Going Out In Style: Photos Of Costumed People Getting Arrested

There are plenty of expressions in our vocabulary arsenal that we could use in particular scenarios. One such example is when you find yourself in a pretty unexpected situation. With credit to whoever first used this, the expression in question is, “Now I’ve seen it all.” In a way, it’s quite suitable for these surprising moments: if it really took you off guard, then it’s safe to say nothing can phase you anymore from there on out. While that moment hasn’t come to many of us yet, it always helps to be prepared – even for things we couldn’t necessarily be prepared for.

Some Questions For The Cat

As you may have read from the title, we’ll be looking at some people who had an encounter with the police. As serious as that may sound, the fact that these people are in costume just adds a degree of humor to the photos. In a way, it always helps to be at your most presentable: can’t tell what will happen throughout the day, after all. Now then, to start with, let’s chat with Hello Kitty, shall we? After she’s done talking with the men in blue, of course. By the looks of it, she’s pointing them to the next person we’ll see in the list.

An Encounter With The Pooh-lice

Out of all the cartoon characters we have seen through the years, it’s safe to say Winnie the Pooh takes credit for being one of the most wholesome characters around. Besides his yellow fur and red shirt, Pooh could always be seen strolling along while holding his signature jar of honey. Perhaps something might have happened to it during the taking of this photo. Maybe Pooh asked the police for help in finding his lost honey jar. Well, before they even respond to his require, there’s no denying Christopher Robin and his friends are already out searching for that jar – and Pooh.


First, we had a kitty cat, then a yellow, honey-loving bear. If you think the list of animals ends there, you’re wrong. Because this time we got a pig. At this point, we’ve all heard of the phrase “when pigs fly.” It’s a pretty reliable response for when someone asks or requests an impossible task for us – we can do it once pigs start flying. Seeing a pig go to jail is also a highly unlikely scenario – to a certain degree. As it turns out, it’s still more likely to witness pigs getting cuffed – or in this case, hogtied.

When You’ve Got Beef With The Police

When we think of livestock, the first animal we think of is cows. Raising and tending them is arguably one of the essential investments in the world. After all, through them, we get several of our daily needs, like milk. Besides that, there’s also a cow-related term that has been added to the vocabulary. When someone really dislikes someone, we could say they have beef with that particular person. Well, perhaps this cow-costumed fellow had beef with someone. While we may not know who it is, maybe there’s still room to assume he said “Moo!” before the camera snapped a picture of him.

Feeling A Little Coo-coo

There’s no denying that we’ve all had a fair amount of experience playing Truth or Dare with family members or even friends. Suffice to say, we often chose the latter. Of course, spilling some tea of Truth can be tough, but some Dares can be very challenging – like going around town in a chicken suit. It’s safe to say the one who took the dare had some second thoughts, at first, opting his friends to call him a chicken. Well, to their credit, they’re right. Thanks to this picture, this fellow has cemented his place on the internet as the Chicken Man who went coo-coo. We may not see his face, but the chicken mask itself presents an interesting expression.

Canned The Trash Can

Keeping the environment clean is a must. After all, this planet Earth is our home, and we wouldn’t like it to be in a messy and untidy state, right? With that in mind, there’s no surprise that many organizations have spent portions of investment money engaging in a variety of projects, like tree-planting activities and community clean-ups. Along the way, people would also support the advocacy through other means. This costumed fellow thought it suitable to roam around the streets dressed up as a trash can. Well, one thing’s for sure: it did garner some attention – maybe a little too much attention.


Among many establishments, fast-food chains have undoubtedly garnered a high degree of recognition through the years, especially with the kids. Besides being convenient places to get a quick meal on the fly, fast-food franchises, like McDonald’s, also have other attractions. Of course, the most notable one would be the brand’s clown mascot himself. Often seen wearing a big smile on his face, there are still moments when ole McDonald can feel a little down. It can be pretty sad to see a gloomy clown. Well, let’s hope all McDonald needs right now is a happy meal – and perhaps a toy to go along with it.

Santa’s In The Naughty List, Apparently

Besides ole Ronald McDonald, another character many of us know and love would undoubtedly be North Pole’s sole resident, Santa Claus. Often taking credit for being the creator of many of our childhood Christmas gifts, many of us probably wondered – at one point – how Kris Kringle lists down the people receiving gifts every year. Well, as the song goes, he makes a list and checks it twice to find out who’s naughty or nice. However, it looks like someone placed Saint Nick himself on the naughty list for laughs. Maybe one of the toy-making elves did it while he wasn’t looking.

Wait, This Isn’t Neverland

Although we now have gas-powered vehicles that can traverse the lands, the seas, and the sky, there’s no denying that many of us still have that inner child inside ourselves that longs to fly. This wish undoubtedly stems from the many stories we have read, talking about characters like Peter Pan and his journey throughout the fictional world of Neverland. Well, by the looks of it, the boy who never grows up would sure love to be able to fly when this photo was taken. In a way, we could say that longing to fly once more never landed for him.

Not You Too, Tinkerbell

If you have at least some degree of knowledge about Peter Pan’s adventures, then you know he isn’t alone through all of these tales. Among the many characters that tag along throughout these narratives include his trusty pixie Tinkerbell. Despite being a fictional character, Tinkerbell is also just like us, in the sense that she has a couple of flaws of her own. Well, it seems like they worked their magic – sort of – during this scenario. It looks like Minnie Mouse was also in on it. Still, despite the circumstances, it’s safe to say Tinkerbell will reunite with Peter Pan in the end.

