3 Celebrity Secrets for Looking Great on A Zoom Video Call

The pandemic has upended our lives to a significant degree. Our work, play, and activities are now confined within the walls of our home. Now, we usually meet our family, friends, and colleagues via Zoom, as video conferencing has become the norm. But what if you’re camera shy? Or self-conscious of the way your face is projected on your laptop or iPhone screen? No one wants to look ugly online or offline, including celebs.

Here, we give you three tricks that celebrities swear by to look camera-ready on Zoom at all times. Regain back that self-confidence, turn that Zoom video on, and enjoy looking great on everybody’s screen!


The always beautiful Duchess of Cambridge offers her tips on looking like royalty on Zoom. Kate Middleton advises that you have to appear on Zoom with great-looking hair. This nugget of beauty wisdom is no surprise, as our hair is our crowning glory. Experts also credit a great hair day to an increase in confidence, productivity, and a sense of power. Because if your hair looks and feels terrific, you feel great. And if you feel great, your self-esteem skyrockets!

Kate inspires us with her very put-together look. The Duchess makes a persuasive case for utilizing that blow-dryer before getting on your Zoom video call. Her coiffed tresses are evidence that a shiny blowout guarantees a fresh and polished appearance on screen.

Another one of Kate’s trademark gorgeous do is the half-up, half-down style, which we saw on her wedding day and which she used in many of her Zoom video conferences. She plays with this style by switching it up between wavy and straight. Credit this hairstyle to a more radiant-looking, neat, and youthful appearance.


On an Instagram Live session, Gigi Hadid chatted with makeup artist Erin Parsons and guided her followers through her secrets to looking fantastic on Zoom at all times. Her fans sure did earn a degree of beauty wisdom from the gorgeous model.

Gigi says to always start off with a base. She covers her blemishes (yep, stars have them, too!) by applying—surprise—lip moisturizer on them. She says this softens the skin before she even applies foundation. Erin throws in a recommendation: to apply the lip moisturizer using a cotton tip to prevent spreading bacteria that comes from the blemish.

For her foundation finish, Gigi picks a shiny second-skin aesthetic and really rubs it in. She says it lightens up her sunspots to some degree because she likes her face to look like skin— and not too makeup-y. She also recommends that you use a concealer with a shade that is similar to your skin—not lighter. For areas that she needs more coverage on, like under her eyes, she says she leaves the concealer to dry a bit so it’s thicker.

The celebrity model also swears by perfect and natural-looking eyebrows. Brushing the brow is essential after filling them with color, as this provides a great degree of neatness. She uses a spoolie and clear gel in order to lighten the color of her brows and arrange them to her preferred shape.


No matter how carefully you put on your “no-makeup” makeup look, brushed your hair to a glossy shine, and put on your most flattering blouse, your beauty won’t shine if you have a poorly set-up laptop or phone. Celebrity filmmaker and fashion designer Tom Ford talked to The New York Times and revealed his secrets to looking your most amazing on Zoom.

According to Tom, the camera setup is crucial to your gorgeous projection on Zoom. If you are well aware that taking a selfie from an upwards angle is disastrous, then, naturally, it goes the same with video calls! So Tom suggests that you place your laptop on a higher surface so that the camera is angled slightly above your head. Then adjust your camera to point down to eye level. Perfect framing!

Tom also educates us on the proper use of lighting. As a filmmaker, he knows a great deal about cinematography, so give the guy credit for knowing what he’s talking about. Tom says to place a tall lamp next to your computer, but a little behind your device and let the light hit your favorite side of your face. This clever lighting setup will do wonders for your face!

Next, Tom says to use white paper or cloth on the desk that you’re using for your laptop. Just make sure it’s not visible to your audience. He says it will provide you with a degree of bounce and fill. A magic trick, indeed!