The Cutest Celebrity Kids You Didn’t Realize Are All Grown Up Now


Kevin Costner is one of the stars in Yellowstone, and so we know that he is a very talented actor. Apart from that, he is also a multi-talented director and singer-songwriter. Do you know what else he is good at? It is by being a father to Lily Costner. The younger Costner is actually the second eldest, and as expected, she grew up in the limelight. She obviously has her father’s charms and genes. One evidence of that is when she appeared in The Postman in 1997.

One of her latest projects was Black or White, which was released in 2014. She has collaborated with several people, but she started with her father and his band, Kevin Costner & Modern West. Lily has also worked with Trace Adkins, who joined the 2013 Christmas album, The King’s Gift. Credit goes to both father and daughter for all that talent they show the world.