releasing it from the mouth, the short-horned lizard shoots it out of its eyes after the thin blood vessels around them rupture from pressure. Quite literally, this particular lizard has to give blood in order to defend itself. We just hope that humans are not the cause of why this happens.


This woman must’ve told her husband to cut the sandwich that’s in the picture. Funny enough, usually it is the man asking the wife to make a sandwich. The only problem is that she didn’t specify how to cut the sandwich in half. In turn, the man saw it as a great opportunity to cut it like they’re two pieces of a puzzle. It’s definitely unconventional, but it’s technically sliced in half. He sure made investments in slicing it carefully and even putting it on a breakfast board.

It is so refreshing to be served breakfast in bed. Lately, there has been an ongoing fad about serving them using breakfast board, just another fancy term for cutting boards repurposed as a plate. This is interesting because people have come to TikTok and shared how their breakfasts were being made, making people interested in cooking.


Clean dishes and a clean sink are a sight of a well-rounded home. This man must have thought that he could cheat his way out of doing the dishes. He took the clever route and placed a photo of an empty sink and placed it over the dirty dishes on the sink. Of course, his wife will not be thrilled upon seeing this, and she could see through the deception right away. If he had bought a dishwasher, he could have saved some time.

People had been washing dishes as far as modern times could go back, and as early as 1850, there was already a patent for the more automated dishwasher. Joel Houghton designed it out of food, and when it is activated, the water would pass through the plumbing and spray over the dishes. The concept is similar to modern washers. This time, it is just more effective and made of metal, not wood, and powered by electricity.


Putting googly eyes on anything is the perfect and classic prank to pull off! This woman certainly used googly eyes and placed them on everything that was on their fridge while her husband was sleeping. She definitely deserves credit for her dedication, and now, all of the items in their fridge look like they’re alive! It is just a bit scary if you open the refrigerator in the middle of the night and you are met with these googly eyes.

Traditionally, googly eyes were made of white plastic, a hard plastic shell that encapsulates the black plastic disk, which is supposed to be the black portion of the eye. Putting them on almost everything has been a hobby not just of children, but also of adults. They had been put on hammers, sandwiches, pipes, even taps. It makes an object with googly eyes less threatening–well, perhaps except at night.


This man decided to pull off a prank on his girlfriend by faking and pretending to cut off a piece of her hair while she was busy working. When in reality, he went and showed her a blonde extension. The woman was initially shocked, and she immediately became furious at her boyfriend. Luckily, they didn’t come to the point where a lawyer needed to intervene!

The girlfriend does not seem so amused based on the picture. She was probably working from home while the boyfriend was busy trying to play pranks. Working from home has become a norm in today’s world, where there is very limited movement. However, as we gradually open, things will start to go back to normal, and people will be working from the offices then. At that point, the boyfriend has to find another means to prank his partner.


This man saw changing the air filter as an opportunity to prank his wife. To his credit, he succeeded, and the wife couldn’t stop giggling over it. She was probably shocked when she pried open the grills that led to the filters. The man placed a photo of Bruce Willis, and interestingly, it perfectly fits the air filter’s space! It almost feels like the actor is staring back at them!

Interestingly, Bruce Willis is quite known for his many drama-action movies, and we are not surprised if he indeed crawls through an air filter to save someone. Willis is someone who can really deliver his commitments, whether it is in a John Wick-like Once Upon a Time in Venice or the CIA action movie Survive The Game. So it makes sense that it is his picture that the husband chose to put inside that air filter space.


This man’s wife wanted them to get a new guard dog to help guard their home. It’s certainly not a costly investment, but the man had other thoughts in mind. They already have a pet, a turtle, and usually, pets guard the house, right? So why buy a dog? He wanted their turtle to be their guard, and he taped a knife to it. Though it looks intimidating, it’s not one that will scare any intruders away.

Dogs can actually become more than house guards. They can also be trained to become service or support dogs. People who constantly need to monitor their glucose readings, for example, get one at a huge amount, while those with psychological challenges can also get one to help them manage their anxiety levels. A turtle might be too cute, but certainly not a dog who can do all those things.


This man’s girlfriend told him to wear a “plain” tie to a very important dinner. We know that formal dinners have very strict dress codes, especially if it is a black-tie dinner. In this instance, however, the man saw it as an opportunity to pull off a pun-based prank. Instead of a plain tie, he went out and got himself a tie filled with planes. To his credit, his girlfriend couldn’t be mad at him!

