7 Weird Celebrity Eating Habits Confessions

French fries dipped in ice cream? Chocolate and mint? Pineapples and pizza?

Those are just some of the common, yet still odd, food habits of people. You might know a friend or two who are a fan of these combinations. You might even be one of them! But don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone – even celebrities have their own weird eating habits!

Celebrities are humans too! So enjoy this list of celebrity weird eating habits that prove, yet again, that they’re just like you and me.

Chrissy Teigen and her Doritos

Everybody knows that junk food is bad for you. Even your insurance agents might advise you against it if you have pre-existing conditions. However, junk food is still so good and irresistible.

While you munch on your favorite chips, Chrissy Teigen enjoys her Doritos in a completely bizarre way. Get this, she licks the seasoning off of each chip and then puts them back in the bag.

Yum – that’s some flavor!

Jennifer Lopez and her coffee

Everybody has their own rituals. For some, it’s wearing a certain pair of socks for a big event, or sticking to a lucky shirt, while for others it is, to some degree, a bit more complicated.

In J.Lo’s case, it involves her coffee drinking habits. No, she’s not adding any odd ingredients in her cup of Joe but rather, she maintains that her coffee must be stirred counterclockwise.

Maybe it’s for luck. Who knows?

Jennifer Lawrence and the Chili Pizza Sandwich

Jennifer Lawrence is, to some degree, known to be a candid and relatable celebrity. If you’ve seen any of her interviews, you’ll know what we mean. It only makes sense that she too has a weird food habit–and she deserves credit for not being embarrassed about and sharing it with us.

For her, one pizza slice is not enough! For Jennifer Lawrence, the best way to enjoy pizza is to turn it into a chili pizza sandwich! Just take two slices of pizza, put chili in between and you’re good to go!

Rihanna and Cheetos

When you’re a celebrity, you don’t even need to swipe your credit card to get your favorite snacks. Rihanna’s favorite chips, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, is a must whenever she travels.

It’s actually included in her rider, along with other snacks and must-have items.

Alison Sweeney and Blueberries

We all have our favorite food. For some, it’s a certain dish or a specific dessert, while to others, it can be a flavor like vanilla. However, to Alison Sweeney, it’s a piece of fruit – blueberries, to be specific.

While fruits are investments to our health, adding blueberries to every meal can be a little weird. Sweeney tops her turkey burger with blueberry jam – we wonder how that tastes.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley is a known environmentalist who believes in organic and cruelty-free sourcing of her food and beauty products. With a name like Woodley, it’s almost as if it’s fate, don’t you think so?

On her journey to sustainable living, Woodley discovered eating clay. She mentioned that it’s great for the body and that it provides a negative charge that allows it to bond to negative isotopes.

You might want to consult with someone who has a degree before you try this diet.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has a unique way of preparing popcorn, one she learned from her hometown in Texas. Instead of just adding salt or cheese, Gomez prefers hers with a little salt, Tabasco sauce, and a splash of pickle juice!

Now, that’s what we call flavor!

See? Celebrities are almost as weird as us!

How about you? What’s your weird food habit or combination?