8 Perfectly normal and healthy celeb diets

Celebs can often take credit for making bizarre diets popular. Remember the Master Cleanse? Or Adele’s “sirtfoods”? Yeah, some celebs would go to extremes just to lose weight. But did you know that not every TV, movie, or pop star is on a crazy fad diet? Some of them are actually practicing traditional and science-backed healthy habits.
Here, we rounded up 8 super adaptable healthy celebrity diet tricks that you can easily incorporate in your daily life.

Jessica Alba: Crucial nutrients in every meal

The beautiful and lithe actress has been taught by her health coach, Kelly LeVeque, to practice the “Fab Four” meal plan. It’s a plan that focuses on four important nutrients: greens, fiber, fat, and protein. The actress and entrepreneur make sure that she includes those four essential nutrients in all her meals. As a result, she experiences a high degree of energy and fullness throughout the day.

Jennifer Aniston: Indulge in your comfort foods

The Friends star doesn’t believe in depriving yourself of “bad” foods. In fact, Jennifer Aniston says that she indulges in her favorite comfort foods from time to time, like pasta carbonara. Generally, she credits her enviable physique to eating “basic” healthy, clean foods, like vegetables, salad, and protein. Nothing that screams a degree of craziness.

Carrie Underwood: Create a food diary

Carrie’s super-fit figure is credited to what she calls her food journaling. She describes herself as a “bottomless pit,” as she tends to eat like there’s no tomorrow. By keeping a food diary and listing everything that she puts in her mouth, she then starts becoming aware of her eating habits and, as a result, she begins making better decisions on what to eat. The country singer uses an app for her food diary called MyFitnessPal. But, according to experts, using a physical pen and notebook for your food journaling is as effective as an app.

Selena Gomez: Get rid of the weighing scale

Selena Gomez’s trick in maintaining her healthy weight is avoiding the weighing scale completely. To keep track of her weight—and maintain her great figure— she credits the “jean test.” If her pair of jeans no longer fit, it’s her cue to decrease her salt intake and increase her workout sessions. With this practice, she doesn’t experience obsessive thoughts on her body, which is normally associated with seeing numbers on a weighing scale.

Goldie Hawn: Mind the meals you eat.

One great wisdom that Goldie Hawn has learned from her health coach is to eat mindfully—this simply means eating only when you are hungry, not when you are emotional or bored. Goldie, who looks strong and stunning in her 70s, has indeed mastered this philosophy and sticks to mindful eating. No doubt it is because of her high degree of self-discipline.

Aly Raisman: Daytime carbs

A diet of complex carbs in the morning is Aly Raisman’s secret to her healthy, toned, and strong body. When it’s rehearsal season, the Olympic gymnast fuels her body with banana, whole-wheat toast, or yogurt with granola early in the morning. With this complex carbs diet, Aly says she experiences a satisfying degree of fullness for many hours of the day.

Gabrielle Union: Go water-crazy

The Bring It On actress credits her radiant, healthy skin to H20. Gabrielle Union attests that her one-gallon-a-day hydration habit is also the reason for her glorious hair, healthy nails, and youthful skin. She drinks half a gallon before noon and the other half by early evening. Gabrielle says she’s been going water-crazy since her thirties (she’s now 47) and claims that it has radically changed her life. We can totally see that.

Busy Phillips: Caffeine-fueled day

Busy Philipps credits her high metabolism—and glowing, youthful skin—to coffee. Every morning, the Dawson’s Creek actress makes herself a cup of Bulletproof coffee. It’s a coffee drink brewed fresh, and then mixed with Brain Octane Oil, grass-fed butter, and collagen protein powder. This is her secret to brain power and a super-healthy bod.