If the event was for airplane executives, this would be a very appropriate tie, though. Company events are a great way to network with others, and sometimes it can help get a promotion as you get to know the people that matter. That could be one reason why the person wore that tie. It is a conversation starter, and someone who gets to talk to people could very well end up in someone’s good graces.


This prank happened on April Fool’s day, and this man thought that pranking his wife would be the best idea. He posted fliers around town, asking random people to call his wife and do their best Chewbacca impression. He definitely deserves some degree of praise for creativity, and he gets points for dedication, too.

We can only imagine the wife sitting quietly or perhaps working on a project at home, and then the phone suddenly starts ringing. When she says “hello”, someone roars in the background as if they are being treated badly or mauled by a bear. She might become afraid or paranoid at first, but on the third or fourth call, she probably has it figured out and plays along. Her husband might be in for a surprise Chewbacca impersonation when he gets home.


This man has made it a habit to leave notes for his wife whenever he goes for some out-of-town work. One day, he decided to turn it up a notch and add a humorous touch to his deeds. If anything, this set of photos reveals that they’re incredibly happy together. Credits to them for having such a playful relationship!

There are many ways a couple can actually spice up their relationship. One way is by pranking each other, showing each other they could be fun too. Another one is by uploading TikTok videos as a couple. When looking at this video-sharing platform today, you can see all sorts of things, like a wife or a husband preparing the other person’s work lunch, documenting what they put inside the lunchbox every day. There are also those who like the person here who leaves notes on the lunchboxes for the spouse to read.


One of the things that often get purchased using savings during the holidays is jewelry. Women certainly love jewelry, and this man decided to prank his wife by getting a mug with a handle that looked a lot like a ring. Hopefully, the guy got matching jewelry with this prank so that she wouldn’t be disappointed in him. All’s well that ends well, right?

On a more serious note, there is always this practice that when proposing to a woman and putting a ring on it, the value of the jewelry should be three to five times the man’s salary. While this can be realistic for the rich, this is not something everyone should follow. Others believe it is only a capitalistic strategy, which has worked for generations. Given a choice, sure, but if on a budget, having a simple wedding is good enough. What is important is you do not contact a separation lawyer later on.


As the lovely owner of this car drove one day to work, she was surprised that people were honking and waving at her all of a sudden. Little did she know that her husband pranked her. The husband wrote a note on the woman’s bumper, saying, “Please honk and wave. She doesn’t know this is here!” We’re also hoping that these writings don’t mess up the woman’s car insurance policy!

She might not be happy afterward, though, as she needs to remove that painting from the car. Even if it can easily be removed, it might leave a mark that can further decrease its reselling value. We know that as soon as a vehicle is driven off the dealership, it progressively loses value. If they have no plans to sell the sedan, it should be alright. There is no need to worry at all.


This woman must’ve felt warm when her boyfriend said that he would be making heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. The boyfriend decided that it would be the perfect prank if he made pancakes that were shaped like a real human heart. The pancake is certainly anatomically correct, and he deserves credit for this impressive pancake art!

Pancake arts is nothing new. In fact, parents usually make all sorts of shapes to encourage their children, who are usually picky eaters, to eat some much-needed carbs in the morning. They would do heart shapes or even Mickey Mouse shapes. It is fun eating something that is not the usual because eating is an enjoyable experience. It involves all senses, especially tasting, touching, smelling, and seeing.


Here’s an excellent Halloween prank idea! This man printed an image of his face, placed it inside a jar, and then filled the entire jar with water. It may be a good prank, but we’re not sure if he gets credit for inducing a heart attack from his wife! The degree of effort is certainly appreciated, but the gore it shows is a bit of a turn-off for us. Also, it might cause some panic on the part of the wife.

If it does indeed induce a panic attack, it is best to have the wife or any person experiencing it sit down and then have deep breaths. Breathing in should be fast, while breathing out should be slow and steady. This should relax the body and calm down the palpitations. If things do not settle down, splashing some ice-cold water on the face would also help as it can stimulate the vagal nerve.


Placing a cardboard cutout behind the shower curtain is one of the best ways to prank your wife. This man decided to put a cardboard cutout of Star Trek’s Worf, and, without a doubt, it certainly shocked her wife. We’re not sure where he got this cardboard cutout, though. Maybe he kept it as an investment. We can only assume he also collects other things, like toys related to Star Trek.

