Know Your Fave Celebrities’ Favorite Food!

Films, commercials, and magazines don’t infrequently lead us to believe that Hollywood stars survive on leafy garden salads and protein shakes alone. However, off-screen, celebrities are, to a huge degree, just like everybody else. And like everybody else, they turn to their favorite comfort food and enjoy the fruits of their labor. After all, good food is one of life’s best luxuries!

Not only is it a luxury, but it’s also necessary for them to keep up a healthy diet for their grueling shoots and non-stop schedules. Mentally, it also helps them to deal with stress and get some happy hormones going.

In this list, you’ll find out about some of Hollywood’s celebrities’ favorite food – you might even swipe your credit card for some of these dishes!

Chloe Grace Moretz

Some people might advise you against eating sushi first thing in the morning but Chloe Grace Moretz is not one of those people. According to her, sushi is great at any time of the day. Sometimes, she even has it for breakfast!

We can’t blame her, sushi is delicious! What makes it more interesting though, is that Moretz is also a fan of eating plain seaweed sheets too. Well, you know what they say – to each their own.

Justin Bieber

For one of the biggest stars of the 2010s with a bunch of investments under his belt, the Biebs’ favorite dish is quite simple. His go-to favorite dish is an Italian plate of spaghetti Bolognese.

He might be married now, but imagine having a classic candlelit dinner date with Justin Bieber. Very romantic.

Emma Watson

This Harry Potter star believes the old adage: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And she takes it very seriously. Emma tries her best not to miss breakfast. When she’s got time, she gifts herself with a good Mexican-inspired morning meal with tortilla, scrambled eggs, salsa, and guacamole.

That’s more than enough gas to get her energized throughout her busy day!

Gigi Hadid

Gone are the days of grapefruit diets for models. Nowadays, people are all about inclusion and healthy living, which means a sustainable diet and acceptance of a wide range of body types.

While this supermodel still regularly feasts on salads most days, she also treats herself with her favorite meal from The Smile in New York City. The dish is named “Steak and Roasted Grape” and it sounds absolutely mouthwatering.

Taylor Swift

This Grammy Award-winning artist may have had recent matters to settle with her lawyer and her old company, but that also means that she needs her comfort food more than ever!

According to her old blog, Swift favors sweets just like the classic combo of brownies with vanilla ice cream. When it comes to healthier stuff, she sticks to fruits like pineapple, watermelon, and olives. When she’s on-the-go, you might bump into her on Subway ordering a fresh sandwich.

Harry Styles

This former member of One Direction is definitely a foodie. You could tell by his old tweets and recent single entitled Watermelon Sugar. He even wore a banana suit in one of their concerts!

According to sources, the singer absolutely loves sweetcorn and tacos. That combo sounds like a good menu for a night in with a good movie surrounded by good company, don’t you think so?

See? Celebrities have cravings just like you and me. They may seem so unattainable, but the food is one common thing that everybody enjoys no matter what your credit score might be! Whether it’s something as common as brownies or more complicated like sushi and Bolognese spaghetti, everybody’s entitled to enjoy themselves every once in a while.