10 Clever Hacks Celebs Use To Transform Themselves in Photos

Celebrities always look flawless in their Instagram selfies, and we wonder if they employ some degree of photoshop trickery to manipulate their digital self-portraits. But come to think of it, who has actual time for a tedious editing process?
We found out that celebs have super simple secret hacks to turn themselves into goddesses in their social media pictures. So simple it’s shocking. So simple that even you can do these sneaky techniques to magically turn your dull, unflattering selfies into stunning celebrity-level snapshots of yourself!


It’s all in the eyes. Upgrade your cutesy selfie by merely squinting—and you’ll end up projecting a sexy, smoldering, piercing look. Along with slightly narrowing your eyes, also give a hint of a smile with a tiny upward curve of your lips. Don’t show your teeth! This simple hack will highlight your cheekbones and even make you look younger!

Side-swept hair

Selfie master Kylie Jenner has taught us this unbelievably simple and sexy move that will give you a more defined jawline, set a better frame for your face, and display those sexy long tresses of yours. How? By simply posing with your hair on one side! This will provide a higher degree of attractiveness to all your pics!


It was supermodel Tyra Banks that coined the term “smize”— it means to smile with your eyes. To smize, just squint your eyes a little and imagine happy thoughts, or think of those peepers as your lips. When you smize, your smiling face will come across as genuine—and, of course, much, much more beautiful.

Stick that tongue against your palate

No time for contouring with makeup but want to make those sexy cheekbones pop? Then one celebrity hack that works is pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Then smile with your lips closed together. Voila! Credit this pose to a more defined cheekbones, a slimmer face, and an overall flirty appearance.

Snap photos from a higher place

Hide that double chin and chubby cheeks by simply lifting your camera slightly on top of your head. Capturing your face from a high angle is a common hack that can dramatically alter your overall appearance, making your face look slimmer, radiant (because of the lighting this angle creates), and your cute features more defined!

Pursed lips

It’s on the spectrum of duck lips, but on the mildest side. Hilary Duff and John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen are fans of this pursed-lips facial pose, because it makes their lips appear bigger or more bee-stung. Do this by shifting the muscles of your nose downwards. This will result in a sexy degree of poutiness that will instantly upgrade your selfie to Hollywood-star level!


Want to appear more fun and adorable? Then smile-laugh. Celebs do this trick to come across as spontaneous, sexy, and fun-loving, and oozing with confidence. It’s somewhere in the middle of laughing and smiling. To achieve this, smile widely with your mouth slightly open and your eyes laughing like you were candidly photographed while cracking at a joke.

Showcase that left side

Come to think of it, a lot of people’s “best side” is their left side. A bunch of celebrity Instragram photos credit this facial pose for their stunning self-portraits. And this is science-backed, folks! A study from Wake University proves that our left side of the face is more beautiful because it’s the more active side of the brain—and also the side that exhibits a more intense set of emotions. So when taking a selfie, simply showcase that more beautiful side of yours.

Point that chin down

To project a more feminine and flirty selfie, tilt your head downwards just a little. This chin-down hack also hides that unsightly double chin. By also dipping your chin, you are tricking those followers of yours that you have a more-defined jawline!

Avert your eyes

Avoid looking directly at the camera, unless you’re getting a passport I.D. Celebs do this sneaky style to make their selfies look candid, with a degree of mystery. It makes the viewer wonder where your eyes are focused. Are you looking at a boyfriend? This pose also gives a sense of authenticity. There’s something naturally attractive about a snapshot of a lovely girl looking away into some distance.

Play with these several hacks and discover what works best for you. In no time, you’ll wow your social media followers with a super upgrade on your beauty level!