This is undoubtedly a welcome prank for those who are fans of the movie series. The science-fiction franchise began in the 1960s and still has a huge cult following. Their merchandise usually sells for thousands of dollars today, especially those in pristine condition. The movies themselves, plus all the other platforms in the franchise, have earned an estimated $10.6 billion in revenue, making it one of the highest-grossing franchises.


One of the designer brands that often get purchased with credit cards is Coach. On average, a bag costs at least $300. One day, a woman asked her husband for a brand-new Coach bag, but the husband had other Coach bags in mind. He got her a paper bag that says “Coach,” and you could say that this prank is such a dad prank!

Dads are usually quite known for their corny dad jokes. This prank is just one manifestation of that. One of the simplest yet most funny jokes we have encountered so far is “Why are elevator jokes so classic and good?” The answer: “Because they work on so many levels”. It is so bad it is downright funny. For some reason, this kind of humor is expected of dads and is well-tolerated in parties and at the dinner table, most especially.


This man, all of a sudden, decided to get creative with his lawn. He created a Batman symbol, which will surely attract a ton of attention from the neighbors. We’re wondering if there’s a Batman-Esque home security system installed to match the Batman-themed lawn. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best lawn arts we’ve seen in quite a while.

If you are a fan of Batman, you probably heard of the theory that the reason why the Batman symbol is up there at night in Gotham City is not really to call the bat hero. Rather, it is to warn the criminals to hide and not commit any crimes at all because the masked vigilante is making his rounds. To some extent, this can actually be true. This, however, puts the police commissioner in a bad angle, so we take it with a grain of salt.


Sometimes it’s the small things that count. It has to find happiness with the mundane for things to some meaning. So, when this man’s wife asked for a simple cup of tea, she got what she asked for, a cup literally filled with ‘T’s. Childish, yes, but cute and funny at the same time, isn’t it?

This prank would probably work best in England, where they enjoy a “cuppa” on a daily basis. There was even a story that the electricity would usually go off during highly viewed sports games because people in London would get up and heat water all at the same time, during the game’s commercial break to make a cup of tea. We just hope that their electric companies have already anticipated this in the future. We sure do not want the power cutting off while Manchester United is playing.


We should all give credit to this man for pulling off such a prank. His girlfriend is on the shorter side, and when she asked to help install a mirror, he decided to put it a bit high. Now, all her girlfriend can see is her forehead. Although, we all know he had to install the mirror all over again. At least he had his 15 minutes of fun. We hope it was all worth it.

While we enjoy the mirror as a fixture in our daily lives, that has not always been the case. In the old times, when there was no mirror just yet, people had to rely on water mirrors in rivers and lakes to see a picture of themselves. They eventually discovered that when shined and polished, copper could also be a mirror. These are the ones being used in many historical Korean dramas we binge-watch on.


This one takes a bit of a degree of effort to pull off. First, open your partner’s car window all the way down. Then place some broken glass and shovels next to your partner’s car. Now, it looks like a crime scene, doesn’t it? All you need to do now is wait until your partner enters the garage and see the look on his face.

The only downside to this prank is that the partner might actually call the police and report it as a breach of security in the home. The law punishes those that report pranks to 911, and so the wife might get into trouble because of that. It is always better to be prudent when doing pranks like these and to anticipate every possible scenario with a backup plan so that things do not get out of control.


Doctors always say that when trying to be healthy and lose weight, 80% should be dietary changes and 20% exercise. This is not an easy feat, so we all look forward to our cheat days. So, here’s a clever prank to annoy your loved one. Buy a box of donuts and fill it with veggies instead! Watch how your partner’s face turns from several degrees of excitement to disappointment to annoyance in just a matter of seconds. Remember to keep the donuts after the prank.

Nutritionists would always say that more than half the plate should be comprised of green leafy veggies so that the body does not store that many carbohydrates. Having more than enough of them causes fat to build up and insulin sensitivity to go down, which can cause a host of metabolic syndromes. It is always best to eat healthy and stay healthy.


This man’s girlfriend really knows how to annoy. Although, we’ll give her credit for doing this cute prank. The girlfriend asked for a bite of his ice cream, and when he got his ice cream back, the bottom of the cone was bitten off. At least the chocolate at the bottom was still there!

We can only guess that the girlfriend was on a diet and did not want the extra sugar from the cone. These cones, by the way, were invented at the 1904 World’s Fair in Missouri as a way for people to eat their favorite ice cream easily without being too messy. It is mostly sugar and carbohydrates, just as the ice cream is mostly milk and sugar. While we can indulge in a tablespoon or so, it is not advisable to consume pints of them all at once as it could be detrimental to the health. A bite is sufficient.


