7 Tricks that Celebs Swear By to Stay Fit and Healthy

Part of being a celebrity is to be constantly in the public eye. This is why they need to look great all the time. On top of that, they appear on TV and in movies, which usually demand that they stay in shape for their audience.
To maintain their svelte figures, they have no choice but to keep a consistently healthy and active lifestyle. This makes them always ready for red carpets—and also for paparazzi cameras, which follow them even in their vacations. If you want to achieve a celebrity-level body, then check out these seven tricks that celebs credit to staying super fit and healthy!

They are conscious of what they eat

Celeb couples like Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen follow the 80/20 diet along with other A-listers, such as Kate Bosworth and Jillian Michaels. The concept behind the 80/20 diet is indulging in healthy, nutrient-rich foods 80% of the time, then permitting themselves to consume whatever they want 20% of the time. By practicing this easy method, celebs end up enjoying eating and not depriving themselves. A large percent is dedicated to eating veggies, healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean proteins, and then a reasonable percent is devoted to eating cake, donuts, chips, and fries. And they eat in moderation. This balanced and conscious eating is credited for their healthy and toned bodies.

They do yoga

A-list celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Sting, Jessica Biel, and Adam Levine are huge fans of yoga. It’s not a surprise, as yoga has a long list of health benefits, like muscle-building, better breathing, less stress, and better sleep. They love yoga for giving them a good mind-and-body connection. Some celebrities credit yoga practices for their weight loss. Yoga promotes balance, muscle endurance, and improves posture as well as boosts relaxation.

They always have time or workouts

If you think you’re too busy to exercise, then get some degree of inspiration from celebs. Their grueling schedules don’t stop them from hitting the gym or working out even at home. Expert nutritionists always say that weight loss is credited to keeping a healthy diet and also moving your body. And you can exercise practically anywhere. Take Gisele Bundchen. The supermodel says she even exercises in her hotel room. David Beckham, on the other hand, squeezes in boxing sessions with his kids. If you can spend an hour on social media every day, I’m sure you can spend half an hour doing basic workout on a daily basis.

They diversify

Doing the same thing over and over again can very much kill your spirit and your motivation. This is why celebs like to put a variety to their health and fitness regimen to keep them exciting and interesting. By avoiding diet and exercise boredom, celebs try different types of diets, test out different workout fads, and this practice actually works to a consistent degree. To continue working your muscles and strength, celebs swear by incorporating changes to your workout sessions and meal plans.

They go outdoors

Getting out in the sun, breathing in the fresh air, and surrounding yourself with nature offers plenty of mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Celebs like Mark Wahlberg, Ashley Greene, and Naomi Watts enjoy the great outdoors and do their physical activities under the wide-open sky. They credit their outdoor workouts for their beach bodies. Running, hiking, surfing, golfing are some of the outdoor activities that celebs make time to keep their body in shape.

They practice interval training

Due to their extremely busy schedules, like press junkets, interviews, filming, photoshoots, taking care of their families, and many others, it is impossible for some celebrities to exercise every single day. This is why they indulge in quick but intense workout sessions that burn fat, boost metabolism, and get their heart going. L.A. trainer Harley Pasternak, who can take credit for the great-looking bodies of clients like Katy Perry and Kanye West, uses such methods. These fast but high-intensity circuits continue to melt calories long after the workout session is over.

They indulge in a variety of exercises

Celebrities like country singer Carrie Underwood credit their tip-top shape by incorporating a wide range of exercises in their workout sessions. By indulging in a variety of exercises in your exercise regimen, celebrities swear they can get a more effective weight-loss experience. This means that they don’t focus on just cardio, or just aerobics, or only stick to power-lifting. Celebs mix, match and combine different types of exercises—from spin classes to boxing sessions, to yoga and jump rope, the result of these well-rounded workout sessions is a fitter, stronger, energized, and sexier body. Not to mention a clearer mind.