Stars Who Earned Millions For One Role

Many of us know that celebrities earn a disproportionate amount of money per movie or per project. Some of them make seven to eight digits on one film alone. Others who are not so lucky might earn five to six digits. Their earnings are considerably higher than what ordinary folks make because the moviemakers are paying for their brand, their name and earning potential. A film that had Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson or Jennifer Aniston in its credits would surely generate more income because of these actors’ huge fan base. Most new actors opt for an upfront payment because it allows them to use the money now for other money-generating schemes.

In contrast, more financially talented celebrities opt for a smaller initial fee and then ask for a 10% to 20% income from the overall sales. Sometimes having an initial payment is a good decision, especially if the movie flops, but in cases where it becomes a blockbuster, actors who selected the second option turn out better off. Either way, these stars are lucky to be part of an industry that makes millions for them.

Cameron Diaz | Bad Teacher

Aspiring teachers are usually asked to see Bad Teacher either as part of their curriculum or as an extra activity in class so that they can learn about what kind of behaviors are inappropriate where students and teachers are concerned. Cameron Diaz did a great job playing the role of Elizabeth Halsey, a character with no investment whatsoever who was the opposite of the famed actress.

Diaz earned more than $40 million from this film because she made the wise decision to accept a lower $1 million initial payment in exchange for a percentage of movie sales. Because of the film’s success, the movie earned a lot in the box office, making the risk Diaz took worth it. Of course, she is no stranger to million dollar paydays because she previously earned $2 million for starring in There’s Something About Mary, and $32 million for Charlie’s Angels.