We all know that women like their secrets, and kudos to this girl for knowing how to take advantage of that. She baited her boyfriend with a dummy diary. Sure enough, it got her boyfriend curious and asked if he could have a read, and what he read surely surprised him. It was meant as a prank, but could there be something serious about the message, too?

Diaries are not just a way to keep secrets but also a way to retain memories. The brain only remembers a very small percentage of what happened in the past, and writing things down can jog our neural network and reignite those memories. On the flip side, if there is something we want to forget, keeping a diary might not be a very good idea. Overall, though, making investments in one seems like a very enticing hobby, at least.


This one is a classic prank, but with a twist. It is something you’d expect to be done to you by your boys. However, this man’s girlfriend was the culprit. She placed a temporary butterfly neck tattoo on him while he was sleeping-credit to her ingenious prank. Well, at least he got a cool tattoo, in a girly way.

For the most part, being inked has been associated with being bad or being in a state facility. But for many cultures in the world, having a tattoo is part of their culture. Many cultures in Africa, for example, use tattoos to indicate that a person has been a great contributor to the community through the various wars they have had with other tribes. The more tattoo a person has, the higher the status in society, too. Hence, it is not a very good idea to stereotype them in a bad way.


Sometimes, it’s hard to put in the investments for a birthday party for your partner. However, this man is a different story. When his girlfriend told him that she only wanted a generic birthday celebration, he literally prepared all things generic. He even labeled them! Remember, always be careful what you ask for.

The same goes when people ask each other where they would eat. They would normally answer “Wherever” or “Whatever’s closest” without specifying anything. At times, it is good to be generic, but when it comes to certain things, like birthdays, we need to be very precise. A person’s birthday is unique to him and is special to that person, so they deserve all the care and attention in the world. Of course, the prank in this picture was meant as a surprise, and as a twist, so we approve of this.


First, we should all give credit to this grandpa for still having the guts to mess with his wife. They say that true love is all about companionship and growing old together while fully accepting each other’s quirks. In this case, they were at the doctor, and when the wife had to step on the scale, he also put his foot on it without her knowing. The wife couldn’t believe it and kept getting on and off the scale again and again.

What could be the wife’s reaction if she realizes her husband had been messing with her? She might laugh it off. One thing is serious, though, and that is the issue of body image in people. It tends to mess things up, and so in instances where this happens and insecurity sets in, seek help from friends or professionals.


Language is indeed something that is interesting and can be humorous, too. Nothing beats a cute and innocent prank for a few laughs, and this man’s wife had the perfect one for him. He asked her to mark the boiled eggs with ‘B’s. However, he got a set of eggs with cute bees drawn on them. Any degree of adorableness will surely make anyone chuckle. We just hope that the ink has not seeped in, rendering the egg indelible, err… inedible.

The husband, in this instance, used a concept in language studies called homophones, which are words that sound alike but have different spellings. In this case, “bees” and “Bs”. Another example is “knew” and “new”. It is a very interesting area of study because it only shows how rich English is considering the many influences it had from the various Germanic and Latin languages.


This one’s special, and we should give credit to this woman for her dedication to a good prank. Imagine going one, bypassing the home security system as usual, and then looking at the house, sensing that something was amiss. You then see that there is, indeed, something awry. The wife literally turned everything in the house upside down. From the tables and chairs to the food and drinks in the fridge, it’s all upside down. She even found a way to turn the glasses of water upside down!

There are many museums and areas that feature upside-down houses, and it really boggles the mind. These places offer a fresh perspective on things and practically tell us to look at things rather differently. Because it tickles the mind, new ideas might come out. So if you are stuck on a project, do a prank like this and see if creative juices get flowing soon.


However manly you may think you are, there’s nothing comparable to the degree of fear little creepy crawlers put on you, and this lady just had to do this to her man. She did a cut out of a bug out of paper and placed it in a lamp. A terrifying silhouette welcomed her man when he got home. There are jokes online that usually solve this problem, and that is abandoning the house or setting it on fire. Of course, both are options that are not very realistic.

Also, consider living in Australia, where various animals and bugs are oversized. If you do not know how to deal with critters and animals, you are in for a nightmare down under. On the other hand, if you love animals and can live in harmony with them, it should not be a problem. You just have to learn how to coax a snake out of a toilet bowl.


