25 Dad Fails and Reasons Why They Should Not Be Left Alone To Take Care of Children

Daddies are not known to be very good at taking care of kids, at least not the traditional way. This does not mean that they do not love their offspring as many of them are providers and would give anything for their sons and daughters, including expensive food, insurance, money and all the love they could give them. There are moments, however, that taking care of kids at home can get in the way of their life, so they get a little bit…creative.

Gaming Is the Life

We all know that men are primed to play games for life. No matter how old they are, no matter their status in life, gaming is their life. Even when they become a father, they will find a way to integrate gaming into their parenting duties. In this photo, we can see how the dad is still managing to feed his baby while still holding on to a controller. This is perhaps the very definition of multi-tasking. Let us just hope the kid does not burp all that milk into the controller.

Eating while taking care of the baby

Are dads nurturing? There is a longstanding belief that they are not and that it is really the mother who is nurturing. One look at this picture, and we are inclined to agree to a great degree. It appears the father is hungry and wanted a quick snack, but he was left alone so no one would lull the baby to sleep. He then found a way to do both tasks by laying his baby along his forearm and then using the back of the child as a table for his snack. Clever, but dangerous as the baby might fall.

Ballet For Daddies

Children love ballet, and when they are sent to ballet school, they make all kinds of effort to be good at it. But sometimes, they may get tired and frustrated, especially if no one at home can teach them some moves. So, we can only assume that this father was trying to learn ballet so that he could be an example for his lovely kids. He even wears the dress, but not the shoes. Well, we can say that the kid loves it, and she would probably be boasting about her dad with other friends, giving him credit for trying.

Game Controller and Chin Bottle Holder

Dad likes gaming, right? And what do children want? They simply want to be held and cuddled. So, this father was quick-witted enough to come up with a win-win solution where he could still play his game while feeding his baby. Look at that small human already starting to fall asleep. Also, who knew that a chin should be an effective baby bottle holder? This setup allows him to play his game and lull the baby to sleep, which is a cool setup. They are also bonding and the kid will likely end up a gamer, too.

Integrated Work-Desk Bed

Okay, the jury is out on this one, but we have to give credit to the man for thinking of how he could play his game and still allow the baby to get some sleep. He did this by putting him inside a dresser draw that is right next to his computer. So long as there are no cables with live electricity, we suppose it is safe. We can also see that he added a sleeping blanket there. The only challenge is if the child suddenly wakes up and bumps himself in the head.

Stay Fit and Healthy

They say that raising a child is a full-time job and there is a need to exert every effort. Sometimes, parents tend to forget to take care of themselves, but not this particular father. He has found a way to multitask by doing some exercise and keeping watch over his daughter, who appears to be working on her own exercise regimen. The kid might even become a cyclist one day and we can then go back to this picture and say this is where it all began. Truly, parents serve as inspiration to their kids.

This Only Took 10 Minutes

Mothers know that if a toddler is silent, something bad is going to happen. Either they are tearing down something or painting something or eating something they should not. What about fathers? If left unsupervised, they can actually do a lot of damage, especially when babysitting. In this case, a mother shared on Reddit that she was gone for a total of ten minutes, and when she came back, her child has been transformed into an angry-looking infant. Should we credit the father’s make-up skills? It is probably not a good idea.

Grocery Run with Dad

This is definitely not hilarious, and we are just about ready to call a lawyer here. The dad was busy doing a grocery run, but instead of a shopping cart, he is pushing a stroller. So, where does he put all the products he was planning to purchase? Atop his daughter’s stroller, of course. Her face is now covered with household items and milk, but we sure hope she was able to breathe through all that. She is not visibly crying so perhaps she did not mind, but this is borderline for us, so we hope this does not happen again.

Challenge the Daddies through the Cheerios Challenge

Even before TikTok challenges became a fad, there was already the Cheerios challenge back in 2016. The idea is to stack as many Cheerios on their baby and guess who answered the call to this challenge? Mostly men, which is expected to a great degree. They had actually mastered it and are very proud to show how many Cheerios they could put on top of their baby and not wake them up. This particular daddy stacked so many cereal pieces, and yet he remained asleep. So, was he the winner?

Kiwi Master

If the other images have not convinced you yet of the various dad babysitting fails, this one probably would. We know that fathers view the world through a different lens, and this is just one example. He was looking at his kid’s head from an angle and immediately associated it with a kiwi. He then proceeded to put a label on his kid’s head, which is funny. Now the question is whether the dad would now decide to weigh the head next. That would be one expensive kiwi, but worth all the investment money in the world.

Lick the Ketchup Challenge

Imagine this, you are carrying your child and eating a burger at the same time. Then as it always does, the ketchup drips off, and unfortunately, it landed on your baby’s cheeks. What do you do then? Well, this father tried to lick it off! It might seem disgusting to some, even unacceptable, but he had to do it because it was close to her eyes. We do have to give the dad credit for not wasting on food and making sure none of that nasty ketchup goes inside his baby’s eyes and makes her cry.

New Hairstyle

Dads are naturally goofy, and sometimes that playful attitude is evident when they take care of their child, most of the time to the horror of their wives. When Melissa asked her hubby to bathe their baby, he jumped on willingly. He had an ulterior motive, after all, and took pictures of the baby sporting a new bubble hairstyle. We do give him praise for making the baby look cute. We can assume that these are no-tears baby baths, and so the baby probably had fun, too. We just hope the father thoroughly rinsed everything.