Who Ratted Out Mickey Mouse?

Speaking of Minnie Mouse, another character that deserves credit for being one of Disney’s most recognized would certainly be Mickey Mouse. An icon that cemented his place in animation history, the anthropomorphized mouse and his adventures have undoubtedly been the source of entertainment for millions of people for generations already. Besides gracing the small screens, however, he has also become a mascot that people go to in many of Disney’s theme parks. This particular Mickey seems to attract a different kind of attention, though. Still, after answering a few questions from the police officer, rest assured he’ll return to the park and resume doing what he does best: make everybody happy.

Clowning Around

Ronald McDonald is often associated with fun parties and, of course, his fast-food chain namesake. While clowns are considered vibrant and wholesome by many, some say otherwise. Many characters that have garnered a skyrocketing degree of recognition in pop culture are villains, some of which are clowns – like Joker and Pennywise. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that cops can get a little too cautious when it comes to clowns in the street sometimes. Well, as long as this particular clown assures the men in blue he means no harm, he can go back to doing his magic routines and party tricks.

Even More Clowning Around

When it comes to making fictional characters, creators often credit a couple of things as sources of inspiration. With that said, in the world of comic book characters, it goes without saying that Batman’s arch-enemy, the Joker, is often lauded as the most iconic and recognized villain to date, especially thanks to his several iterations on the big screen. Suffice to say, the actors that have portrayed the Clown Prince of Crime have had a couple of references that influenced their performance. Well, if any movie or show wants a female variation on the character, perhaps this photo might come in handy.

Can’t Let It Go

Besides live-action movies and shows, producers and studios have also spent portions of investment money creating animated projects. While they’re often considered just for kids, that hasn’t stopped them from garnering millions of fans of all ages. Among the many films in this category, one title that has become quite popular would be Frozen, which revolves around the snow-flinging princess, Elsa. Initially reluctant to use her powers, she gradually accepts her abilities as the story progresses. Along the way, she sings the iconic song Let It Go, with one line in the lyrics stating that the cold never bothered her anyway. Handcuffs, however, are a different story.

Where Are The Forest Animals When You Need Them?

Now, if we’re talking about Disney Princesses, it would be a disservice not to credit the timeless classics. From Ariel to Cinderella to Belle, another one would be Snow White. Besides living in a peaceful house in the middle of the woods, Snow White is accompanied by seven dwarves, who are always there to help her. Plus, she is arguably one of the kindest and friendliest people around – even animals love her. With that in mind, there’s no doubt that they’ll also come to her rescue when she needs them. Well, the next question is: where were they when this happened?

Monkey Business

To answer the previously-mentioned question, some of the animals that supposedly responded to her call for help had to overcome some hurdles of their own. Like the pig and the chicken we saw at the start of the article, the monkey encountered the police. Imagine all that effort you spent traveling from the jungle to the city, just to be cut short by an unexpected factor. Still, all the monkey needs to say is that Snow White did nothing wrong, and everything’s alright. Even so, there’s still a message to be had here: monkeying around is fine, as long as it doesn’t exceed a certain degree.

You’re Far From The North Pole, Buddy

Throughout her story, Snow White developed a strong bond with the animals of the forest, from the doves to the turtles and everyone in between. Well, as it turns out, another animal that responded to her call was, much to everyone’s surprise, a polar bear. While the North Pole is hundreds upon hundreds of miles away from the nearest electricity-powered city, you got to give it kudos for going all the way here. Even though, like the monkey, it had to go through some questioning from the figures of authority. No worries, though: he just needs to bear with all their inquiries.

Chewbacca, No!

Although this fellow may be an inhabitant of a forest, it’s quite apparent that he’s not one of Snow White’s animal friends. Among the sci-fi community, and pop culture in general, the Star Wars franchise, and its many characters, have garnered a high degree of love from fans around the world. One such character that has received plenty of love would be Chewbacca. From his distinct look to his ever-iconic howl and gruff sounds he makes. As great as that may be, it looks like he had a hard time talking with the cops – his assuring words just sound like growls and trilling noises to them.

Even Stormtroopers, Huh?

Besides Chewbacca, other heroes people know are Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia Organa, and Han Solo, among other characters. Of course, the list of Star Wars icons wouldn’t be complete without the villains and their underlings – or in this case, the stormtroopers. With credits to the design team, these characters have since been cemented into the Star Wars franchise – even people who haven’t watched a single movie or series can recognize them. With that said, it looks like the police also know that these stormtroopers are people who work to fulfill a rather villainous agenda. It’s only fair, too, since they cuffed Chewie.

Finally Captured The Public Menace

Many investments have also been made bringing comic book superheroes to the big screens. Among these characters, one of the more iconic ones would undoubtedly be Spider-Man himself. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the widely beloved superhero has gone through multiple journeys over the years. He is often cited as a public menace in many of those stories, despite his efforts to save people. While that hasn’t stopped him from being the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, it sure looks like this version of the wall-crawler had his journey put on hold in the meantime. Don’t worry, though, he will find his way home in no time.

You’ve Reached The End