This man was asked by his wife to go and buy a pillow. However, she failed to mention the size of the pillow she wanted, and being a man who knows that size matters, he bought her the biggest pillow available. Credit to his wife for being a good sport and taking this funny photo with the pillow. We wonder how that fits inside the car or whether it is one of those magic pillows.

There is a longstanding belief that anyone who has so many pillows in the bed suffers some form of mental health issues. If this is true, we can help them by being a friend to them and listening when no one does. While this big pillow can be a red flag for something more serious, it can also just be an indication that the man is being funny. We never know, so it is always better to be a good friend.


Buying flowers for your lady can be one of the best investments you can make in your life. Sometimes, you can even buy the biggest bouquet to show sincerity. Apart from the requisite chocolate, flowers are usually seen as well on Valentine’s Day and more importantly, on Mothers’ Day. However, when this man wanted to apologize to his wife, he bought her baking flour instead. Nothing beats making a woman laugh. Well, let’s hope she did.

This kind of prank can actually work if the woman is a baker. She could turn the flour into something profitable. She might even think of a recipe and reverse-prank her husband. A healthy amount of pranking is indeed needed for a relationship to retain its vigor and energy. If anyone, however, causes distress, they should also apologize, just like what this man did.


No amount of investment can beat a hand-crafted gift from a loved one, and when this gamer told his wife that he wanted something made by her for Christmas, she happily obliged. She made a detailed needlepoint reference to the video game Oregon Trail. It was something sweet and hilarious at the same time.

The Oregon Trail, apart from being a game, actually refers to the emigrant trail in the US that spanned the current state of Kansas and about half of Nebraska and Wyoming. It was laid out by fur traders from 1811 to 1840 and passable on foot or by horseback. This trail declined over time, right from the moment that railroads were constructed. Now, there is no need for trails, except when hiking in the boondocks or national parks. Many historical events happened in the Oregon Trail, though, and it is worth studying deeper.


There’s nothing more romantic than cooking dinner for your loved one, and when this man’s girlfriend asked for fish for dinner, he got what she asked for – to a certain extent, at least. Next time, I’m sure she’ll be more specific, especially when she’s asking for something from her prankster boyfriend. We wonder how this certain “Swedish” fish tasted, though.

Of course, if they ever really want to fish, they can head over to the hobby store and buy a fishing rod. They can then go to the nearest river and hopefully catch some fish. In some countries, like Singapore, fishing is heavily monitored. One could get in trouble and lawyers needed to be hired if they fished in the wrong spot. So when doing this hobby, it is better to get to know the local regulations. We just wanted to enjoy fishing and not get into trouble with the law.


When the husband wakes up in the morning, the stereotypical expectation is that the wife already had food prepared. Imagine when his wife told him that there was some French toast for him on the stove. You can only imagine the degree of excitement he must have felt only for it to turn into disappointment. What he got was a couple of less-than-bite-sized French toast. Cute and funny but an annoying prank, nonetheless.

Of course, having equal duties in the household is the norm nowadays, so by lunchtime, perhaps it will be the husband’s turn. When the wife asks for steak, he might do a reverse prank and put something that is “well done” on the table to compliment her on the earlier prank. As we know, Americans usually like their steak rare and might be a tad annoyed if that was the case.


Do you know how some pet owners love to dress up their dogs? Well, we credit this man for having the brilliant idea of making his dog wear a terrifying mask to scare his girlfriend. She must have had the scare of her life when that dog came running towards her. Indeed, Halloween is the time of the year when people get very extra creative about what they wear. They now even include their dogs. So long as no animal cruelty is involved, it is fine.

This does make sure to remember a Halloween scene from Lucifer where Maze shows her true face to Trixie as it was the only time she could without driving Trixie away. There is a theory, however, that Trixie knew all along about the actual persona of Lucifer and Maze and that she was okay with it. It is too bad this part was never really tacked when the series finally ended.


We all know how much women adore jewelry, and when this man shelled out investments to buy his wife a lovely necklace, he had a pretty good idea for a prank. He told the seller to sloppy gift wrap the present. It worked like a charm, and the gift looked horrible. Imagine her surprise when she unwraps it. It seems like it was actually shrink-wrapped rather than wrapped with traditional gift wrapping.

Shrink-wrapping can be pretty useful because you only need to use a small amount of heat, and it does the wonder for you. Certainly, it is not ideal for wrapping gifts, but when sealing other things, it can be a blessing. DVD items and food items like meat and cheeses all benefit from shrink-wrapping. It is a very effective way to keep moisture out and thus protect valuable food and electronic items.