Baby Road Rage

For sure, babies are not allowed to drive conventional vehicles. With those powered by battery and electricity, along with AI, things might be different, though, as there will be no need for a driver so even a baby can technically be inside and still be safe. Until then, this father should be chastised for letting the baby “drive.” Also, it appears the kid is so angry. Is there perhaps another vehicle in front of them driving so slowly? We can only guess, but this is, without a doubt, one hilarious photo. The mother might not be amused, though.

Toilet Plunger Carrier?

Dads like to experiment, and when he saw a plunger, he decided it was well worth the curiosity. What he did will probably make us question whether the father is fit to be one. The next step is probably to call the police or a lawyer, but if we think of this picture here, we can find it a bit hilarious. We cannot see his son’s face, but knowing kids, we can safely guess that he was laughing while his dad had that plunger on his back.

Dad Jokes on Facebook

It is an unwritten rule on social media that you do not ever add your parents there because they have an uncanny way of embarrassing you. They might post baby pictures or make remarks you do not like. In this case, a lady posted a photo with her boyfriend in the picture holding pair of blue bowling bowls. The father goes on to retort that he was glad they were blue. Well, the child appears to be unbothered by the dad joke and the reference, so kudos to her! They probably laugh about it until now.

Get me out of here!

The child would probably be storming out of the room the moment her father releases some deadly gas. This could also very well be the biggest fail in this collection because who would want to stick his bum out for his child to see, right? It could be traumatizing, especially if they had eaten Brussels sprouts prior to this. The girl is also not amused and is certainly not willing to put up with it. The mother, who is likely the one taking the photo, might also be laughing this one out.

How to Dress Them

When parents are busy, they usually make investments in sending their toddlers to daycare so that someone else would look after them. The basic expectation is that fathers or mothers should send them in with clothes on and food or formula with them, so they do not get hungry. Jeremy, the father of the baby in the picture, appears to have done that, except for one thing. He thought that the overalls were enough and qualified as “fully clothed”. In the text exchange that followed, it was clear he was clueless that a shirt goes under the overalls!

Take the Plunge

Usually, there are differences in how mothers do their parenting as opposed to fathers. The latter is said to be a degree more aggressive. They allow their children to take risks. As we can see in this photo, the father appears to be dropping his daughter in a foam pit. If the mother is present, she is likely going to have a fit, but the lesson here is about trust, so the father is willing to take that risk for her daughter. This photo was taken a few years ago, so we are wondering what her outlook in life is now.

Pushing Children to their Limits

Parents are usually the first to believe in their children’s capabilities. They make sure to make investments in propping them up for success at an early age, too. This father, however, might have taken it quite literary as he asked his daughter to push a rather full shopping cart, with him included. This could very well break his daughter’s limit. Of course, we know that she could do it with ease as there are wheels. She looks like she is enjoying it, too, so this moment is actually a good father-daughter bonding time.

Baby Harley Davidson

What did Harley Davison look like when he was just a child? Others might guess he looked exactly like the picture shown here. We know how badass Harley Davidson motorcycles are. One small revolution of the gas and the motorcycle could be on its way against a host of hurdles. Well, this kid’s dad took it upon himself to change his baby’s outfit with a goatee, a bandana, and a tattoo, making him look like a real biker. Now, the challenge is how the husband would deal with the wife when the latter comes home.

Chilling in the Afternoon Sun

We all know that babies, even adults, need a healthy dose of sun daily so that our body can make use of Vitamin D. Well, what if you are a father and also need a glass of beer at the same time? Dad was able to solve this problem by attaching a rope to the swing as his toddler wanted to swing right under the afternoon sun. On the other hand, the father did not want to bask under it but rather enjoy his glass of beer in the shade instead. Dads can get creative when it comes to drinking their beer and parenting!

Home with Dad is Fun

They say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. For these children, however, home is where the fun is. Who needs to go to Disneyland, spend a bunch of money, and then go home when you can have as much fun without spending any? In this picture, we can see the Dad giving his children a ride they would never forget, atop a used mattress. They were probably trying to discard it but decided to have fun before doing so. Even from afar, the smiles on these two are pretty evident.

Bonding Time

Starting children early on household chores is a must. Otherwise, they will grow up to be Karens. There is something about taking responsibility for chores that make us productive members of society. In this case, the dad decides their bonding time should be spent mowing the lawn. Yes, the toddler is not really cutting any grass, but that muscle memory of doing it is something helpful in the long run. This can even be their past time in the future. The dad, of course, needed to wear some pants for his sake.

Pressurized Air

It is usually not fun if you are hit by pressurized air right smack in the face, but this girl, or at least her sister, appears to be enjoying it. We do not exactly know what was happening here, but the father is blowing air into the girl’s mouth, perhaps as a sort of punishment or, on the flip side, their version of having fun. We are banking on the latter as it would not be a fun way to discipline a child. We do give credit to the other girl for seeing the fun in this.

Finding New Ways To Drink Beer

Men really like their beer, but what if they have to feed their babies and drinking beer could get in the way? Then, they have to innovate. In this case, the father decided to enjoy a sip from straws put together to form one, while he is also holding his baby’s bottle. With both hands occupied, he had to rely on his creativity and mouth so that he could get his well-deserved cold beer. Credit goes to the father, who has found a new way to drink beer, which others can really copy.

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