20 Timely Selfies That Were Taken Moments Before Tragedy

It’s not every day that we find an image that encapsulates the precise moment before a tragedy hits. Whenever we get them, however, they certainly become treasured materials. These images deliver a ton of emotion, and they can be quite overwhelming to come across. With this in mind, we’ve managed to compile 20 perfectly-timed photographs.

Funny Splash

First up on our list is this soon-to-be-wet image. It shows two surfers who are either returning or going to the beach. Rain can be quite a hassle especially when you’re on vacation. The brochure certainly didn’t include information about a puddle of mud! It would’ve been better if you knew that it was going to be rainy before you paid for the vacation using your credit card!

On a different take, at least the car that splashed them with gooey mud is not cheap. If we’re to look closely, the car’s brand is RAM. A young brand founded in 2010 in the US but is already serving in most parts of the world with its stunning trucks and vans.