We should credit this man as a master punster. When the wife went into the kitchen, ready to bake something, she would look for the corn starch and see that something has changed. All the dads on the internet must have gone wild for this. “Clabber Girl” is actually a reference to the famous line in Jurassic Park where Muldoon refers to a velociraptor as a ‘clever girl’. Although his wife took a while to notice the cornstarch, she did have a good laugh.

The movie Jurassic Park was released in 1993, so those who can get this reference was likely born in the 1980s and spent their childhood in the 1990s. When the movie came out, it became an instant hit among children, and over the weekend, it fetched over $200 million. For the producers, it was a huge win, while for the children, it was a dream come true as their favorite dinosaurs came to life.


Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of cleverness to come up with a good prank, and with the perfect degree of patience, the opportunity will surely come, just like this one. His wife asked him to put the pasta on the stove. Perhaps the wife was on the way home and wanted to get the pasta cooked before she prepared the sauce. The husband did it, quite literally. She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw this photo.

There is always that disagreement about whether to put oil when boiling pasta. Others usually put a little bit so that the pasta noodles would not stick together, but Italians disagree and say that only a bit of salt is needed. Well, whether it is one or the other, what is important is that there is love put in, as, without that key ingredient, any pasta dish would be so tasteless.


They say that you should always be careful when living with a pregnant woman, and this man learned the hard way. He left some Fudge Rounds lying around. Little did he know that his prized investment would be gobbled up. She even rubbed it in by having the last laugh.

Pregnant women have all kinds of cravings because of the hormonal changes they undergo. For the most part, they crave chocolates or sour fruits. There is no precise explanation on why these are the types of food they want, but the myth is that these are the food the baby wants. Whatever the case may be, it is always a good idea for a pregnant woman to monitor her health and eat sufficient healthy food for her and the baby. After all, we want a healthy child to come out.


This man’s girlfriend promised that she would never fart in front of him. It was a worthy challenge with a degree of difficulty that very few can ever accomplish. Sure enough, she failed miserably, and her boyfriend celebrated her loss with a sweet cake. Despite it being humiliating, we’re sure she also enjoyed the celebration. Fart jokes are very common nowadays.

They always say that you can measure a very close relationship when the two of you can fart in each other’s presence. Of course, bodily functions are normal, and there is nothing to be ashamed of regarding farts, but doing so in public or in the presence of people you do not know can be embarrassing, and that is why most would try to hold them in. This only results in being bloated and even a louder fart in the next few minutes.


This prank takes a certain degree of skill to pull off. With the magic of Photoshop, this woman was able to scare the pants off her husband. She told him she found a stray dog to adopt. The funny part about this is that you can tell she had brought a random animal home before. With today’s technology, pranks like this are very easy to pull off and are common nowadays, and it takes a great amount of effort to determine if one is being pranked.

Adopting stray dogs, however, is a very commendable act. There are so many strays in some areas that they already pose a danger to people walking on the street. Keeping them at home will ensure that the dog gets food and shelter while bystanders are safe from being bitten by random dogs who might have rabies.


There is always that question about which one is better, Coke or Pepsi. Finally, this man has answered the age-old question of which soda is better – Coke or Pepsi. His girlfriend, being in the Pepsi camp, thought she had him convinced. However, when she got home, this is what she saw. We have to give him credit for speaking the truth. Coke is indeed better.

Coca-Cola was created in 1886, and despite the many years that have passed, its recipe has remained the same. It is a trade secret, so others cannot copy it. Apart from being used as a drink, Coke has also been used for cooking. That sweet and fizzy drink just adds a certain layer of flavor to chicken and other meats when used as a marinade. We are yet to hear of Pepsi being used for such.


Finding the right gift for your wife can be quite a challenging task. This man, on the other hand, found the right book to give to his partner – a book entitled Sex After 40. Sounds perfect, right? However, that thick book literally has blank pages. That book might be given credit for being one of the best prank books ever.

Prank books are very common nowadays. You will see them on buses and other public transportation. Pranksters would usually make sure everyone in the bus or the train sees them and even takes a picture of them “reading” the book, hoping that the photos would go viral. Of course, there is also no other better hobby than reading a book, at least for those who like reading in general. The smell of a new book is simply enchanting and encouraging.


