22 Absolutely Crazy Disney Movie Trivia That We Bet You Didn’t Know

Who doesn’t love Disney? The movies stay with us from childhood to adulthood. But there are absolutely insane facts about these beloved films that will definitely blow your mind!

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves freaked a lot of kids so much that they wet their pants, staining the theater seats in Radio City Music Hall! The New York theater house had no choice but to reupholster the seats!

2. Beyonce felt she would be offered the role of Tiana in The Princess and The Frog and did not find the need to audition. She sure has a high degree of confidence! But the role was given to Anika Noni Rose.

3. Have you noticed that some Disney princesses like Tiana, Cinderella, and Belle wear opera gloves? This symbolizes that these beautiful ladies are married into royalty. Those born into royalty, on the other hand, are gloves-free.

4. Disney, to their credit, was able to save a lot of money in making Robin Hood—they recycled a lot of animation from other Disney movies. Hence, they only spent a total of $5 million. Now that’s what you call movie magic!

5. Do you wonder why—quite bizarrely—you kind of have a crush on Aladdin? A cartoon guy? Well, he’s pretty good looking. And kind of familiar. Because he was modeled after Tom Cruise. Surprise!

6. The cutie in Monsters, Inc. has always been known as Boo. But her real name is actually Mary.

7. When Snow White and the Seven Dwarves won an honorary Oscar statue, it came with seven “dwarf” Oscar statues. Cute.

8. If you enjoy finding Easter eggs in movies, well, did you catch Mickey, Kermit, Goofy, and Donald Duck in The Little Mermaid? The gang appeared together in the beginning of King Triton’s buzzy entrance.

9. Famous drag queen Divine was credited for many exceptional things in the world of entertainment. But did anybody know that sea witch Ursula from the Little Mermaid was inspired by her?

10. Warning: this may be disturbing to some. If Disney made Finding Nemo scientifically accurate, an Ocellaris clownfish like Nemo’s dad would have changed sexes after the death of his wife and, as a female, mated with Nemo.

11. For Jungle Book, Disney originally planned to hire The Beatles to voice the vultures, but it never happened.

12. The great white shark in Finding Nemo is named Bruce—after the mechanical shark in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic thriller Jaws.

13. In Cinderella, the magical shoes are made of glass. But scholars believe that the shoes should be made of fur, as this was what the original fairy tale states. They believe that translation issues caused the shoes’ material to change in adaptations.

14. Despite only appearing for a short 18 minutes, Aurora in Sleeping Beauty is still credited as an official Disney Princess.

15. If you have mutant eyes and mutant memory, you would have noticed that in every single Pixar movie that has ever been made, there’s always a “A113” somewhere. This is the animators’ loving tribute to their classroom number at the California Institute for the Arts where most of them began their career as animators.

16. Guess which 3D animated movie is credited to be the most expensive ever? Tangled. Making that movie cost a staggering $260 million.

17. Like numbers trivia? In 101 Dalmatians, there’s a total of 6,469,952 spots on the dogs in the 113,760 frames that make up the beloved 1961 animated classic.

18. According to some critics, The Lion King is a scam. That it was a rip-off of Kimba the White Lion, a Japanese manga series turned into an anime in the 1960s. They say that the 1994 Disney animated classic bears stunning resemblance to the anime.

19. In Fantasia, the sorcerer’s name is Yen Sid. Read it backwards and what have you got? You’re correct—Disney.

20. The final dance scene between Belle and the now-human Beast in Beauty and the Beast is actually recycled animation from Sleeping Beauty—the dance scene between Aurora and Prince Phillip. It was done to save production costs and time.

21. After the release of Nemo, sales of clownfish skyrocketed, causing the species to become extinct to some degree.

22. In the world of Disney, lime green is an evil color. Recall some scenes of Usula, Maleficent, Scar, and more Disney villains, where this striking color is always present!