They say that role-play can spice things up with your loved one in bed. This man found the right investment to show his girlfriend – a Jabba the Hutt costume. She literally walked in on one of the sexiest men in the galaxy and even got to take a photo. Who would not want to take a picture, right?

People usually cosplay their favorite characters in a movie or a franchise, hoping to bring them to life. For this fellow, being Jabba the Hutt was his way of expressing his love for his girlfriend. For others, they really make the effort of making each item in the clothes, the color combination, and even the weapons, if any, for the character they are imitating. They also stay in character, just like method actors in Hollywood who are known to embody the roles they play in the movies.


Sometimes, a degree of childish humor is what you need in your life. And fart and poo are the pinnacles of funny lowbrow jokes. This woman had a little fun with the shampoo bottle and did a bit of customization with the text. She then showed it off to her husband for a good chuckle. We can appreciate how the lady did her work and made sure that the intended words really came out.

While we tend to make fun of poo, this can actually indicate how healthy a person is. That is why in most routine laboratory requests at a clinic or a primary care facility, doctors would normally ask for an examination of the poo. This would reveal if there is blood or parasites, among other things, and can give the doctor a better picture of your health. So yes, we can make fun of that poo, but we should also appreciate it for being a window to our health.


This fun couple pooled their money to do some repainting in their house, and while the husband was away, the wife took the liberty to get some paint samples. She got him all excited and messaged him that she got 50 Shades of Grey. However, he was disappointed when she showed him this picture. She was not wrong, as there were indeed different shades of grey in that picture.

Renovating the flooring, as we assume the case with this one, can be a costly endeavor. Hiring the right contractor to do the job is the key to ensuring that you get what you pay for. On average, expect to pay $1,600 to $4,500, depending on the size of the floor itself. This is why many people like to DIY instead, as they could do it for a lower price. Just make sure you know what to do if you go the DIY route.


Housewives just don’t get enough credit for the hard work they do around the house, and this wife was feeling a little blue herself. Good thing the husband knows the right ways to light the fire back in his wife. He picked up this book for her for some inspiration. Getting her this Extreme Ironing prank was perhaps a bit extreme, too, but we do hope the wife had a little laugh.

Ironing is a task that really takes a lot of effort, and so it is better shared among family members. It should not be just the wife doing it, but also the husband. A good idea is also to make sure that kids are raised knowing how to do basic chores like doing the laundry and ironing so that they do not get shocked when they are already on their own.


This man was out of the country, and his girlfriend was missing him. She told him to send a photo that reminds him of her. Funnily enough, this is what he showed her. Gotta give him something for some top-notch imagination. We mean, men would agree, there is that degree of resemblance.

Joke aside, people going inside mosques in a foreign country should first of all respect the laws of the land and second, know the religious do’s and don’ts. You do not want to offend a whole culture simply by being ignorant of the laws or the practices. For example, in many Asian countries, it is forbidden to enter temples while wearing skimpy clothes to respect to the religion they follow.


When things get boring, it’s a good idea to set some friendly competition. This guy bets his wife that she couldn’t shave his feet without waking him up. Needless to say, things didn’t go too well for him. Not only did she get to shave his foot, she even did his nails. Credit to her for some artistic nail polish; she could even do a business out of nail arts if she wishes to do so.

Nail arts were a fad at one point simply because people were bored, just like the husband and wife in this particular prank. Nails have been the subject of artistic expression for the longest time. Like the skin, they are very versatile. You can use any kind of color and material, and it would stick to the nail. Removing any unwanted design is also relatively easy.


Knowing how to push the right buttons can be a good thing in a healthy relationship, so credit this guy for knowing the perfect way to annoy. His girlfriend is a bit short, and he placed the toilet papers on the top shelf. He even did a piece of art stacking up the rolls. We know how women are very particular about how toilet rolls should be stored, and we can actually predict a rather negative reaction from her on this one.

There are many men-women differences in a relationship, usually involving the toilet. One of them is whether the toilet cover should be up or down. Men like it up so that it is easier to pee, but women want it down all the time to remain clean. That daily banter between wife and husband on small things like this might just be what is needed to spice things up.


Nothing beats a good rest and relaxation during the holidays. This wife wanted her husband to make investments in some laser hair removal for Christmas. Good thing he knows how to be frugal and gifted her a DIY hair laser removal gadget. Let’s just hope that he did buy her a gift certificate. However, we are not so hopeful that the wife would like this particular prank.

The husband could have bought a gift card to a waxing place. This practice of waxing versus shaving has shown more benefits than disadvantages. Those who get waxed tend to have less hair regrowing, while those who shave are said to have hair growing thicker. It may or may not be true, though. One thing is sure, the constant shaving motion makes the skin darker, and hence dermatologists are not so keen on shaving.


Trying out new stuff with your loved one can spice up any relationship, and when this guy’s wife gifted him this fantasy coupon, he thought he would be in for a wild night. Sadly, when he fully opened the coupon, it wasn’t what he expected. Kudos to the wife for this clever little prank.

Being disappointed in a relationship is really nothing new. The key is to talk things over and ensure that both are on the same page. In this case, they are actually in for a whole night of analytical conversation, and they can use that time to sort out any misunderstanding they might have. If they do not have anything to solve, they can definitely talk about their plans. They might be looking forward to a home renovation or an upgrade to their home security system.


Giving birth to a child might be one of the most memorable moments for both the mom and the dad. So, when this guy’s wife told him to take a photo of their special moment, he happily obliged with this photo. We can’t begin to imagine the degree of pain she was experiencing, but the guy couldn’t be happier. While there are options for painless delivery, many believe that pain is part of the process.

Hospitals now allow the husbands to join their wives in the birthing process. They might not share the pain literally, but they can act as support for their wives. Husbands can hold the hands of their wives and absorb the pain when they hold on to them every five minutes when the contractions happen. It would perhaps be a great joy to their kid, learning one day that both father and mother were very supportive of each other.


Getting a dog could be one of a couple’s biggest investments in a relationship. This woman was happily expecting her boyfriend to bring her home a litter of golden retrievers. Too bad she had a different idea, and she didn’t get the little furballs she wanted. He did get her one golden retriever. She could probably sell that and then get a dog next time.

People tend to go for dogs with the breed when buying them, but there are two things animal rights activists are fighting for. The first is that people should start adopting and not buying. There are many shelters where they could get a dog. Second, any dog, whether a mixed breed or a purebred, should be treated the same, with love and kindness. We believe that the woman in this picture would have made a good fur mom.


To some degree, this one can be considered a crime against humanity. This wife posted this photo on Reddit, saying that she thinks she might have to let go of her husband, and we can’t really blame her. We mean, what man in a proper state of mind would do such a thing? Eating half of the food is simply not acceptable. This behavior is common in children but not among adults, so we expect a long discussion after this.

Baking food has been a very trendy hobby for the past two years due to the ongoing world health situation, and people have really been very creative coming up with various recipes. Man will indeed find ways to ease their boredom. We hope that more recipes will be invented so we can always select food that we should eat properly, unlike the husband here.


It’s pretty clear who wears the pants in this relationship. We should credit to this girlfriend for honestly pointing out some brutal truths to her partner. She took aim at his sensitive teeth and hilariously wrote this on his toothpaste. It would be funny if he never used this toothpaste again after this prank.

In any relationship, there is always the one who is more dominant than the other. People usually say that if a woman loves the man more, that relationship will likely last more than when the situation is reversed. We do not necessarily subscribe to this idea, but there could be some truth to it. They say that when a woman is done, they simply give up, with no chance of getting back together. Does that mean that the woman should be wearing the proverbial pants in the relationship?


This guy told his girlfriend that he’d be spending the night at his buddy’s place. She jokingly said to send her some sexy pics. He perfectly delivered and sent her this sexy photo. Kudos to them for knowing how to dress and pose sexy for the camera. We bet she’s satisfied with what she got.

A similar trend is going on in TikTok right now, where partners pretend to be in a call. Suddenly, they would see a lock of hair or a part of another person’s body in the camera frame, leading the other person to believe that one is being disloyal. While this is funny to a certain degree, it could foster distrust between partners, so it should be avoided. We know that fully trusting one another is a hallmark of a healthy relationship, and no one should break that bond.


One thing we have to deal with when things are delivered is an abundance of cardboard and other packaging materials scattered about. This lady told his boyfriend to take the cardboard from their new bed frame out of their room before leaving for work. Well, it looks like he skipped work and crafted this masterpiece. She better praise him for that exquisite craftsmanship and not have thrown that thing out.

Due to the ongoing health crisis, 2021 was considered the year of the package, as people had all of their needs delivered. This meant that packaging waste also increased worldwide. It is always better to make investments in recycling or even upcycling these wastes so that we can still take care of the environment. In the US alone, packaging waste accounted for 30% of their annual waste numbers, which hopefully is brought down.

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